11/14 NXT UK TV results: Gleed’s review of Tyler Bate vs. Kassius Ohno, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Xia Brookside in a non title match, Ligero vs. Travis Banks

By Haydn Gleed, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@haydngleed)

Taped October 5-6, 2019 in Brentwood, England at Brentwood Centre
Streamed November 14, 2019 on WWE Network

The opening video and music opened the show… Tom Philips and Nigel McGuinness were on the call. Philips hyped the main event of Tyler Bate against Kassius Ohno…

1. Kay Lee Ray defeated Xia Brookside in a non title match. Before the match the commentators talked about what happened back in June between Kay Lee Ray and Xia Brookside which was smart. Essentially, this was during the period when people going through the middle and top ropes were in vogue and Kay Lee Ray did just that. When Xia Brookside thought she had won the battle royal, Kay Lee Ray snuck back in to win the “championship opportunity” against Toni Storm in Cardiff.

Gleed’s Ramblings: Although I appreciated the underdog story that they have done with Xia Brookside and during this match, it didn’t really draw me into it. It wasn’t a bad match but was nothing that I would remember in even a week from now. Ultimately this was a credibility builder for Kay Lee Ray and with her being involved with NXT on the next Takeover it wasn’t a surprise that she won here.

Highlights were shown of the Draganov/Imperium story as well as the excellent dramatic reveal last week where Ilja sided with Gallus over Imperium…

Another great “get to know you” sit down interview with Piper Niven was shown. She talked about being a role model for the larger potential athlete and how it makes her feel. She also talked about how she’s been written off a number of times in her career and she keeps proving them wrong…

Gleed’s Ramblings: I’m loving these, but wish they had shown them when she first debuted.

2. Travis Banks defeated Ligero. This was setup due to a double pin in their previous match which was a good match, so there was excitement for this match. Neither have been given much character development or full feuds for the fans to sink their teeth into, so there was not the reaction there should be for these two. They got into it early on when the match started like a house on fire with a slugfest mid-ring followed by an awesome looking double kick to each other’s faces. Ligero worked a heel style throughout the match which was the best side of Ligero on the UK independent scene.

The end of the match ended when Joseph Conners ran Ligero into the ring post unknown to Travis Banks. Banks hit the slice of heaven and got the victory. As Travis was getting to his feet Conners also took him out. Connors stood tall and grabbed a microphone at ringside. He said this was supposed about him. The crowd gave him the what treatment. He claimed that he was going to be the first WWE UK Champion but it didn’t happen. He said he was going to be part of the very first NXT UK Takeover but he wasn’t’. He said he was Takeover worthy and that he is worthy. He seemed to be having a breakdown by talking to himself and answering his own questions. He said he’s sick of the ignorance as the crowd chanted “who are ya”. He said as long as he made to suffer then everyone will be made to suffer with him.

Gleed’s Ramblings: This match equalled and surpassed their first match and they managed to turn an apathetic quiet crowd, some of which had seen their original match the night before, into getting a great reaction for their efforts. If you want to see a match that shows why there’s always been so much buzz about Ligero and Travis Banks, then this is the match to watch. I’m not saying that for the first time I’m curious about Joseph Conners but gosh darn it I am slightly intrigued.

Rich Holland’s video was shown again. Incase you missed it, he’s a former Rugby League (aka fake rugby) player. For the people upset with me calling Rugby League fake, don’t worry American Football is a fake version of Rugby League which in turn is a fake version of Rugby Union. #dotnetheel…

William Regal, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala were in the UK Performance Center. Regal was asked why he was in the UK PC. Alexander Wolfe walked up to the trio where he demanded a match against Ilja Draganov and also talked trash to Sid Scala. Johnny Saint put his hands out and said why not. The match was announced for next week (Johnny Saint is so unintentionally funny)…

3. Tyler Bate defeated Kassius Ohno. This match was setup when Kassius Ohno attacked A-Kid after he lost the match and Tyler Bate came out for the save. The announcers framed this match as important for Tyler Bate because of the recent losses.

Gleed’s Ramblings: I’ve always said that the most impressive thing about Tyler Bate is no matter who is in the ring with he matches his opponents style. If he’s in there with a Mark Andrews he will fly around. If he’s in there with a Walter he uses his strength. Here he matched Kassius’s technical prowess move for move. Thoroughly enjoyed this match with the technical back and forth before speeding up halfway through. This match lasted a great 20-25 minutes and had a Takeover feel to it. Kassius even pulled out a moonsault from the top rope and Bate a fireman spin on the 270 pound Kassius. It was not as good as Walter vs. Bate in Cardiff, but it was a great match nevertheless. Plus, I wasn’t in the crowd for this one so clearly wasn’t as good for that reason alone.

This was a wrestling heavy show but two of the three match were “go out of your way” quality, and the other one was not bad even if it wasn’t anything memorable. Not much in the way of storyline development but damn two of the matches were great. I was going to wax lyrically about the Banks against Ligero match, but by the end of the show Bate against Ohno blew it out of the water. If you enjoy wrestling, you owe it to yourself to watch this show if you have a spare hour.



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