AEW Full Gear results: Powell’s live review of Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston in an I Quit match for the AEW Championship, FTR vs. The Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Titles, Cody vs. Darby Allin for the TNT Title, Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose for the AEW Women’s Title, Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page in the eliminator tournament finals

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW Full Gear
Aired live November 7, 2020 on pay-per-view and B/R Live
Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place

AEW Full Gear pre-show match result: Serena Deeb defeated Allysin Kay in 10:25 to retain the NWA Women’s Championship.

A video package opened the show…The broadcast team of Jim Ross, Excalibur, and birthday boy Tony Schiavone ran through the pay-per-view lineup. Schiavone noted that Tully Blanchard was banned from ringside during the AEW Tag Title match. Don Callis was introduced as the fourth man at the broadcast table. He said Kenny Omega asked him to be there…

Powell’s POV: Callis is an Impact Wrestling executive and a legitimate friend of Omega. He’s also a terrific color commentator and was a good manager in the past.

1. Kenny Omega vs. “Hangman” Adam Page in the AEW Eliminator Tournament Final for a shot at the AEW World Championship. Omega had The Cleaner girls as part of his entrance. Ross asked Callis about The Cleaner gimmick. Callis didn’t seem to have a clue and instead spoke about Omega being a big video game fan. Excalibur noted that Omega used the gimmick in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The match spilled over to ringside early in the match. Omega performed a moonsault from the barricade, then tossed Page back inside the ring and performed a bulldog style move that led to a two count. Page came back with a leap from the second rope into a clothesline that knocked Omega off the apron. Page performed a tope, but Omega avoided it by returning to the ring, then dropkicked Page under the ropes. Omega hit a flip dive onto Page on the floor.

A short time later, Omega went for his One Winged Angel, but Page slipped away and went for the same move, but Omega escaped. Omega blasted Page with a V-Trigger knee that knocked him onto the stage (which is level with the ring). Omega joined Page on the ramp. Page shot Omega into the ropes while on the stage and then powerbombed him onto the stage. Cool spot. Back inside the ring, Page performed a Popup Powerbomb for a near fall.

Ross noted that it was 74 degrees and “perfect” in Jacksonville while Omega and Page exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Omega performed a Tiger Driver 98 for a near fall. Page came back with a forearm and performed a German suplex, but Omega landed on his feet and put Page down with a Lariat. Page came right back with a big forearm and the Deadeye for a good near fall. Strong sequence.

Page went for his Buckshot Lariat finisher, but Omega avoided it. Page ended up sitting down on Page and hooking his legs for a close near fall. Omega caught Page in the ropes and performed a dragon screw leg whip. Omega ran the ropes and Page went for a Buckshot Lariat, but Omega ducked it. Omega delivered a pair of V-Trigger knees to Page’s head, then hoisted him up and hit the One Winged Angel for the win.

Kenny Omega defeated “Hangman” Adam Page in 16:25 to win the AEW Eliminator Tournament to earn a shot at the AEW World Championship.

Afterward, Omega made a quick exit. Referee Paul Turner helped a dejected Page to the back…

Powell’s POV: A hot start to the main show. This needed more time to enter the special category, but it was pretty damn good with strong action from start to finish. It’s good to see Omega featured prominently in the singles division.

An ad aired for the AEW Games announcement that will be made on Tuesday via the AEW Games Twitter page at 5CT/6ET…

2. Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver. Several Dark Order members accompanied Silver to the stage, but they headed backstage. Likewise, Chuck Taylor and Trent came out with Cassidy and then went to the back before the bell. Silver acted annoyed by Cassidy’s hands in pockets bit. He also no-sold the Cassidy kicks to the shins, then charged him only for Cassidy to duck under and hit him with a dropkick.

Silver bodyslammed Cassidy and then spat at him. Silver tore the pockets out of Cassidy’s pants. Silver went on the offensive for a bit. Cassidy went for an around the world DDT, but Silver blocked it and suplexed him. Cassidy eventually came back with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.

Silver cut off Cassidy’s comeback with a big boot and performed an airplane spin before letting Cassidy fall to the mat, which led to a two count. Silver went for Brodie Lee’s discus lariat, but Cassidy ducked it. Cassidy followed up with his Beach Break finisher and scored the clean pin. Afterward, Taylor and Trent came out and celebrated with Cassidy…

Orange Cassidy defeated John Silver in 9:40.

Powell’s POV: A solid match. Silver gained something in defeat by getting in more offense than perhaps anticipated before putting over Cassidy clean in the end. By the way, Callis was only on commentary for the opening match.

A video package showcased the TNT Title match…

3. Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Darby Allin for the TNT Championship. Allin rode on top of a car into the side venue area, then used his skateboard to smash the front windshield. The Nightmare Family accompanied Cody to the ring. Ring announcer Justin Roberts delivered in-ring introductions for the title match and introduced Cody as Cody Rhodes, which led to the fans chanting his full name. Mike Chioda was the referee.

Allin threw an early slap to the back of Cody’s head. Cody rolled to ringside following the opening exchange while Excalibur noted that Cody can’t win the speed game with Allin. Anderson told Cody not to muscle Allin around. Ross said Cody needed to become an in-ring bully. Cody returned to the ring and took Allin down by the leg. Cody offered him his hand. Allin accepted it, then took Cody down and rolled him into a pin for a two count.

Cody rolled back to ringside. Allin teased a dive and Cody ducked, then Allin kicked him through the ropes. Back in the ring, Cody caught Allin in a hammerlock, then tossed him over the top rope and onto the stage. Allin sold an arm injury before returning to the ring. Cody went to work on the injured left arm. Cody applied a hammerlock and Allin used his foot to reach the ropes. Cody did pushups, which led to Anderson scolding him from ringside.

Allin continued to sell his arm injury while he made a comeback, which included a nice sunset bomb for a near fall. Cody dropped Allin with a good superkick. Cody set up for Cross Rhodes. Allin was in the corner and held onto the turnbuckle pad, which ripped away. Cody charged at Allin and ended up crashing into the exposed turnbuckle. Cody regained offensive control and bit the left arm of Allin, then joined him on the ropes and performed a top rope CrossRhodes. Cody covered Allin, whose arm was under the bottom rope.

Allin went for a sleeper, but he couldn’t apply it properly due to his arm injury. Cody went to the ropes with Allin on his back and then fell backward to drive Allin into the mat. Allin rolled to the floor by Anderson, who barked at him to stay down. Allin returned to the ring when the referee’s count was at nine. Cody slammed Allin a couple times, then performed a gorilla press slam and covered him for a near fall. Cody teased hitting Allin with his belt, but he dropped it when the referee threatened him. Allin used the belt to trip Cody, then picked up a near fall.

Allin performed a Cutter on Cody and then performed a Coffin Drop for a good near fall. Cody caught Allin with a kick. Allin tried to roll up Cody, who sat down on him. They went back and forth with pin attempts and Allin ended up on top of Cody for a quick three count and the upset win.

Darby Allin defeated Cody Rhodes in 17:00 to win the TNT Title.

Cody acted shocked by the outcome. Excalibur said Cody let Allin hang around too long. Cody motioned for Allin’s music to be cut. Cody stood in the middle of the ring with the title belt. Once Allin got to his feet, Cody dropped to one knee and presented Allin with the title belt. “And look at the new face of TNT,” Excalibur said. There was a “you deserve it” chant from the fans as Allin took the title belt. Allin went to the ropes and celebrated with his title. Cody put the belt over the shoulder of Allin and raised his arm.

“Enough, enough, enough,” Taz said over the house mic. Taz said he needed a plastic bag because he was going to vomit. Taz said enough of the hugging and the tears. Taz told them to man up. Taz congratulated Allin, then told Cody to take his ass to the back. “You heard me, executive man,” Taz said. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks attacked Allin from behind and left them lying.

Starks and Cage picked up the TNT Title belt simultaneously and had a staredown over it until Taz took it. Taz got his men to focus on Allin. Cage carried Allin over his shoulder to a side area. Cody recovered and tried to help Allin, but he was outnumbered. Cage ran Allin through a Full Gear set piece on the floor. Cage grabbed Allin and placed him onto the car that was used in Allin’s entrance. They wanted to slam the car door on Allin’s arm, but Will Hobbs chased the heels away…

Powell’s POV: An entertaining match with a bit of an upset finish. Allin winning the title makes sense, though it is a little surprising if only because Cody won the title back recently. The post match angle was solid in terms of setting up a likely tag match, and keeps the story of Will Hobbs and Team Taz alive.

Backstage, QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes were interviewed by Dasha. Marshall grumbled about Allie (The Bunny) and then Dustin cut a fiery promo about facing Butcher and Blade in a Bunkhouse match…

Schiavone officially announced the Bunkhouse match for Dynamite. The broadcast team also hyped Penta El Zero Mieda vs. Rey Fenix, and Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet for Dynamite…

A video package set up the AEW Women’s Championship match…

4. Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) for the AEW Women’s Championship. Excalibur emphasized that this was a standard match unlike last time when they met in a No DQ match. Shida was the early aggressor and hit a running knee strike. Shida covered Rose, who kicked out at one. Shida took the fight to ringside where she set up a chair. Shida ran into a clothesline from Rose. Vickie shouted at Rose, who pulled another chair out from underneath the ring, but referee Aubrey Edwards scolded her until she dropped the chair. Shida threw a knee strike off the chair. Vickie took a kendo stick and hit the back of Shida’s leg with it.

Rose wrenched the bad leg with the ring frame, then wrapped it around the ring post. Back inside the ring, Rose chop-blocked the bad right knee of Shida. Rose performed a splash onto Shida’s knee and covered her for a two count. Shida came back and powered Rose over with a suplex for a near fall. Rose went back to work on the bad knee, including applying a brief claw hold on it. Rose slammed Shida and made a cocky cover for a two count. Rose placed Shida over the top rope. Rose went up top and dropped a knee onto the back of Shida’s leg, which led to a near fall. Rose went to the ropes and was cut off by Shida, who mounted another comeback. Shida performed a missile dropkick that led to a two count.

Shida placed Rose in a seated position on the ropes and performed an avalanche falcon arrow. Shida had the pin, but she pulled up Rose by the head and flashed a sinister grin. Shida ran the ropes and Vickie tried to trip her. Rose hit a distracted Shida from behind. Vickie wanted to use the kendo stick, but the referee took it away. Shida ran Rose into Guerrero and continued to rough her up. Back inside the ring, Shida executed a falcon arrow that led to a two count. Shida followed up with a knee strike and covered Rose, but then gave up the pin to clutch her bad knee. Shida delivered repeated knee strikes using her bad knee and scored the pin.

Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose in 14:10 to retain the AEW Women’s Championship.

After the match, Shida sold her knee injury by being helped to the back. Vickie barked at Rose and ended up slapping her across the face…

Powell’s POV: I enjoyed the match, but it felt like the spectator wrestlers were making a lot more noise than the actual fans in attendance. Rose hasn’t done much on Dynamite lately and this match that didn’t get much storyline attention going into the pay-per-view, so that might explain it. I dug the sinister smile from Shida when she picked up Rose and I was happy that Shida didn’t look like a dope by going on to lose the match. I’m curious to see where they go with Rose, who lost some monster credibility by losing and especially for allowing Vickie to slap her.

A video package set up the AEW Tag Title match…

5. “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler vs. “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson for the AEW Tag Titles. The Bucks claimed previously that they won’t challenge for the titles again if they lose this match. Tully Blanchard was banned from ringside. Ross noted that Matt was working on a bad knee and questioned the idea of the Bucks putting themselves in position to never be able to challenge for the titles again. Schiavone questioned the logic of Matt starting the match for the Bucks. Wheeler targeted the bum leg, but Matt fought him off early on.

Ross wondered why Blanchard was banned from ringside. Excalibur said it was due to Blanchard’s involvement in the attacks on the Bucks. Schiavone pointed to Blanchard interfering in an FTR vs. Jurassic Express match. Ross said that’s what managers do, but then said he was happy that he wasn’t present for this match. Just under six minutes into the match, Harwood took a swing at Matt at ringside. Matt ducked the punch, and Harwood hit the ring post. Matt worked over the bloody hand of Harwood back inside the ring.

A short time later, Matt went for a moonsault even though Harwood was across the ring. Matt landed on his feet and sold leg pain, then Harwood pulled him face first into the middle rope. Matt rolled to the floor and clutched his bad leg while Harwood nursed his bad hand and tagged in Wheeler. A trainer tended to Harwood’s hand by wrapping his wrist and thumb. FTR tagged in and out while isolating Matt. Eventually, Matt was able to get to his corner, but Wheeler was there fighting with Nick. Harwood knocked Nick off the apron.

Harwood superplexed Matt. Wheeler tried to follow up with a top rope splash, but Matt put his knees up. Matt caught Harwood in an inside cradle for a two count. Harwood sent Matt to ringside and tagged Wheeler, who leapt from the apron and crashed into the barricade when Matt moved. Matt struggled toward his corner, but Wheeler tagged in and cut him off again. Matt faked Harwood with a punch, then dropped him with a DDT. Matt finally made the hot tag to Nick.

Nick fought both FTR members and hit them with a bulldog and clothesline combo on the floor. Back inside the ring, Nick went for a cross body on Wheeler, who rolled through and tagged in Harwood. FTR performed a Hart Attack Clothesline that led to a two count. Moments later, Matt made a blind tag and speared Wheeler and covered him for a two count. Matt went for a Buckle Bomb, but he clutched his knee. FTR teamed up for a top rope Steiner Brothers’ bulldog spot that led to Harwood covering Matt for a near fall.

Nick took out both FTR members with superkicks, then the Bucks teamed up to takeout Wheeler. Nick tagged in officially. Matt performed a Twist of Fate on Harwood, then Nick performed a Swanton Bomb and got a two count. The Bucks set up for a move, but Wheeler clipped Matt’s bad knee. Harwood performed a rebound powerbomb on Nick. Matt hooked Harwood into a pin for a really nice near fall. Matt and Harwood traded punches. Harwood sold hand pain. Matt got the better of the exchange and capped it off with a kick, then sold leg pain. Matt threw a superkick just as Harwood caught him with a punch around 20:00.

FTR continued the tag team tributes with the DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) finisher on Matt for another near fall. FTR set up for a spike piledriver, but Nick returned and knocked Wheeler off the ropes. Nick took out Wheeler with a dive. In the ring, Matt put Harwood in a Sharpshooter. Harwood reached the ropes. Nick superkicked Harwood’s hand, then Matt pulled Harwood back to the middle of the ring. Nick put Wheeler in a Sharpshooter on the stage. FTR grabbed hands, but the Bucks pulled them apart. Matt had to release the hold due to his leg injury.

A short time later, Matt went to work on the bad hand of Harwood. The Bucks hit their BTE Trigger finisher and had the pin, but Wheeler rushed back to break it up. Nick clotheslined Wheeler to ringside. Nick performed a flip dive off the ropes on Wheeler on the floor. Matt brought a chair into the ring. Harwood begged Matt to hit him so that he would be disqualified. Nick returned to the apron. Matt teased hitting Harwood with the chair, then slide it to ringside. Matt set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Wheeler took out Nick and slammed him onto a table. FTR performed the Mindbreaker spike piledriver on Matt. Wheeler went for the pin, but Matt put his leg on the rope.

Harwood put Matt in a leg lock, then Wheeler leapt off the top rope onto the bad knee. Harwood put Matt in an ankle lock. Nick got back to the apron. Wheeler dove at Nick, who ducked, and Wheeler crashed and burned on the floor. Nick performed a 450 splash onto Harwood. Matt covered Harwood for a two count. Wheeler returned and knocked Nick to the floor with a superkick. Wheeler tagged in and flipped off Matt before delivering a kick to the head. Wheeler performed a springboard 450, but Matt rolled out of the way. Matt got up and hopped on one leg, then superkick and pinned Wheeler.

“The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson defeated “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler in 28:35 to win the AEW Tag Titles.

After the match, Kenny Omega headed to the ring and hugged the Bucks. Hangman Page stood in one of the entrance chutes with a drink in his hand and watched in the distance.

Powell’s POV: This match had so much working against it. It was a legitimate dream match and expectations rose as time went on. Both teams deserve credit for delivering a hell of a match. I’m sure it didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations, but it did live up to mine. I really enjoyed the match and the way that FTR going against their “no flips, just fists” motto blew up in their faces.

6. Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara in an Elite Deletion match. Guevara drove a “Spanish God” golf cart to Hardy’s house. Hardy was shown standing on his front doorstep talking on the phone and told someone that he needed “you guys” to come if he called. Guevara arrived at the Hardy Compound and was greeted by Neo1 (drone). “You were dumb AF to come,” read a graphic. A Broken Matt hologram welcomed Guevara to his demise. Matt drove a “Straight Jacket” monster car over Guevara’s golf cart. “Now that is a squash job,” Hardy said. A referee showed up and called for the bell to start the match. Guevara was dominant to start.

Hardy and Guevara fought their way into an AEW ring that was set up in the yard. Guevara went for a springboard move, but Hardy hit a Side Effect instead and got a two count. Hardy powerbombed Guevara through a table in the ring and was going to pin him, but Ortiz broke it up. Santana arrived to make it a three-on-one. Hardy made a phone call. “Private Party” Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy took the call and were parked in a vehicle on the grounds. Guevara was setting up for a two rope move when one of the Private Party members tossed him to the ground.

Private Party fought with Santana and Ortiz. Guevara ran off. Hardy lit a Roman Candle. Guevara grabbed one of his own and shot it back toward Matt, who had another Roman Candle and charged toward Guevara, who ducked into the woods while Private Party continued to fight with Santana and Ortiz inside the ring. Kassidy performed a Hardy style dive off Quen’s back onto an opponent. Meanwhile, Hardy shot a Roman Candle at Guevara, who fell into mud. Hardy was about to finish off Guevara.

A masked man was shown holding onto Hurricane Helms. The masked man revealed himself to be David “Gangrel” Heath. Gangrel complained about mentoring Hardy and got no loyalty in return. Private Party showed up and took out Gangrel. Hardy helped up Helms, who said it had been two years and wondered what took so long. Hardy cited long term storytelling and said he had to get to AEW to actually finish this. Guevara took out Matt with a superkick. Helms roughed up Guevara briefly, but Guevara tossed him into the Lake of Reincarnation and asked what’s a hero to a Spanish God.

Shane Helms returned in reporter mode. Guevara superkicked him and tossed him back into the lake. Hardy and Guevara fought their way back to the ring where the tag teams and Gangrel were going at it. Hurricane was back. The heels got the better of it. Guevara had a weapon and followed Hardy into the garage area. The drone knocked the boat over, and then the garage door closed to keep the other heels outside.

Guevara got the better of the fight and hit Hardy with a dismantled turnbuckle. Guevara wrapped the rope around Hardy’s neck and choked him. Guevara dropped the rope and rolled Hardy onto a table next to a ladder in the ring. Guevara went to the top of the ladder and performed a moonsault that drove Hardy through the table. Guevara covered Hardy, who kicked out. “If that don’t do it, I really don’t know what will,” Ross said on commentary. Hardy came back with a Twist of Fate. Hardy speared Guevara off the apron and through a table below. Guevara “bled” from the head and mouth. Hardy picked up a chair and slammed it into the face of Guevara. Hardy slammed the chair onto the head of Guevara, then covered and pinned him.

Matt Hardy pinned Sammy Guevara in an Elite Deletion match.

Afterward, Hardy yelled it’s over. “Mercifully, this is over,” Ross said. Hardy called for Private Party and asked them to help him take out the trash. They put Guevara inside a trash bucket and closed the lid. Hardy wheeled the trash bucket outside the “Dome of Deletion.” Private Party put the trash bucket into the back of a truck. Hardy told Senor Benjamin to drive Guevara away. Reby Hardy was shown playing the piano, which continued while highlights of the match were shown. Fireworks shot off while Hardy, Reby, Helms, and Private Party celebrated…

Powell’s POV: The thrill is gone for the Hardy cinematics for this viewer. It was nice to see Helms and Gangrel, but I’m just over the Broken Universe. But if this is how Hardy wanted to close book as he seemed to indicate to Helms, then I’m happy he was able to do it.

Lance Archer was shown roughing up some random dude in an alley while Jake Roberts stood by talking about having nothing to do. Roberts said Archer had four guys he trained with and now he has none. Roberts said he has to feed Archer, but he doesn’t want food, he wants people. Archer said the time of slaughter has come for the leaders of the elite flock. Archer said he will break everyone in AEW. He said he doesn’t care if they are elite or in a family, everybody dies…

A video package recapped the Chris Jericho and MJF history…

The lights went out. When they turned on, it looked like Chris Jericho was wearing his light bright jacket on the stage, but it was actually MJF, who then made his entrance along with Wardlow. Jericho made his entrance to Fozzy’s “Judas” and did not have anyone with him. They turned off the music and the crowd and spectator wrestlers sang the song…

7. Chris Jericho vs. MJF. If MJF wins, he can join the Inner Circle. Ross noted that Jericho was the fan favorite of the two. Wardlow went to the back. Jericho was dominant to start the match and bodyslammed MJF on the floor. Jericho grabbed a camera and filmed MJF, then held his hand in front of hit while flipping off MJF. Jericho rolled back in the ring and cuffed his ear for some cheers, then rolled back to ringside and ran MJF into the post. Jericho went for the Judas Effect elbow, but MJF moved, causing Jericho to hit the post with his elbow.

Back inside the ring, MJF took offensive control. MJF threw some punches at Jericho in the corner. Jericho pulled referee Aubrey Edwards in front of him, then poked MJF in the eye. Jericho performed a top rope double axe-handle, then followed up with a Lionsault. Jericho placed MJF on the top rope and threw some punches at him, then performed a top rope huracanrana and covered MJF for a two count. MJF came back briefly, but Jericho crotched him on the top rope and then set up for a superplex, but MJF fought him off and dropped Jericho into the ring.

MJF leapt from the ropes and double stomped the injured arm of Jericho. MJF covered Jericho for a near fall. MJF taunted Jericho, which led to a strike exchange. MJF poked Jericho in the eye, then ran into a big chop from Jericho. MJF went to work on Jericho’s bad arm and applied his Salt of the Earth finisher, which Schiavone clearly didn’t recognize based on his ho-hum call. Jericho escaped the hold and applied the Walls of Jericho. Schiavone said that if MJF is soft, then we’d find out. MJF reached the ropes. Jericho acted like he won, but the referee told him otherwise.

A short time later, MJF performed a Codebreaker on Jericho, who was in the ropes. MJF followed up with a Heat Seeker and got a near fall. Jericho ended up going for his Judas Effect elbow, but MJF caught him in the Salt of the Earth instead. Jericho reached the ropes to break the hold. MJF motioned for Wardlow, who had returned to the backstage area. Wardlow ran to ringside and handed MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Wardlow distracted the referee. MJF took a swing at Jericho, who ducked and hit MJF with a forearm. Jake Hager showed up and gave Jericho his bat. MJF laid on his back. The referee turned around. Jericho pleaded his case, but MJF rolled him up and pinned him.

MJF defeated Chris Jericho in 16:10.

After the match, Jericho and Hager stood in the ring opposite MJF and Wardlow. Jericho called for MJF’s music to stop. MJF offered his hand. Jericho accepted and hugged MJF. “Welcome to the Inner Circle,” Jericho said. Jericho looked into the camera and said to welcome MJF and Wardlow to the Inner Circle. Wardlow held the ropes open for Hager, who shot him a smirk. Wardlow went through the ropes, then Hager followed. They went to the stage and all four men raised their arms…

Powell’s POV: I enjoyed the match. It wasn’t always pretty, but I liked seeing Jericho’s greatest hits combined with some of the late heel antics from both men. But what does this mean for the GNR themed Inner Circle t-shirts?!? This is like when Axl Rose brought in the replacement Gunners and had three guitar players instead of two. It just wasn’t right! Fine, never mind.

Backstage, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy were interviewed by Dasha. Kip Sabian, Miro, and Penelope Ford showed up. Sabian demanded an apology for Cassidy nearly hurting Ford. Cassidy apologized. Sabian slapped him and said that wasn’t good enough, then backed up when Trent lunged at him. Cassidy led Best Friends away…

Schiavone hyped the Dynamite lineup and then Ross set up the video package on the main event… Ring entrances for the main event took place. Both men came out alone. Kingston wore a Tracy Smothers shirt, and Moxley made his usual side entrance…

8. Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston in an “I Quit” match for the AEW World Championship. Justin Roberts delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. They fought to ringside early on. Moxley threw a chair at Kingston’s head. Ross noted that Kingston got his hands up. Moxley wrenched on Kingston’s fingers and yelled, “I’ll break your fingers.” Excalibur noted that Kingston used that hand to block the chair toss.

Kingston ran Moxley’s head into the ring post. Moxley came up bleeding from the head. The broadcast team spoke about Tracy Smothers while Kingston threw a couple of chairs inside the ring and then set them up. Moxley returned with a barbwire bat and worked over Kingston with it and knocked over the chairs. Moxley raked the barbwire of Kingston’s head. Kingston coughed while the broadcast team speculated that he could have internal bleeding.

Kingston ducked a bat swing and suplexed Moxley. Kingston performed another suplex. Excalibur said Kingston had labored bleeding due to the barbwire bat. Kingston threw a chair at the head of Moxley. Ross pointed out that referee Bryce Remsburg was wearing gloves due to Moxley bleeding. Kingston tripped Moxley and drove him onto the baseball bat. Kingston picked up a chair and slammed it over the back of Moxley, then threw it at his head.

Kingston picked up the baseball bat and removed a strand of barbwire, which he wrapped around his own fist. Kingston hit Moxley repeatedly with the barbwire wrapped around his fist, then raked it over his forehead. Moxley threw a punch from his back that Kingston no-sold. Once they stood up, Kingston hit Moxley with a spinning back first with the barbwire. Kingston applied a kimura, then headbutted Moxley, and wrenched on the hold. Moxley bit his way free.

A short time later, Moxley suplexed Kingston onto one of two chairs that were set up in the ring. “There’s just no way you learn to land that way in wrestling school,” Ross said. “Or if you do, you’re in the wrong damn school.” Kingston went to ringside and brought back a bag, which contained tacks that he poured into one corner of the ring. Kingston suplexed Moxley, who came back with a nice clothesline.

Moxley set up for his finisher, but Kingston stuffed it and tossed Moxley onto the tacks with a uranage. Kingston went to ringside brought back a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Kingston stomped Moxley in the balls multiple times. Moxley flipped off Kingston while lying on his back. Kingston opened the rubbing alcohol and poured it onto the back of Moxley, which was punctured from the tacks. Moxley refused to quit. Kingston grabbed a handful of tacks and slammed them over Moxley’s forehead.

A short time later, Moxley applied a sleeper, then released it and performed a piledriver, which Excalibur said was right out of Minoru Suzuki’s book. Ross said it’s a very violent book. Moxley followed up with a Paradigm Shift. Moxley picked up the strand of barbwire and barked at Kingston that there was no other way out. Moxley wrapped the barbwire around his forearm, then applied his Bulldog Choke. Kingston said he quit to end the match.

Jon Moxley defeated Eddie Kingston in 17:35 in an I Quit match to retain the AEW World Championship.

After the match, Moxley looked into the camera and yelled something about blood and guts. Moxley sold for a bit, then played to the crowd while Kingston was still down selling. Moxley tried to help Kingston up, but Kingston pulled away. Moxley spoke to Kingston, who shook his head no and then left the ring on his own. Moxley picked up the AEW Title belt and posed on the ropes with it.

Kenny Omega walked to the ring and smiled as he stood on the apron. Omega and Moxley jawed at one another while Moxley’s music drowned them out, then Omega headed to the back. Ross said AEW has the fightingest champion in all of pro wrestling. Ross thanked viewers for inviting them into their home, then hyped Dynamite to close out the broadcast…

Powell’s POV: The main event was violent as advertised without going overboard. I like that it was just Moxley vs. Kingston and they didn’t include all of Kingston’s guys with a bunch of needless run-ins. The post match angle with Moxley and Omega was just a teaser and nothing special by any means, but I’m sure they will do better on Dynamite.

Overall, this looked like a great show on paper and it mostly lived up to my expectations. The Elite Deletion match felt out of place and made the show feel longer than it needed to be, though I’m sure that some of you enjoyed it more than I did. I am surprised that they didn’t go with the AEW Tag Title match in the main event slot. If FTR vs. Bucks for the first time ever with the Bucks going over to win the tag titles wasn’t main event worthy, then I’m not sure what tag match in AEW will be.

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  1. I can’t help thinking FTR vs. Young Bucks, while really good, would have been on another level if there hadn’t been the pointless stipulation of the Bucks never challenging again if they didn’t win. They could have had that exact same match and it would have been 10-20% better due to far more doubt about the outcome.

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