11/17 AEW Dark results: Starr’s review of Jack Evans vs. Christopher Daniels, Joey Janela vs. Marko Stunt, TNT vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, Thunder Rosa vs. Lindsay Snow, Frankie Kazarian vs. Griff Garrison

By Briar Starr, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@briarstarrtv)

AEW Dark (Episode 62)
Taped in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place
Streamed November 17, 2020 on the AEW YouTube Page

Excalibur and Taz were on commentary…

1. Bshp King, Joey O’ Reily and Sean Maluta vs. “The Gunn Club” Billy, Austin, and Colton Gunn. Colton and Maluta started the match with a tie up, before breaking the hold. The two then went for waist locks, and arm locks but both men broke the hold again. Colton then took Maluta down with an arm drag, while Maluta threw strikes but was planted down by Colton with a shoulder tackle and hip toss. Colton followed with a dropkick, and went for the pinfall only to get a two count.

Colton made the tag to Austin briefly, until Billy made the tag himself. Both Austin and Billy continued to make tags in and out. O’Reily made his first in-ring competition by tagging in, but his momentum was stopped by Austin Gunn. O’Reily made the tag to Bshp King, while Billy tagged as well. The two went for a collar elbow, but a ref count in the corner broke the hold. King, and Billy started throwing strikes, before both men were down on the mat with a double clothesline. Austin tagged in, and came with tons of momentum and hit a quick draw on O’Reily to win the match.

The Gunn Club defeated Bshp King, Joey O’ Reily and Sean Maluta via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  Not a bad match from The Gunn Club. Colton made his AEW debut, and was pretty impressive for the short time he was in the ring. Apparently, Colton is a part of The Gunn Club now.

After the match, Lance Archer and Jake Roberts came to the ring, and Archer chokeslammed O’ Reily outside of the ring landing on King and Maluta. Roberts cut a promo by saying, “You just don’t get in a ring with Lance Archer.” Roberts then gave the mic to Archer, who said, “I’m the painful truth, and said this will keep happening until AEW gets the message through their skull.” Archer also said, “Everybody dies, including me but hopefully that will be last and that he will run through everyone in AEW.”

Briar’s Take:  So now we go from Archer and Roberts calling out Moxley on Dark to now Archer being back in the same place where he was before… I’m not dismissing Archer, but him coming down and beating up everyone every week is starting to get old. Give this man a story or direction!

A Chris Jericho Bubbly ad aired.

2. Travis Titan vs. Ricky Starks. Titan made his AEW debut. During Starks’ entrance, Excalibur noted Ricky was in the top five for rankings, and Taz said ‘it was about time.’ The two dodged each other’s moves as the match began, but Starks hit a single foot dropkick to Titan after avoiding a dropkick from Titan on the rope. Starks then laid a kick to the back of Titan, and followed with a hanging neckbreaker. Starks would plant Titan down on the mat, and hit the spear on Titan to win the match quickly.

Ricky Starks defeated Travis Titan via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  This was like the first time in weeks that Starks didn’t win with a Roshambo.

3. Joey Janela (w/Sonny Kiss) vs. Marko Stunt (w/Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy). Excalibur noted during Janela’s entrance that Kiss had suffered an injury and would be back shortly in the ring. Stunt went for a stomp on Janela, but Janela took Stunt down with a shoulder tackle. Stunt though would follow with three dropkicks. While Janela was in the corner, Stunt successfully hit a rolling stunt. Stunt tried going for a DDT off the apron, but Janela caught Stunt and landed the spinning suplex on the floor.

Back in the ring, Janela followed with a brainbuster in the middle of the mat. Janela attempted another brainbuster, but Stunt countered with a huracanrana type move. Stunt then jumped off the apron, and hit the flipping huracanrana on to Janela. Stunt was going to the top rope, but Janela ran up to hit a kick. Janela jumped off the rope with Stunt’s on top of him, and planted Stunt down on the ring and won the match.

Joey Janela defeated Marko Stunt via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  A brief, but quick match. Both wrestlers did their job. There was some concern that Stunt landed wrong from the ropes, but he was able to get up and walk out of the ring.

Rebel introduced the first episode “The Waiting Room” with Britt Baker. Baker said it was a special night for her. She then plugged the AEW Games photo that flown on the AEW Twitter. Baker said ‘we’re not going to avoid the hot topics on the show.’ She said ‘Kingston failed to take down Moxley at Full Gear, and he more than likely would have won if he was prepared as the Green Power Ranger.’ Baker followed with The Young Bucks, and promoted their new book. Baker then called out Cody Rhodes for not winning against Darby Allin.

Baker told the audience to check under their seats, only for them to not find anything. She introduced her next guests Jack Evans and Angelico. Baker asked what’s going on with TH2, and them not getting a tag title shot. Evans said ‘the statement was the political stuff in AEW will no longer be tolerated.’ He followed that we will first be making our statement to Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

Briar’s Take:  I’m not sure which is worse – The Locker Room Talk or The Waiting Room. This was gawd awful, and so eye rolling. Baker tried too hard to with the corny jokes. Erase this out of my memory, please!

4. Griff Garrison vs. Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian tried working Garrison over with a side headlock. Though, the two would roll through with arm locks before Kazarian got the drop toe hold on Garrison. Garrison tried Irish whipping Kazarian, but Kazarian took down Garrison with a clothesline. With assistance from the ropes, Kazarian hit the Russian leg sweep. Afterward, Garrison hit two right hands, and a rolling elbow strike to Kazarian. Garrison attempted a splash in the corner, but Kazarian rolled him up for a two count. Garrison would follow with a big boot, and planted Kazarian on the mat. Garrison missed another splash, as Kazarian hit a cutter. Kazarian won the match with a reverse DDT.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Griff Garrison via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  A solid match from these two, who never really disappoint. I would love to see Kazarian get a title shot, because he is so good.

5. Rahne Victoria vs. Penelope Ford. When the bell rang, Ford rocked Victoria with a big punt kick to lay her out. Ford then planted Victoria with a suplex. Ford tried lifting Victoria up on her shoulders, and successfully hit the knees to the midsection of Victoria. Ford attempted the fisherman suplex, but Victoria rolled her through with an inside cradle. Victoria though walked into the clothesline from Ford.

Ford was going for a back elbow, but Victoria dodged the move at the last second. Victoria would hit the roundhouse kick to Ford, and got a two count. Ford used the ropes for a cutter, and only got a two count again. Quickly, Ford got the fisherman suplex on the second try, and got the pinfall victory.

Penelope Ford defeated Rahne Victoria via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  Quick and painless from Ford, who hasn’t wrestled in a while. In fact, Ford’s last match was September 23 on Episode 54 of Dark against Alex Garcia. Nonetheless, Ford looked great in her match.

6. Ryzin vs. Brandon Cutler. Cutler threw right hands to Ryzin, and hit a diving leg drop from across the ring as the match started. Ryzin then dropped Cutler on the top rope for a counter, and put Cutler into a hold submission. Cutler bounced off the ropes only to run into a leg lariat from Ryzin. Following the leg lariat, Cutler took Ryzin down with a leaping kick. Ryzin got his momentum back by planting Cutler with a face forward suplex. Ryzin would go to the top rope, and jump, only to get the knees of Cutler. Ryzin went for an axe handle, but Cutler jumped over the rope with a kick. Cutler leaped for a huracanrana, and then finished Ryzin off with a tpk.

Brandon Cutler defeated Ryzin via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  Make that three wins in a row for Cutler.

7. Tesha Price vs. Leyla Hirsch. Hirsch finally got the best of Price by hitting a hip toss to Price. The two got back up only to get waist lock. Price though hit a leaping enuzirgi on Hirsch planting her down. Hirsch however followed with a forearm to the chest of Price, and put Price in an arm bar submission. Hirsch went for the leaping knees, but Price moved at the last second. Both women laid out strikes to each other. Hirsch countered one of Price’s move with a German suplex, and then followed with a moonsault from the top rope. Shortly thereafter, Hirsch made Price tap out to the armbar.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Tesha Price via submission.

Briar’s Take:  Simply put, Hirsch is the Ronda Rousey version for AEW.

8. “TNT” Terrell and Terrence Hughes vs. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy took down Terrell with a couple of arm drags, and then hit Terrence with a dropkick. Luchasaurus was tagged in, and dominated Terrence with a vertical suplex. Luchasaurus then hit a roundhouse kick to Terrence that sent him out of the ring. Terrell came out from under the ring as a substitute to Terrence. Terrell threw right hands to Jungle Boy, and tagged Terrence again.

Both double teamed on Jungle Boy, as Terrence hit a belly to belly suplex on Jungle Boy, who came back with two clotheslines to Terrence and Terrell. Luchasaurus tagged back in again, and hit a double clothesline on both members of TNT. Luchasaurus went for the double chokeslam, but TNT countered with a double dropkick. TNT caught Jungle Boy after he tagged in for a double powerbomb. TNT tried keeping the pressure on Jurassic Express, but Jungle Boy made TNT tap out to a crossface like submission move.

Jurassic Express defeated TNT via submission.

Briar’s Take:  A good, and competitive match from both teams. TNT continued to look good in the ring.

9. D3 and Angel Fashion vs. “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens. Bowens began the match by stomping Fashion in the corner. Fashion though would lay out Bowens with a low leg lariat. Fashion also followed with kicks to Bowens. However, Bowens got Fashion with a dropkick. On the outside, Caster illegally planted Fashion on the apron of the ring. Caster tagged in, but Bowens made a blind tag and hit the hanging neckbreaker on Fashion. D3 hit an uppercut, and a DDT on Caster. Bowens planted D3 on the knee and Caster dropped the elbow on Fashion. Both Caster, and Bowens finished D3 and Fashion off with the Critically Acclaimed to get the victory.

The Acclaimed defeated D3 and Angel Fashion via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  Another win for The Acclaimed, who continue to be on fire every single week.

10. Alex Garcia vs. Ivelisse (w/Diamante). Ivelisse threw a powerful strike to Garcia, but Garcia hit a leaping arm drag to Ivelisse. Garcia came under the ropes for a move, however Ivelisse got a foot to the midsection. With the ref distracted, Diamante illegally hit Garcia on the apron. Ivelisse put Garcia in a leg submission, before Ivelisse countered with her own leg submission.

Garcia rolled up Ivelisse for a two count, but Ivelisse flattened Garcia. Ivelisse only got a two count as well. Garcia then hit a backstabber to Ivelisse laying her out. Afterward, Garcia followed with clotheslines, and a upkick to Ivelisse. Garcia used the ropes for a senton on Ivelisse. Ivelisse would counter by planting Garcia down, and won with the crimson truth (spin kick).

Ivelisse defeated Alex Garcia via pinfall

Briar’s Take:  Both women looked great here, but it shouldn’t take no more than five minutes for Ivelisse to get the pinfall victory.

11. Lindsay Snow vs. Thunder Rosa. Rosa put Snow in a waist lock takedown, but Snow rolled through with an arm lock. Rosa executed another headlock takedown and an arm drag. Rosa went for a pinfall early, but got a one count. Snow hit numerous stomps to the midsection of Rosa. Rosa however followed with a dropkick.

Snow attempted a submission on Rosa, but Rosa countered with a sleeper to Snow. Snow escaped the submission by using the ropes to Rosa. Despite breaking the submission, Rosa drove the knees to Snow in the corner, and a dropkick as well. Rosa went for a lateral press pin, but Snow kicked out at two. Rosa used the ropes for a double arm drag, and hit a spinning back elbow. Rosa won the match with the thunder driver.

Thunder Rosa defeated Lindsay Snow via pinfall.

Briar’s Take:  Nothing much to this match other than Rosa trying to get momentum in hopes of getting her NWA Women’s Championship from Serena Deeb.

Peter Avalon was shown in the back of a car. Avalon was trying to get the cameraman to eat the food he was offering, but the cameraman denied the offer. The driver stopped the car, and told Avalon he was the worst backseat driver he had all day and ordered him to get out.

12. KiLynn King vs. Big Swole. Both women went outside of the ring with a collar elbow tie up. Despite going to the outside of the ring, King and Swole got back in the ring before the 10 count. King, and Swole switched with waist locks. Swole attempted the dirty dancing, but King rolled out of the ring. King drove Swole in the ring post outside, however Swole drove King into the barricade. Swole attempted a cutter through the ropes, but King missed the move. King got the uppercut, and a dropkick after the snapmare. Swole though drove the knees to the back of King, and a headbutt. Swole used the ropes for a flat liner on King, and made King tap out to the cloverleaf.

Big Swole defeated KiLynn King via submission.

Briar’s Take:  King won her first match against Tapa last week, now is back to her losing ways against Swole this week. This matchup felt very random.

At the broadcast booth, Excalibur noted Tropical Storm Eta, and that AEW had to pull down the billboards. While Taz and Ricky Starks were talking, Darby Allin hit the ring. Allin went to the ring, and laid out Stars with the TNT Title. Cage came out to assist Starks, but Cody came to the stage and hit a chair to the back of Cage.

Briar’s Take:  A nice treat for fans who follow Dark every week to get to see Cody on this episode.

Another Chris Jericho Bubbly ad aired.

13. Jack Evans (w/Angelico) vs. Christopher Daniels (w/Frankie Kazarian). Evans planted Daniels with an arm lock, but Daniels countered with a hip toss submission. Evans, and Daniels would counter each other’s submission attempts. After the counters, Daniels lifted Evans for the exploder. Daniels then hit the suplex on Evan, and followed with an over the top move.

Both Evans, and Daniels went to the top rope but Angleico grabbed the boot of Daniels. Evans leaped off the top rope with a corkscrew kick to Daniels. In the middle of the ring, Evans followed with another similar kick. Evans would hit numerous knee strikes to Daniels, and got a two count. Evans hit a scoop slam on Daniels, and put Daniels in a double wrist lock submission.

Angelico tried interfering in the match again, but Kazarian walked over to his side. Meanwhile, Daniels got the blue thunder bomb on Evans and didn’t go for the pin right away. Daniels kept the momentum going with clotheslines, and a spinning backbreaker. Daniels went for the angel’s wings, but Evans got the sky twister press moonsault. Evans attempted a springboard from the top rope, however both wrestlers caught each other’s clotheslines. Evans attempted a roundhouse kick, but Daniels got some quick near falls. Angelico swept the leg of Daniels, and Evans followed up on the move with a backslide pin to win the match.

Jack Evans defeated Christopher Daniels via pinfall.

Afterward, Excalibur hyped the card for Dynamite on Wednesday.

Briar’s Take:  A great match that was back and forth for the most part until the weak finish. Overall, not a bad episode of Dark. It flowed more smoothly than last week’s show for whatever reason. Maybe, it’s because there were fewer tag team matches and we were back to random single matches? Who knows? I felt like the matches also went along fairly quickly, and didn’t seem rushed. While the matches didn’t have a story for the most part, they were still easy to follow along. When watching this episode, you wouldn’t have felt this was an hour and 40 minutes plus show. It felt like an hour show.

Most of the matches were good, but I can’t say none of them stood out as I’ve mentioned most don’t really have a story to them. Really, the only stories tonight were the continuation of Cutler’s match winning streak, and the TH2 and SCU feud as well. I suppose you could also throw in Thunder Rosa chasing to get her title back too. My goodness though, I’m not trying to be too harsh, but the Britt Baker segment was pretty terrible. I’ve seen plenty of “talk shows” in wrestling, and none of them really work in the way they’re supposed too. The jokes that Baker used were just corny as hell. Thankfully, Evans and Daniels had a great match to close the show. It was definitely also cool to see Cody on Dark while coming to the aid of Darby, who was about to get manhandled by Ricky Starks and Brian Cage. Otherwise, the best match on this show was definitely the “main event” with Evans vs. Daniels simply because they always have great matches and are always on top of their game. Episode 62 of AEW Dark clocked in at 1 hour, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds. Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.


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