Dennis Condrey of the Midnight Express on fans remembering them 35 years later, how he, Bobby Eaton, and Jim Cornette ended up together, nearly jumping to WWE

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Dennis Condrey
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Dennis Condrey on the Midnight Express being over today with fans despite being heels: I just can’t believe these fans still remember us from 35 years ago. The fans are wonderful, they’re great, I never thought that they would think about us, but they really do. I’ve got take texts and emails, oh God, I’m talking over 1000 something from the fans. It’s unbelievable they love us, and I could understand if I was a baby face back in the day but after what Bobby (Eaton), Jimmy (Cornette) and I did to them, its surprising. Those people, they still love us and that’s unheard of for me.

How the Midnight Express was formed back in 1984: Well, we were in Memphis Tennessee, talking with the owner of Memphis at the time, Jerry Jarrett. We went over to a little room and Bill Watts came in. He said Dennis, we want you and Bobby Eaton to come to Mid South with me in Oklahoma. Watts said we need to find your manager, so I said OK. How about Jimmy Hart and I was open for whatever he wanted to do. Then he mentioned Jim Cornette and you know at that time he was a photographer for God sakes (laughs). I’ve heard him do interviews before though and thought, well, maybe Jimmy (Cornette) may workout. So I said, look I’m leaving this to y’all because I love both of those guys, I think the world of them.

On the pairing with Bobby Eaton and Jim Cornette as the Midnight Express: I love those guys like brothers, great chemistry, but you know what I think gets lost is that Stan Lane and I teamed up in 1980 in Atlanta. We were a pretty good team then too, so you know he added a lot to the Midnight Express team when I left.

On almost going to the WWF in the mid-eighties: We had an offer, a great offer from Vince McMahon (and the WWF) that we couldn’t refuse. We weren’t interested at first because we were making great money in the Carolina’s (for Jim Crockett Promotions). Vince said he could double our money. So we got on plane and flew up there (to Connecticut) with the private plane. We thought we did it on the sneak. Well, Dusty (Rhodes) found out about it and asked if we were staying or going. We made a deal with Vince McMahon while we were there in New York but, what happened was Bobby (Eaton) and Jimmy (Cornette) had a change of mind, they didn’t want to go.

Other topics include more on The Midnight Express, Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, Randy Rose, Norvell Austin, his runs in Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid South, World Class, Memphis, the AWA, and more.

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