Jimmy Jacobs on being afraid of Vince McMahon during his WWE run, Impact Wrestling’s creative direction and the wrestler who had a star making performance

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Jordan Garber Now with guest Jimmy Jacobs
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Jacobs on transitioning to WWE in a creative role: I remember the last CWE 2015 tour I had a pretty good idea I was going to WWE. When I first starting writing and getting into the creative role I thought I was done with wrestling and would never wrestling again. I was fine leaving that behind me and as a year or two went by, I wasn’t just missing performing. WWE is such a faux corporate environment and Vince want’s it to appear as corporate. It made me feel like I couldn’t be myself. I missed having nail polish on and being kind of like a maniac. I felt like I was in a shell. So when I left WWE, it was nice to come back and be Jimmy Jacobs again.

On Impact Wrestling’s future direction: I enjoy working there still and doing all the stuff behind the scenes. I hope the direction is good because I am one of the guys steering the ship. We got some good stuff happening and we got some good talent. Rich Swann had a star making performance during the last tapings and with Tessa Blanchard a lot people have been following her journey and we been telling that story for the better part of the year and people are starting to get behind her so there is definitely some good stuff happening.

On one thing he wishes he could redo with Vince: When I first got to WWE, I wasn’t scared of Vince. I just thought. “He’s a dude” maybe a billionaire but a “billionaire dude” and everybody was scared of him so I was asking why. Everybody was scared of Vince? After working there for a month or two, I see why everybody is scared of him, so I spent the majority of my time there basically scared of Vince and ultimately afraid of losing my job. It wasn’t until the last couple of months of my time there where I was so sick of feeling just tied and boxed up that I wasn’t scared of getting fired anymore, which I spent most of my time doing. Maybe I would have lasted longer if I wasn’t scared of Vince. It’s his sandbox… He’s just letting you play in it.



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