11/1 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship, Rich Swann vs. Willie Mack, Pentagon Jr. vs. Homicide, LAX vs. Matt Sydal and Ethan Page in a non-title match

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped October 15-16 in New York City, New York at the Melrose Ballroom

This week’s teaser contained highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling. The Impact Wrestling intro theme played…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Rich Swann made his entrance to begin the show. Willie Mack was his opponent. Mack wore a customized Lucha Underground t-shirt…

1. Rich Swann vs. Willie Mack. Josh Mathews said he “loves” the Global Wrestling Network. Swann and Mack started off the match with agile dodges. Mack mocked Swann during a hold with some hip thrusts. Swann and Mack then had the traditional cruiserweight stalemate sequence with a dropkick and kip up. Josh noted that Swann is a former [WWE] Cruiserweight Champion. Mack caught Swann with a Pounce. Mack softened up the back of Swann with knees followed by a Blockbuster. Swann tried to mount a rally, but Mack ended the rally with a right hand.

Mack planted Swann with a running suplex which Don Callis said was innovative. Mack and Swann grounded each other with loud chest slaps. Swann almost picked up the win with a sunset flip rollup. Mack surprised Swann with a spinning wheel lariat. Swann was stuck in the Tree of Woe and Mack caught Swann with a long-distance Coast to Coast (He had a little help form Swann who was holding himself up). Mack caught Swann with a plancha. Josh Mathews said Mack few like a fighter pilot, just like Tom Cruise in the Top Gun movie happening right after Impact. Josh said he could be goose and Don can be Maverick. Don said he wanted to be Iceman.

Mack hit Swann with a very innovative popup Paydirt. Mack spit on his hand and slapped Swann. Mathews said Mack might have hurt his knee. Swann escaped Mack’s fireman carry and then chopped down Mack with low kicks to Mack’s taped up knee. Swann then planted Mack on the mat with a flying rolling guillotine legdrop. Swann hit Mack with a 450 for a nearfall. Mathews advertised that Impact was going to have the debut of the “New” Desi Hit Squad tonight. Swann kept yelling “Willie!!!” as he hit Mack with strikes in the corner.

Mack dodged a strike and caught Swann with a running forearm and face wash. Mack hit Swann with an imploding cannonball. Don Callis said the only way he could describe that was “a whole lot of ass”. Mack planted Swann with a Samoan Drop, Kip Up, and standing moonsault leading to Mack’s really close nearfall. The crowd chanted the “Return of the Mack” song. Swann blocked Mack’s Stone Cold Stunner while Mack blocked Swann’s Lethal Injection. The latest block allowed Mack to hit Swann with the Stone Cold Stunner (Mack has said Steve Austin is fine with him doing the homage).

Mack had the visual pinfall, but Swann was able to lift his left foot to the bottom rope for the rope break. Mack moved Swann three quarters away ring distance from him. Mathews said Mack did this so he had more room to fly. Swann rolled out of the way from Mack’s frog splash. Swann used his cross-kick combo to set up to him yelling “Willie!!!” and planting Mack with a Lethal Injection. Swann only got a one count out of it. Swann hit a superkick and Phoenix Splash on Mack for the surprise win.

Rich Swann defeated Willie Mack via pinfall in 9:50.

Don Callis said that Impact is putting on main events in the open of the show. Callis jokingly asked “who’s booking this stuff?” (nice one)…

Josh Mathews hyped the upcoming matches on this episode as well as “The Road to Final Hour” which is the build to next week’s “Final Hour” theme show. Josh also advertised Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for the title in a BFG rematch… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A surprising result because you would think they’d want to push Mack strong out of the gate and Swann can easily absorb losses. With that said, I’m fine with this win and it does elevate Swann after his loss to Cage. I like the way that Impact’s allowing Swann to have huge wars in the ring and Swann (along with Rey Fenix) have been Impact’s most consistent in-ring fighters in 2018. In the long run, I think the huge match to build up to should be Willie Mack vs. Brian Cage because I know that as a sure-thing show stealing main event since I’ve seen this match rock the house many times in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The show cut to an OVE camcorder promo. Sami asked the Crist Brothers if they remember the first time Cage got pinned in Impact Wrestling. Jake said “I memba!”. Dave told Jake to never say that again. Jake then reverted to his mimic routine. Sami said OVE is coming after the X Division Championship to make it mean something again (Sami does have a point there because Cage is holding the belt hostage). Sami did a plug for the promotion he runs in Dayton Ohio called Rockstar Pro Wrestling and said he got Brian Cage booked for a show. Dave continued to look annoyed at Jake’s mimic act. Sami promised Cage an ass whooping in Ohio tonight because OVE is for Ohio, by Ohio, and they are taking over everything… Everything… EVERYTHING!!!

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from the upper deck of the Melrose Ballroom. Mathews wondered if it was smart of Sami Callihan to challenge Brian Cage in Ohio. Callis said it was a smart strategy since Callihan can’t measure up to Cage physically just like no one matches up to Cage in the industry. Callis said that nobody goes to Ohio by choice. Mathews was visually holding back a laugh. Mathews then went into his plug for next week’s “Final Hour” themed show headlined by Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross.

Callis said Johnny has been a fighting champion but Killer Kross is completely different compared to Fenix. Mathews advertised the “New” Desi Hit Squad. Mathews also talked about the Kingston and the OGz have decided to attack Konnan’s other boys in Fenix and Pentagon. Callis said it’s interesting to see because the Lucha Brothers are one of the best tag teams he’s ever seen while also being great singles wrestlers…

Time for a boring ass Desi Hit Squad introduction courtesy of Gama Singh. Gama said he found a “new and revised” tag team combination of Rohit Raju and Gama’s son Raj Singh (isn’t Raj Singh the name Jinder Mahal used when he teamed with Gama’s son?). Don Callis said he’s heard about how he’s heard about Raj being sent to India at age 8 and is coming to America for the first time. Their opponents were “The Beach Bums”…

2. “The New Desi Hit Squad” Rohit Raju and Raj Singh (w/Gama Singh) vs. “The Beach Bums” TJ Crawford and Freddie IV. Raju started off against Crawford. Raju took down an aggressive Crawford with a running lariat. Raju tagged in Raj for the first time. Raj hit Crawford with a shotgun dropkick in the corner. Raju followed up with a cannonball. Callis said this looked more cohesive than the last Desi Hit Squad. Freddie tagged in and ate a running boot. Raju tagged in and attacked the gut of Freddie.

Callis said that Raju is the high flyer of the group while Raj is more grounded and aggressive. Freddie tried to mount a rally but the Desi Hit Squad took him down. Raj and Rohit hit a combination high knee and Samoan Drop on Freddie for the victory.

The New Desi Hit Squad defeated The Beach Bums via pinfall in 3:20.

The Desi Hit Squad were kneeling with their hands clapped after the match…

John’s Thoughts: A good first showing from the new tag team. Gama’s still the weak link because he sounds bored when talking for them. Aside from that, Raj Singh didn’t show too much but he does have good size and presence compared to Gursinder.

Impact cut to a black and white cinematic in the streets of New York. It was Eddie Kingston and the OGz. Hernandez was doing pullups on a walk light. Kingston said he told the OGz that they’ll get Konnan’s “Boys”. Kingston said they got Fenix, Konnan’s new “Rey” (Spanish for King). Kingston talked about how Konnan took advantage of Juventud, Psychosis, and the OGz. Kingston said the mob bosses got nothing on the OGz. Homicide said he got this and he called Pentagon a “Bootleg Skelator”. Kingston said they’re done when they say they’re done. Homicide did his “Bryyyat” catchphrase… [c]

The show cut to an LAX cinematic. Konnan and Santana were sitting around drinking at the bar (and you can clearly see Ortiz’s afro in the middle as he was trying to hide under the counter). Santana wondered where the “bartender” was. The bartender popped up and it was Ortiz holding a bottle of LAX “Vodka”. Ortiz yelled at Santana that the drink doesn’t smell like Vodka. Konnan said they cut the formula because he was trying to save some money. Konnan then started to talk about Matt Sydal and Ethan Page. Konnan said he’s not into that psycho-babble, hippie-snowflake, SJW stuff that Sydal’s all about. Konnan said he’s old school and it’s all about knocking teeth in and things.

Konnan said LAX is going to leave Sydal and Page in the ring just like they treat everyone else. Santana said they are scrubs. Santana then wondered about the OGz attacking Penta and Fenix. Konnan said Kingston is trying to get at Konnan by going after his family. Konnan said he’s not trippin since he know that Penta and Fenix can take care of themselves. LAX toasted. Ortiz kept saying that the drink wasn’t Vodka…

Next was an Eddie Edwards and Moose sit-down interview video. Moose was wearing a red shirt and mink scarf. Eddie Edwards said this upcoming match was about their friendship. Moose talked about how he was at Eddie’s side when Sami busted his eye with a baseball bat. Moose said Eddie wasn’t there when Austin Aries sent Moose to the hospital. Clips aired of the Moose heel turn. Edwards said he admits he’s wrong sometimes. Edwards said this was personal since Moose brought Eddie’s wife into the picture. Moose said Eddie may call it kidnapping but Moose calls it mind games. Moose said next week’s “Final Hour” title was fitting since it’s the final hour of their brother hood. Edwards then yelled “Quinn” and wondered if Quinn knew what he was going to do to Quinn. Moose said it’s going to be the final hour of the Moose and Eddie story. Moose said the friendship will end just like every other Eddie friendship, with someone hurt…

Josh Mathews sent the show to the Rockstar Pro Wrestling promotion in Dayton, Ohio. Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, and Dave Crist made their entrance. Josh talked about how the entire crowd was 100% behind Sami Callihan. Brian Cage’s Impact theme played as an imposter Brian Cage made his entrance. Imposter Cage had a green belt with an X taped on it. Callihan joked that “Cage” has lost a lot of weight since Bound for Glory. Callihan said he’ll invite “Cage” for dinner after the match over the X Division Championship. Callihan asked “Cage” to give the crowd one of his signature flexes. Fake Cage then did Cage’s usual entrance poses.

Callihan then gave fake Cage an aggressive ball tap. Callihan ordered the Crist Brothers to come in and make an example of Fake Cage. OVE hit fake Cage with the All-Seeing Eye. Jake Crist ripped off the shirt from the knocked-out referee and counted the pin. Sami called himself the new Impact X Division Champion. Josh Mathews recapped that Sami Callihan was trying to send a message to Brian Cage as Sami was celebrating with the fans… [c]

John’s Thoughts: As much as I hated Impact falling back on indie footage during the 2017 Scott D’Amore creative run, this simple segment was nothing new but it allowed Sami Callihan to use old school tactics to get some heat. The OVE footage always worked great even during the bad bootleg footage days since the Ohio fans at Sami’s home promotion do created a good visual of Sami as a cult leader.

Eli Drake thought he was walking into a lawyer’s office, but he walked into a janitor’s closet where Joseph Park was eating grandma Jenny’s leftovers. He said he’s eating leftovers since he’s looking out for his weight. Park acted astonished at someone entering his “office”. Park then said he wanted a selfie with Drake for Grandma Jenny. Park then wondered if Eli was short for “Elias”. Park then was about to talk about his love for WWE’s Elias.

Drake said he wanted a lawyer but instead got a cleaning closet. Drake then said that despite all the cleaning products in the room, Park looks like a mess. Drake wondered if Park is a real lawyer. Park said he’s certified and to not let the broom closet fool him. Drake said he’s suing Impact Wrestling for the unsafe working environment. Park said he has a better idea, a Class Action Lawsuit which will include the roster and even the Knockouts. Park said they can rule Impact Wrestling and this would be Park’s ticket from the outhouse to the penthouse. Park wanted to shake hands but Drake walked away. Drake said let’s “punch that ticket… dummy”. Park kept saying “yeah”…

John’s Thoughts: Still not a fan of Eli Drake being wasted on the Impact Wrestling undercard. Since he’s dealing with Joe Park, he’s probably at or lower than Grado level now. With that said, Joseph Park is one of the unsung talents on the Impact roster and did wonders for Grado and Jeremy Borash last year in different feuds. While I don’t like the spot Drake’s in, I can’t help but want to see more of Joseph Park because or Park’s great comedy timing. That WWE Elias joke did get a laugh out of me. Maybe Impact should copy what WWE’s doing with Elias and have Eli Drake turn babyface since Impact is lacking credible babyface stars.

Gama Singh congratulated Rohit Raju on teaming with Gama’s son and passing the ultimate test. Smoke appeared which meant it was time for this week’s “Smoke Show” with Scarlett Bordeaux, who was wearing a red see through dress this week. Raj and Rohit tried to hit on Scarlett but Gama said they aren’t supposed to think about girls. Gama then tried to serenade Scarlett by singing a song in Punjabi. Scarlett wondered what the song translated to. Raju jumped in and told Scarlett that it means that Gama is a 65-year-old man, Raj is Gama’s son, and Gama’s been happily married for 45 years. Gama cut in and said that Raju was a liar. Scarlett asked Gama if India was where the Karma Sutra came from. Gama offered Scarlett a copy. Scarlett then went into a plug for her talent search and they showed the email that you could send videos to… [c]

Taya Valkyrie made her entrance. They played her entrance video which still has her in her “Queen of Queens” attire despite her looking more like an homage to Bret Hart these days…

3. Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Impact Knockouts Championship. Josh talked about how Eli Drake has hired Joseph Park to be his lawyer who made the idea that the lawsuit should be a Class Action law suit. Don asked if he could join. Don then compared hiring Joseph Park as a lawyer to hiring a St. Bernard to do heart surgery. Taya caught Tess with one of her signature meteoras. Taya countered being tripped with a Melina split but Tessa followed up by pulling Tessa to the ground. Tessa then hit Taya with a Suicide Dive and knocked the close barricade back about five feet. [c]

Tessa locked Taya in a unique surfboard stretch. Taya escaped and caught Tessa with a crossbody. Tessa responded with a dropkick. Tessa caught Taya with a jumping piston kick for a nearfall. Don Callis noted that Tessa Blanchard has had issues with this referee before. Taya got out of the way when Tessa went for Magnum. Taya hit Tessa with a series of forearms and a back elbow. Taya hit Tessa with a running shotgun dropkick. Tess jumped away from the corner. Taya caught Tessa with a spear for a nearfall. Taya used a shortarm counter on Tessa to plant her with a deadlift German Suplex. Taya got a nearfall. Tessa surprised Taya with a wraparound cutter.

Tessa yelled “Screw you wera!!!”. Taya did her homage to Johnny Impact by doing his signature corner escape sequence. Taya locked Tessa in a surfboard and hit her with a curb stomp. Taya hit Tessa with a moonsault for a nearfall. Taya went to the top rope to catch Tessa in the limited ringside area with a crossbody. Taya high fived with the fans with Callis said was a mistake. Tessa threw the referee into Taya and then accidently (?) clocked the referee with a strong right hand. REF BUMP!!! Don Callis was cracking up and yelled “good for her!”. The referee called for the bell.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Tessa Blanchard via DQ in 8:50 of TV Time.

Taya’s theme played. Tessa crawled away with her title. Josh Mathews cut to a replay and pointed out that the punch looked intentional. Don Callis said he could watch that replay over and over again. Tessa hugged her title at the stage like it was her precious…

John’s Thoughts: A good match with a logical finish if they want to continue this feud. They shouldn’t have given a finish away because you would expect Impact to be more behind Tessa at this point and if Tessa went over clean then Taya would have been established as undercard fodder. Thumbs up for Impact having the referee call for the bell because if this were TNA it would have equaled a cheap finish and a ton of run ins. This is obviously leading to some sort of hardcore match down the road, maybe at their Nashville show or even sooner.

Josh Mathews advertised Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross at the “Final Hour” themed show next week…

They cut to a Killer Kross and Johnny Impact sit-down interview video. Kross said the world was trapped in a labyrinth of lies. Johnny said there’s more than you think to Killer Kross. Kross said everyone is looking for a place to fit in. Kross said he has a romanticized view of the situation and that Kross is the harbinger of annihilation. Johnny said Kross is calculated, intelligent, and has all of these ideologies and ideas in his mind that he makes up to justify hurting people. Kross said he’s the wave of the future.

Johnny called Kross’s logic warped. Kross said Johnny is living in an illusion. Kross said he doesn’t care about being the best in the world; he said he only cares about being the best at winning and hurting people. Johnny wondered why Kross claims gaining satisfaction from hurting people, yet he keeps hurting people and is never satisfied. Johnny said he’s confused as to Kross’s motives, winning a title or just hurting people for fun. Johnny said it’s easy to understand someone trying to be the best but Kross’s other motivations don’t make sense.

Kross said winning the title is just a bonus and he’s here to bring to the light what many people in the world fear, that suffering is the catalyst to change. Johnny said Kross is undefeated in Impact so you can’t argue that he deserves a title shot. Kross said he’s in the hurt business and if you don’t understand that you’ll inherit that issue. Kross said in the end everyone pays the toll. Johnny talked about bringing Kross a fight as opposed to being attacked from behind. Clips were shown of Kross in a martial arts gi doing training. Kross said he’s going to light John with strikes and leave him scarred for life. Kross said he’s going to squeeze the life out of John and Johnny will thank him. Kross then did his tick tock catchphrase. Johnny said it’s better to face the devil you know than the devil you don’t and at Final Hour we’ll find out who Killer Kross is… [c]

John’s Thoughts: That was really good. Not the best thing in the world, but I like Impact’s approach tonight of staying away from the crappy cinematics and focusing on sit-down interviews with their two big singles feuds in the men’s division. The fruits of Johnny taking a serious approach as champ are starting to show. Because Johnny’s more human, people relate and care about him. Kross comes off as a Killer and plays the killer role well. I like that they’re getting back on track with him. Johnny being more “normal” makes you fear for his life with this serial killer sociopath coming after him; and you didn’t need craptastic cinematics to make that point. As a person who has studied Nietzsche in college, bonus points to Kross for being eloquent and using nihilism in his promos.

A Jordynne Grace sitdown interview aired. Jordynne said she’s 22 years old and has been wrestling for eight years. Grace talked about learning to be aggressive from wrestling in Mexico. Jordynne she found out the easiest thing to control is strength because either you can lift something or you can’t. Jordynne said being strong makes her feel invincible. She said her wrestling style is simple “catching people and throwing them away”. Jordynne talked about all of the great women in Impact including Tessa who’s one of the best in the world. She said nobody has the strength that Jordynne Grace has…

John’s Thoughts: Is Impact taking from the NXT playbook this week? I like this approach and it’s what I’ve been hoping for since Don Callis took over. We’re seeing more sit-downs and documentary pieces. Less is more sometimes; and they’re not doing any bad b-movie stuff with zombies, blood, axes, and finger lasers. There’s doing NXT, but not coming off like a rip-off since they’re doing the straightforward approach in their own way. Next week should be good too because of “Final Hour”. What I do fear is two weeks from now.

Josh Mathews said it was time for the [obligatory] Global Wrestling Network Match of the Week. It was Gail Kim vs. Candice LeRae from TNA Impact in 2013. They aired about two minutes…

John’s Thoughts: Is this supposed to be a GWN ad or an ad for NXT? Because when I see Candice LeRae I think NXT and WWE Network. SMH sometimes at the TNA inferiority complex that still persists to this day.

It was time for a Lucha Brothers promo. Fenix looked hyperactive. Fenix said that the OGz attacked Fenix but forgot about one thing, Cero Miedo. Fenix said the Lucha Brothers are here in Impact Wrestling. Pentagon told Fenix to calm down. Pentagon said he and Fenix aren’t pawns in Kingston’s war against Konnan. Pentagon said the Lucha Brothers are luchadores while Kingston is a “cabron” (which was censored). Pentagon said if Homicide wants a piece of Pentagon he’s right here. Pentagon said they attacked Fenix from behind but that’s no problem because revenge is a dish best served cold, because “Por que nosotros soy Lucha Brothers, Tenemos Cero Miedo”. Fenix ended the promo by saying “Animo”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Yep. As I feared from last week. The Lucha Brothers are way worse than Pentagon and Fenix as singles wrestlers. They cut the exact same promo every time and Fenix looks bad in these especially. Similar to what I’ve been saying with Johnny Impact, Lucha Underground got it right with Fenix when they had him cut promos as a plucky babyface. Here he comes off as Pentagon’s nerdy younger brother. Last week, he was really cool. On the other side, Pentagon should be the coolest thing in the world. He’s Steve Austin on Wednesdays cutting great Stone Cold promos, on Thursdays he’s forgettable because of the way Impact has him positioned.

Cage cut a promo in front of a green wall. Cage said he was never invited to face Sami Callihan. Cage said that Callihan’s playing games and bragging about pinning Cage, yet he’s ducking Cage. Cage then said next week he was coming to Ohio with the X Division Championship. Cage said Callihan is about to get the real Brian Cage Experience and not some knockoff B version of Cage. Cage said he’s going to not only drop Callihan with the Drill Claw, he’ll drop every fan, student, and everyone in Ohio with Drill Claws. Cage said he’s not a man he’s a machine…

Josh Mathews said that Cage is defending the X Division Title in Ohio next week. Don Callis said this was a mistake because there is a lot of people in Ohio. Callis said everyone in Ohio is just like Sami Callihan and OVE. Callis then added the note that he meant no disrespect to Ohio. Callis said it will be impossible for Cage to defeat thousands of crazed Ohioans who want to defend Callihan and OVE. Josh then moved on to hyping other segments like the debut of Jordynne Grace. Josh also advertised Joseph Park and Eli Drake coming up with a legal plan next week to fight Impact Wrestling…

Josh Mathews said if Sydal and Page could beat LAX, they’ll earn a future title opportunity…

4. “The Latin American XChange” Santana and Ortiz (w/Konnan) vs. Matt Sydal and “All Ego” Ethan Page in a non-title match. Callis and Mathews argued over the difference between “Hipster” and “Hippie”. Ortiz started the match by trying to make Sydal flinch. Ortiz called Sydal a scrub, Sydal hit Ortiz with low kicks. Ortiz countered and brought Sydal to LAX’s corner for tandem offense. Josh Mathews claimed that LAX wrestled on the Jericho cruise “yesterday” and are now wrestling in New York on Thursday on Impact (despite the show being taped).

Ortiz mocked Sydal’s third eye point. Page tagged in. Callis noted that Page is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Santana hit Page with a few armdrags and caught him with a single leg shotgun dropkick. Page countered a running Santana with a backdrop suplex. Page tagged in Sydal for isolation on Santana. Sydal caught Santana with a basement yakuza kick. Sydal hid under the ring. Konnan found Sydal. Ethan Page threatened Konnan at ringside. Santana jumped over Konnan to hit the heels with a cannonball senton. [c]

Sydal had Santana locked in a modified Muta Lock. Sydal then hit Santana with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Page and Sydal traded quick tags for isolation offense. Page hit Santana with an elbow drop. Ortiz broke the pin and ate a high knee form Page. Santana escaped and tagged in Ortiz for the hot tag. Ortiz hit Page with a rolling lariat and freefall splash. Ortiz rolled up Santana to give him momentum in a Cutter on Page. Sydal broke up the subsequent pin. Sydal and Page caught Ortiz with double roundhouse kicks to the head on Santana. Lots of quick dodges ensued. LAX hit a double team backbreaker on Sydal for the win.

The Latin American XChange defeated Matt Sydal and Ethan Page via pinfall in 8:30 of TV Time.

Santana and Ortiz mocked Sydal’s third eye point in front of Page. LAX celebrated with their title belts over the Puerto Rican flag…

John’s Thoughts: Not much wasted movement as usual in this LAX match. A nice tag team match. Where do they go with Sydal and Page or was this a one-off? Page and Sydal were makeshift. Both are great, but Sydal will continue to hold himself back if he’s still hell bent on getting over his namaste gimmick.

Ugh. It’s time for an Allie B-movie cinematic. Allie was staring in a mirror as some Adobe After-Effects went over her reflection. Kiera Hogan entered the room. Allie apologized to Kiera. Kiera said she’s just looking out and hoping Allie’s okay. Allie kept saying that nothing was wrong while Kiera was yelling back that something is wrong. Allie snapped and agreed that something is wrong. Allie said that ever since she left her soul in the undead realm there has been a dark void inside of her. She said she’s trying to be strong and not let the darkness consume her. She said it’s starting to take over due to her seeing Rosemary in the undead realm. Kiera said she told Allie that she’ll always have Allie’s back. Kiera said they are going to finish things with Su together. Kiera then said they will “end” Su Yung and she promises to the end…

John’s Thoughts: Why is this a thing? Why has Allie become a Create-a-wrestler? This is a good episode of Impact aside from this B-movie bulls–t.

Eddie Kingston, Homicide, and Hernandez made their entrance. Homicide was billed as “Notorious 187″… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I know it’s Homicide wrestling now, but a few weeks ago Pentagon wrestled Hernandez in a Lucha Underground Championship match, and it was surprisingly good. So silver lining? I know these four men can deliver.

5. Pentagon Jr. (w/Rey Fenix) vs. Homicide (w/Hernandez, Eddie Kingston). Pentagon started off by doing his Cero Miedo thing. Homicide and Penta traded armdrags. Penta’s kicks overpowered Homicide. Josh Mathews went into a plug for Top Gun. Pentagon hit Homicide with his signature bare chest slap. Homicide rallied against Pentagon with a series of lariats. Homicide then went into joint manipulation with some biting on the digits of Pentagon. Pentagon caught Homicide and hit him with a lungblower. Pentagon gave Homicide a thrust kick from the apron. He also kicked Homicide in the hamstring.

Pentagon did the Cero Miedo sign which allowed Homicide to catch Penta with a cannonball, sending him into the barricade and crowd. Fenix and Hernandez were arguing at ringside. Homicide flipped the bird to the fans. It was censored (I thought this was Impact “After Dark”. Lucha Underground “in primetime” dropped more than three F bombs uncensored the previous night). Homicide hit Pentagon with a T Bone suplex for a nearfall. Homicide caught Pentagon with a tornado DDT for a two count. Mathews said you forget Homicide is a great wrestler since you see him in so many brawls.

Pentagon hit Homicide with the tree of woe stomp. The crowd did the Cero Miedo national anthem. Pentagon hit Homicide with a series of low kicks. Homicide almost hit Homicide with a Gringo Killer but Pentagon countered with a rollup for the win.

Pentagon Jr. defeated Homicide via pinfall in 5:52.

Hernandez entered the ring for a post-match attack. Hernandez lifted Fenix for the border toss but Pentagon saved him and they hit a double super kick on Hernandez. Kingston ran in and hit Pentagon with his slap jack. Homicide hit Fenix with a cutter. The OGz tenderized the Lucha Brothers with the slap jack to leave them lying. The OGz stood tall over Penta and Fenix with their music playing. Mathews said that Eddie Kingston found a way to get to Konnan by attacking Penta and Fenix…

A random mushroom cloud was shown leading into a Killer Kross promo. Kross brought up the United States inventing a doomsday clock in 1947. Kross said many think it was cold war propaganda made to invoke fear while others think that the threat was very very real. Kross said he sees things differently. Kross said he saw it as a universal premonition that the final hour is approaching and Kross will bring it forth. Images of the end of the world flashed on the screen leading into the title card for “Final Hour”…

John’s Thoughts: Yep. Kross is about to destroy the world. More on that in a bit, but I like the stuff they’re doing with him. A good match between Penta and Homicide and the OGz are really good at taking losses yet coming out with the heat in the end. They do need to pick up a credible win soon though. I still think Pentagon and Fenix are underutilized and will continued to be utilized by the end of this feud but I can see Eddie Kingston being elevated and Kingston is at the upper echelon of talkers in Impact so adding heat and credibility to him is great.

Back to Kross, I’ve been high on this unknown guy for years and it’s great to see him flourish as a singles wrestler. He’s unique, violent, and devastating. They’re not doing any weird cinematic stuff. They’re allowing him to talk and invoke fear and violent imagery in your mind. The graphics of doomsday and destruction add to his evil aura. If you watch Lucha Underground, you’ll be even more impressed when you see him (kayfabe) rip apart the jaws of Sammy Guevara and Joey Ryan. Kross has the potential to be a top ten wrestler in the business and it’s up to some company to get behind him. As for the show, if was good and it took more of an NXT straightforward approach with vignettes, interviews, sit-downs, and good wrestling. There was about two minutes of Allie, but just forget about that. I’m not confident this no-nonsense would stick but I’m hoping they prove me wrong. Jason Powell ‘s Members’ Exclusive Audio Review is already available, and he’ll be by shortly with his Impact Wrestling Hit List.

Check below for the latest Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell and guest John Canton.

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