Samoa Joe on the heat in Saudi Arabia during WWE Super ShowDown, his approach to promos

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE U.S. Champion Samoa Joe spoke with Brian Fritz and was asked about the heat during the battle royal that was held at Friday’s WWE Super ShowDown event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and what precautions wrestlers take. “It was a chaotic scene, let me tell you that in 101-degree weather and a lot of human body heat,” Joe said. “It was quite the inferno in that ring… That’s the kind of heat you don’t make adjustments for. You just realize it’s going to suck really, really bad. You’re going to have to grin and bear it. With the exception of maybe running sprints in a sauna, I don’t think there’s anything you can really do to prepare for that.”

Joe also commented on his promo skills. “It’s really simple,” he said. “I’d love to sit here and say it was some long, miraculous process, but it’s not that at all. When I go out there and if I’m out in the ring and I’m saying something to you, I’m out there to pick a fight. Plain and simple. I’m out there to push your buttons, to put you off balance, to get you jumping. That’s my intentions and it’s the effort behind the words that I say and the things that I do. People say that it feels a little more real or more authentic. That’s because that’s its intention. I’m not out there to tell you a wonderful tale about what I have planned. I’m not there to tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask you what you’re going to do about it.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Joe is a tremendous promo and more wrestlers would be wise to follow his simple and very effective approach. Joe also stated in the interview that he has wrestled in a hotter venue than the stadium in Saudi Arabia, commented on reports that he suffered a broken nose during Money in the Bank, and spoke about whether he believes Daniel Bryan stating that he wants to wrestle until he’s seventy.

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