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10/18 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Tony Nese vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari in a Triple Threat, Jack Gallagher vs. Brian Kendrick, The Singh Brothers vs. Justin Alexander and Justin Morris

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live on WWE Network
Streamed live on October 18, 2019 from Indianapolis, Indiana at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

The opening of the show saw a recap of the WWE Draft and some of the draft moves that affected the cruiserweight division, including Drake Maverick announcing that he is now part of Smackdown. Maverick announced that he and William Regal struck a deal to allow NXT and 205 Live talent to cross over… Tom Phillips and Aiden English were on commentary…

1. Jack Gallagher vs. Brian Kendrick. A recap of Kendrick’s assault on Gallagher from a few weeks ago was shown. As Kendrick made his way to the ring, Gallagher rushed him and tossed him into the barricade. Before the two entered the ring, Kendrick used a kendo stick to clock Gallagher in the gut to counter this initial assault. Kendrick then tossed Gallagher in the ring and the match begun.

Kendrick hit Gallagher with a couple of Irish Whips and knocked the wind out of him. Kendrick then used a grounded Octopus stretch and laid into him with some elbows to the ribs. Gallagher escaped and managed to toss a rushing Kendrick to the outside. Gallagher followed him outside and then hit him with a back suplex on the outside. Gallagher couldn’t take advantage in the ring however as Kendrick was able to catch him in a captain’s hook.

Gallagher crawled to the ropes and escaped, even managing to reverse a sliced bread attempt into a running boot to the corner. Gallagher went for the pinfall, but Kendrick got a foot on the ropes. After this, Gallagher was tempted to use a kendo stick for revenge. But his hesitation in doing so, allowed Kendrick to trip him into the corner and hit Sliced Bread No.2 to get the pinfall victory.

Brian Kendrick defeated Jack Gallagher.

Anish’s Thoughts: A solid opening match that continued the story with Gallagher and Kendrick. It’s not clear whether Tozawa will be a part of this going forward given that he was drafted to Raw, so maybe Gallagher and Kendrick will be the main part of this rivalry going forward. Gallagher doesn’t look weak with the loss, rather it came off like Kendrick has gotten under his skin.

The “First overall draft picks in the Bollywood draft” were welcomed to the ring in the for of the Singh Brothers…

2. Samir Singh and Sunil Sing vs. Justin Alexander and Justin Morris. Samir Singh locked up with one of the two local talents and shoulder blocked him to the ground. The local talent then took the time to mock the Singh Brothers. Samir was locked in a headlock but he managed to toss his opponent off and hit a back elbow.

Sunil Singh then used a headlock to wrench down on his opponent. He tried for a back suplex, but his opponents managed to get the tag. The other the local talent tried to rush Sunil, but he was able to withstand it and tagged in Samir to hit the “Bollywood Blast” after a leg sweep superkick combo to get the pinfall victory…

The Singh Brothers defeated Justin Alexander and Justin Morris.

Anish’s Thoughts: This match existed. That’s about all I can really say about it. I don’t think it did anything to help the Singh Brothers, who were presented as just as annoying as ever, and they didn’t look strong given that they had to struggle.

3. Ariya Daivari vs. Tony Nese vs. Oney Lorcan in a Triple Threat. The match started with Daivari and Nese teaming up on Lorcan, stomping him into the ground and taunting Lorcan together. Lorcan took a beating until Nese and Daivari tried for a double Irish whip, which Lorcan countered with a clothesline before tossing both opponents out of the ring and taunting them himself.

Lorcan slugged away with Nese in the ring, hitting him with an uppercut before Daivari tried to roll him up. Lorcan chased Daivari outside the ring to no avail and when he got back into the ring was caught off guard by Nese and smacked with a couple of strikes. Daivari tried to roll up an off guard Nese now, ending their alliance.

Daivari was then cornered by Nese and Lorcan who hit him with a double team clothesline. Nese and Lorcan then got into it with Daivari isolated outside. Nese grabbed a chin lock for a while, until eventually Lorcan escaped and tried for a Half & Half Suplex. Daivari broke this up however and hit a reverse DDT on Lorcan, and got a two count.

Daivari and Lorcan then fought for a bit, with Lorcan catching Daivari with an uppercut as he came off the second rope. Lorcan couldn’t take advantage as Nese came back into the ring and he and Daivari re-established their alliance. They stomped on Lorcan together and taunted the crowd.

Daivari and Nese hit a double delayed suplex. When they looked to continue their beatdown, Daivari turned on Nese again and slugged him in the head. This allowed Lorcan to take control and hit Daivari with a top rope clothesline. Lorcan then tossed his opponents to the outside and hit a couple of dives on them on the outside. Lorcan then propped his opponents in opposite corners and rammed them with clotheslines.

Lorcan got both his opponents in the middle of the ring and hit a double Blockbuster, although couldn’t get a pin on either. Lorcan couldn’t get the victory however as Nese reversed the subsequent Half & Half attempt and hit a springboard moonsault. Nese’s pinfall attempt was broken up by Daivari who followed up with a Uranage on Nese.

Daivari only got a two count and then propped Nese on the top rope and hit a Goriconoclasm, with Lorcan on the bottom. Daivari then tried for a Devil Lock Lariat, but Nese tossed him into Lorcan who hit the Half & Half Suplex. Lorcan tried for another on Nese, but Nese reversed hit and tried to hit Lorcan with a 450 Splash. Lorcan rolled out of the way and no man was able to make a cover after Lorcan hit a subsequent Half & Half Suplex.

Daivari tried to get back in the match but was met with a Superplex by Lorcan. Lorcan couldn’t follow up on this as Nese rolled back in the ring and caught Lorcan with a jumping package driver to get the pinfall victory…

Tony Nese defeated Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari in a Triple Threat.

After the match, Nese talked on the announcer’s headset, saying that he wants to personally welcome Rush back to 205 Live…

Anish’s Thoughts: This was a really chaotic match for a Triple Threat and it worked to the benefit of all three performers. Daivari acting as the full on heel made it easy for the crowd to root for Lorcan, and then also react pretty well when Nese got the victory in the end. Lorcan doesn’t look weak with the loss and comes off like he could be a threat for the Cruiserweight title at any moment.

Overall, this was a fun show, despite the rather useless Singh Brothers match in the middle. Lio Rush not being there as the new champion may have been a step down. Even a promo by him to announce his presence would have helped the show. Either way, that main event made up for it and acted as a nice close to the show, with all three wrestlers looking good and having fun with the crowd.

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