Keith Lee discusses his NXT run, surprising the WWE Performance Center coaches with his in-ring abilities

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Keith Lee spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and was asked whether his time in NXT has been what he expected. “I think, for me, I’m probably more of an impatient individual because I’m very strategic in the way that I do things,” Lee said. “However, I think that patience and kind of just the belief in what we have going on and the people that run the show has afforded me a lot of opportunities to make changes in myself to become better. Under the tutelage of Terry Taylor, especially, there’s a lot that I’ve learned and a lot that I’ve applied in my current style that has been very useful. So, I think that within the time, it’s been kind of more stop-starty but it’s allowed me to develop even further, or evolve in terms of my fighting style, in the way that I make use of my limitless capabilities.”

Lee was also asked whether he surprises the WWE Performance Center trainers with his physical gifts. “That question makes me laugh because, quite honestly, it’s literally every time I have a match,” said Lee. “I take great pride in that as well. The greatest joy that I have is where there are people that have no idea who Keith Lee is and they experience me for the first time and that reaction is always what happens. Who is this guy? How did he get like this? Is he even human?

“That’s a question I love. I love to make people wonder because there’s a lot of scenarios in which, you have a lot of guys who can do a lot of things but, for me, I am literally, and a lot of people say this, they say I’m the whole package. I’m everything. No, no, no, no. Keith Lee is actually, realistically, the entire package. All of it. And I love being that. There’s science, there’s physics and neither one of those things has an answer for Keith Lee. I don’t make sense. I’m an anomaly on this planet and I love being unique. Keith Lee stands on his own. I am the first of my kind and will continue to be so.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: I get a kick out of the fact that Lee is never afraid to sing his own praises. Lee and Dominik Dijakovic will challenge Roderick Strong for the NXT North American Championship on tonight’s NXT television show. Lee addresses that match, his versatility, NXT moving to USA Network, and more in the full interview.


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