1/21 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of the season two finale featuring Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Morton for the NWA Championship, Thom Latimer vs. Trevor Murdoch in an NWA TV Title tournament qualifier, final hype for Friday’s NWA Hard Times PPV


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 15)
Taped December 15-16, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed January 21, 2020 on the NWA Youtube and NWA Facebook Page

A recap of last week’s main event that saw Team Morton defeat Team Aldis aired… The opening aired to the tune of Dokken’s “Into The Fire”… The broadcast team of Joe Galli and Stu Bennett checked in from their desk. Galli noted that he was battling throat issues…

Powell’s POV: Galli’s voice has been hoarse on recent episodes, but I believe this is the first time that he’s mentioned it. He sounds good enough in small doses, but I think this explains why Bennett has been dominating the bulk of the talking on commentary. Fortunately for Galli, this was the final episode of the tapings.

Robert Gibson was interviewed by Dave Marquez on the interview set. Gibson spoke favorably about his tag team partner Ricky Morton getting a shot at the NWA Title in the show’s main event…

1. Tasha Steelz vs. Thunder Rosa. Steels had Rosa down and went to the ropes and fired up the crowd before leaping into a dropkick. Rosa powered up Steelz and slammed her down with a sit-out move and scored the clean pin…

Thunder Rosa defeated Tasha Steelz.

Powell’s POV: Rosa continues to be among the most popular female wrestlers

After the match, Marquez asked Rosa what Melina’s plan was for tonight. Rosa said he should ask her himself since Melina was the only one who knows…

Nick Aldis spoke from an outdoor setting and noted that Marty Scurll is coming to the NWA Powerrr tapings. Aldis said he’s returning the favor. He said he went around Scurll to the Ring of Honor bosses and will appear on the Free Enterprise event on February 9 in Baltimore, Maryland. Aldis said it’s the big free show to thank ROH fans and to set the tone for the new era of ROH. Aldis called the NWA fans to action by showing up at the ROH event wearing their NWA gear. Aldis said he hopes Scurll will strap on his wrestling gear and meet him in the ring…

Galli interviewed Royce Isaacs and Mae Valentine at the desk. Galli pointed out that his tie and Valentine’s gear matched. Galli asked Isaacs how Aldis is preparing for his match. Isaacs accused Galli of asking the Strictly Business members about one another. Galli noted that Isaacs has been on a bit of a losing streak. Isaacs said some of us don’t have pencil necks and are worried about the stock going up.

Galli noted that Tim Storm beat Isaacs twice, and Isaacs “basically chickened out” when he met James Storm. Galli suggested the timing of the losing streak coincides with Isaacs dating Valentine. Isaacs asked if he was implying that it’s because they hadn’t had sexual relations. Valentine said there’s nothing wrong with being pure and Isaacs will always be a winner to her…

Powell’s POV: Funny. So Isaacs and the Drake Maverick character apparently have something in common.

The Austin Idol “Professional Wrestling Psychologist” ad aired…

2. Thom Latimer vs. Trevor Murdoch in an NWA TV Title tournament qualifier. The 6:05 countdown clock appeared on the screen. Galli said the match would be a hoss fight. Latimer jumped Murdoch to take offensive control. Latimer performed an impressive popup powerbomb for a good near fall. Murdoch avoided Latimer charging at him in the corner, then rolled him up and scored the pin. Galli pointed out that Murdoch didn’t land a single punch or perform a single move even though he won the match…

Trevor Murdoch defeated Thom Latimer to qualify for the NWA TV Title tournament.

Powell’s POV: A fun match with Galli summing up the story nicely afterward. Murdoch continues to be very over with the live crowd and for good reason. He’s a fun no nonsense babyface. Meanwhile, Latimer is in the Strictly Business faction, but it still doesn’t feel like the NWA’s creative staff has gotten as much out of him as they could. Hopefully that will change in season three.

A Melina video package aired and recapped her storyline with Allysin Kay. A graphic teased that they would meet face to face coming out of a break… An ad aired for NWA merchandise…

Galli interviewed NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay and Melina at his desk. Melina said she wanted to make sure Kay understood what was happening. Kay told her to spit it out. Melina said she takes as long as she wants to take and was censored while telling Kay to shut up and listen. Melina said she was giving Kay the match she wants. Kay said she was ready to face Melina, but Melina said Kay would face Thunder Rosa and it wouldn’t happen until the pay-per-view. Melina said that in order for the match to happen, Kay would have to defeat her former best friend Marti Belle in a No DQ match. Kay said Melina won’t escape her forever, then kissed her and walked away…

3. NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay vs. Marti Belle in a non-title, no disqualifications match. The wrestlers fought to ringside where Belle jabbed Kay with a chair in the gut. Belle set up the chair, placed Kay’s head over the seat, and then pulled her head back, which drove it into the backrest. Kay fought back and took the fight into the bleachers and worked over Belle before rolling her back inside the ring.

Kay brought a chair into the ring and wound up to use it. Belle begged for mercy, then Kay dropped the chair rather than hit her former best friend with it. Belle tried to grab the chair, but Kay put her foot on it. Kay hit her finisher onto the chair and then scored the pin. Bennett noted that Kay’s win means it will be Kay vs. Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s Title at Friday’s Hard Times pay-per-view…

Allysin Kay defeated Marti Belle in a No DQ match.

Powell’s POV: A fun brawl with Kay going over strong in the end. I liked the storytelling with Kay showing mercy for her former friend, yet not being gullible enough to completely trust her. It is a bit clunky that the NWA Women’s Champion had to win a match in order to defend her championship at the pay-per-view, but I am looking forward to Kay vs. Rosa and the way they are making viewers wait for the eventual Kay vs. Melina match.

A video package recapped the Nick Aldis and Ricky Morton storyline… The Spiritual Advisor’s Self-Hypnosis ad aired and noted that it was only available on VHS, and the cost was $9.99 for 100 VHS tapes. Funny…

The Pope and Eddie Kingston were interviewed by Dave Marquez on the interview set. Marquez noted that Outlaw Inc. took a tough loss on last week’s show. Pope said he didn’t lose. He said he puts people in positions to succeed. Pope said that if he can help people than he does. Pope said someone asked what his end gam was. Pope said he’s still looking for his superpowers and will eventually bring change to the NWA.

Kingston told Marquez not to question him or Homicide. Marquez said he understood. Kingston said Pope pushed them to take the match despite Homicide’s injury and perhaps he pushed them a little too hard. Kingston said they are grown men so he wasn’t blaming anyone. “We don’t lose, we learn,” Kingston said. Marquez asked Kingston if he would replace Homicide in the last chance gauntlet match. Kingston said he wasn’t doing it because that’s not where his heart is. Pope didn’t seem pleased… The NWA merch ad aired…

Kyle Davis joined Stu Bennett at the desk, then sent it over to Dave Marquez at the interview desk…

Aron Stevens set up something on the ground and stood on it. Stevens took the mic from Marquez, who left the desk. Stevens, who was dressed in a karate gi, introduced Question Mark as his sensei. The fans changed for Question Mark. Stevens told the fans not to call Question Mark a mark. Question Mark entered the ring with a masked man holding a Mongrovian flag and another masked man.

Stevens narrated while Question Mark demonstrated a move. One of the masked men demonstrated attacking Question Mark, who quickly got the better of the man. Stevens said we live in violent times and sometimes people bring weapons. The flag bearer made a gun using his hand and was quickly taken down by Question Mark. Rinse and repeat with the other man pretending to hold a spatula.

Stevens said there are times when people hide made or pepper spray. The masked man in the ring pretended to have mace, which Question Mark turned and sprayed into his own eyes. Stevens boasted that this was worth the $99 per week at the Question Mark’s dojo. Stevens set up a multiple attacker demonstration with Question Mark quickly taking down both of his masked sidekicks.

The masked men held up a board. Question Mark did the big buildup and teased chopping the board multiple times. Stevens said Question Mark needed to focus. Stevens stopped Question Mark. “I’m ready,” Stevens said. He showed off his third degree belt and said he was ready or the fourth degree. Stevens entered the ring and bowed to Question Mark. The fans chanted “use your head.”

Stevens wound up to break the board. When he turned around, one of the masked men slammed the board over his back. The man unmasked to reveal himself as Ricky Starks. Starks went to the interview desk, took the mic, and said he never forgets…

Powell’s POV: The karate demonstration was a blast. Stevens continues to be an absolute riot.

Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Irons ad aired…

4. Last Chance Gauntlet match for a spot in the NWA TV Title tournament. The first two entrants were CW Anderson and Caleb Konley. Bennett noted that the match would feature eight entrants. He said there would be a new entrant every two minutes, and pinfalls, submissions, and over the top rope eliminations were in play.

The third entrant was Jocephus. Bennett noted that Jocephus had been suspended by the NWA, but he received word that it had been lifted. Jocephus had a Bushwhacker Luke style moment when he entered the ring and was immediately eliminated.

The fourth entrant was Colt Cabana. Anderson and Conley tried to eliminate Cabana just as they eliminated Jocephus, but Cabana hung on and then worked them over with a double bionic elbow.

The fifth entrant was Dave Dawson. Bennett recalled Zane Dawson beating Dave to qualify for the tournament last week.

The sixth entrant was Aron Stevens, who entered the ring, then went to ringside and hid underneath the ring. Zicky Dice came out and took a mic from Marquez. He dubbed himself a future TV Champion and said he’s unbeaten in the NWA. Dice stood on the apron and said he qualified for the tournament, so he wouldn’t be competing in the gauntlet because he’s a pay-per-view wrestler.

The seventh entrant was Sal Rinauro, who had a decent run of offense until he was cut off by Dawson. The wrestlers took turns working over Dawson. Rinauro slipped on the top rope, but the wrestlers were able to perform a group pin on Dawson to eliminate him from the match.

The eighth and final entrant was Ken Anderson, who hit Rinauro with a Mic Check and pinned him. Anderson pinned Conley moments later. Anderson and Cabana worked together against Anderson, who performed a spinebuster on Anderson. Cabana performed his Superman dive on Anderson and pinned him.

The match came down to Anderson and Cabana (with Stevens still hiding under the ring). Question Mark came out and stood on the apron, which distracted Anderson and Cabana while Stevens attacked them from behind.

Stevens held one of his opponents, who moved, causing Stevens to take the Mongrovian Spike finisher from Question Mark. Stevens hilariously teetered against the ropes until he fell face first onto the mat. Anderson and Cabana both eliminated Stevens. Cabana offered Anderson a handshake, but Anderson spun Cabana around and rolled him into a pin.

Ken Anderson won the Last Chance gauntlet match to qualify for the NWA TV Title tournament.

After the match, Cabana forgave Anderson and they hugged, but Anderson took a cheap shot at Cabana. Anderson hit his Mic Check finisher on Cabana. Crimson, who works as an agent, and two referees came out to check on Cabana…

Powell’s POV: You had to know the match would come down to Anderson and Cabana once they ended up in the battle royal. The predictability wasn’t a bad thing in this case, as it set the stage for Anderson’s full fledged heel turn. Stevens teetering on the ropes before falling face first to the mat was hysterical.

A video recapped the Strictly Business formation to the tune of Billy Corgan “Hard Times”…

Marquez interviewed Eli Drake and James Storm on the interview set. Drake put over the idea of Ricky Morton winning the title in the main event. Storm said he lost to Nick Aldis at Into The Fire. He said he will go to the bottom of the list and work his way back up. Storm said this night was about Ricky Morton.

Storm said Morton showed him that the underdog could always beat the big dog if he had the will, the drive, and the heart. Storm had everyone bow their heads and then prayed to God to give Morton the power to kick Aldis’s ass.

Powell’s POV: It was a really nice touch to have two popular babyfaces and excellent talkers put over Morton heading into the title match.

Joe Galli hosted a “breaking news” segment. Galli noted that there are two open spots in the NWA TV Title tournament for wrestlers who are not in the NWA. Galli announced that Matt Cross will face Ricky Starks in round one. Galli turned it over to Quinn McKay, who was backstage at an ROH event. McKay introduced the other tournament entrant as Dan Maff, who delivered a brief promo. A graphic listed Maff vs. Zicky Dice for round one.

Galli set up a Flip Gordon promo. Gordon sat in a stairwell and took issue with Aldis attacking him from behind at an ROH event. Gordon said that he was coming to Aldis’s house. He said he’s not the same kid he was two years ago when he faced Aldis because Marty Scurll took him under his wing and made him a mercenary. A graphic listed Aldis vs. Scurll.

Galli said that if Morton wins the NWA Championship then he will defend the title at the Hard Times pay-per-view. If Aldis wins the main event, then Rock & Roll Express will defend the NWA Tag Titles against The Wild Cards and James Storm & Eli Drake in a three-way tag match. Galli also announced Aron Stevens vs. Scott Steiner for the NWA National Championship…

Billy Corgan joined Galli and Bennett on commentary and spoke about wanting to witness history. Marquez delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Robert Gibson was in Morton’s corner, while Aldis had Kamille, Isaacs, and Latimer. Just as the match was about to start, Corgan asked for his mic to be muted, then whispered to Bennett, who then announced that all seconds were banned from ringside….

5. Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Morton for the NWA Championship. Corgan told Galli that he wanted a clean canvas for the wrestlers to paint their masterpiece. He said he wanted a pure match with a pure finish. Corgan said he waited to announce the stipulation to avoid Aldis attempting to politick his way out of the match.

The live crowd was hot with “Rock & Roll” chants in support of Morton. Aldis took offensive control and eventually went to the top rope. Morton cut off Aldis, who managed to fight him off from the ropes. Aldis leapt from the ropes and into a punch to the gut from Morton. Aldis gouged the eyes of Morton and then bodyslammed him.

Aldis went to the ropes again and jawed at the fans. Morton cut off Aldis and slammed him from the top rope. Morton performed a huracanrana into a pin for a near fall. Morton applied a figure four leg lock. Aldis sold it by lying on his back and taking multiple two counts before reaching the ropes to break the hold. Morton caught Aldis in a small package for a two count, then Aldis rolled him over into a pin and held the tights while scoring the pin.

Nick Aldis defeated Ricky Morton to retain the NWA Championship.

After the match, Aldis went to the interview desk where Marquez handed him the NWA Title belt and announced him as the winner. Images of Marty Scurll appeared on the screen and then a Villain Enterprises logo appeared with a message: “Hard Times are here, Nick. See you Friday in Atlanta. – Marty Scurll.” The pay-per-view matches were listed on the screen along with the NWA TV Title tournament bracket. The credits aired to close the show…

Powell’s POV: A fun main event with Morton doing his usual strong selling and his big comeback hope spots before Aldis eventually put him away. I don’t think Morton challenging for a world title in 2020 would work in any other national promotion and yet it feels right in the NWA.

Overall, a fun season two finale that set the stage nicely for Friday’s pay-per-view. The only real disappointment is that we didn’t get a segment with someone breaking the news to Stevens that he would be defending the NWA National Title against Scott Steiner. Hopefully they will have some fun with that at the pay-per-view. The show closed on a high note with the title match and the teaser for Scurll appearing on Friday.

Join me for live coverage of NWA Hard Times as the show airs on FITE.TV at 6CT/7ET. Dot Net Members will hear my exclusive audio review afterward.


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