Anish Vishwakoti’s interview with Sammy Guevara of Lucha Underground

By Anish Vishwakoti, Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

At the Season 4 tapings of Lucha Underground in Los Angeles, I had the chance to interview some of the company’s most talented athletes, both new and old. Joining me this week is one of the new talent that has signed with Lucha Underground for Season 4, Sammy Guevara. Last week he burst onto the scene in a thrilling match with Jake Strong, and this week he bursts on the scene here at We talk about what made him want to be a wrestler, his journey that he has been documenting on Youtube, and if he ever had interest in doing anything else. We also go into who Sammy thinks you should look out for in LU, as well as his championship aspirations and where he believes Lucha Underground is going.

Anish: Alright ladies and gentlemen, Anish back here at the Lucha Underground tapings and with me I have a new star here in Lucha Underground’s Mr. Sammy Guevara.

Sammy Guevara: What’s going on, man? That’s right, Sammy Guevara the best ever, this interview just got great, man! How’re you doing?

Anish: Alright, he’s telling it like it is. Now Sammy, you’re new here to Lucha Underground, at least for this season, so what is that first drew you to coming here?

Sammy Guevara: Oh, man, I mean Lucha Underground in general it’s just got a lot of eyes on it, and like I said in a lot of my videos on Youtube where I show you my journey…

Anish: You wanna plug that channel?

Sammy Guevara: Yeah exactly, it’s just Sammy Guevara on Youtube, basically on there I tell people that I’m trying to go where the eyes are so the world can see what I already know, that I’m the best. And a lot more people in the wrestling world are starting to wake up and see me and I think with Underground, a lot more people are gonna see that.

Anish: Okay, and how did Lucha Libre specifically influence you while growing up? Or did it?

Sammy Guevara: Oh, it definitely did, man. Of course Rey Mysterio, I feel like he was such an influence on so many guys. Growing up I wasn’t the biggest of guys and watching him become world champion and stuff like that, it kind of gave me more confidence. He did it despite his size, so why can’t I?

Anish: Yeah, so you’re coming into the temple as Rey Mysterio is leaving, so people can catch him on Seasons 1 and 2, but you’re not going to be able to see Sammy Guevara versus Rey Mysterio anytime soon. What are some dream matchups for you? Who do you want to come to Lucha Underground or come back to Lucha Underground?

Sammy Guevara: Oh, man, I don’t know, we’ve got so many guys that are still here.

Anish: That’s true.

Sammy Guevara: Me and (Johnny) Mundo we can mix it up, me and Drago; I’ve worked him at Impact before so I would like a rematch there. But also I want some championship gold so…

Anish: Oh, okay, so whoever’s got gold, that’s what you want.

Sammy Guevara: Yeah.

Anish: Okay, so some people maybe aren’t that familiar with Lucha Underground. What is it about The Temple and the fans here that make it so special?

Sammy Guevara: Oh, man, the way I could describe it, I would call it like a much better produced ECW.

Anish: Oh, okay, yeah.

Sammy Guevara: I don’t know, man, it’s different from your normal wrestling show.

Anish: Yeah, it’s not like anything else you’re seeing.

Sammy Guevara: That’s right, if all you see is WWE, it’s like not doing it justice. Just definitely give one episode a watch and you’re gonna be hooked.

Anish: Okay, so in this season, without spoiling anything, have you had any real special moments in the temple?

Sammy Guevara: Oh, yeah, umm I don’t know what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed to say so there’s only one way to find out, and that’s watch the show!

Anish: Okay, so what is it about competing in The Temple that you can take to other promotions, that’s made you better, or think about wrestling in a different way?

Sammy Guevara: I guess, you know, what brought me here got me here. So I guess I can take away that no matter what crowd I know how to get ‘em off their feet.

Anish: Okay, so just for our sports fans here, what’s your favorite sports team? From any sport?

Sammy Guevara: Oh, okay, I’m from Houston so I’m just gonna go Astros, right there.

Anish: Anything else in any other sport?

Sammy Guevara: Let’s see, let’s see, we got the Dallas Cowboys, but I’m not a huge…

Anish: Football fan?

Sammy Guevara: Or Sports fan in general.

Anish: So wrestling is what…

Sammy Guevara: Literally! I’m not like some other guys ya know? I didn’t want to be a Football player growing up, I didn’t wanna be a bodybuilder, I didn’t wanna be a model or an actor. I wanted to be a Professional Wrestler, I wanted to be a Luchador ya know? Since I was eleven I’ve been chasing that dream and here we are.

Anish: And now you’re here in Lucha Underground. So, this is a new Temple right; we call it the Ice Temple.

Sammy Guevara: Yes, yes.

Anish: So what is it about having such a confined space, like sort of a gritty different feel, that’s different from all the wrestling promotions out there?

Sammy Guevara: Well like you just said, the gritty feel. We’re all packed in there, so it’s got this bigger feel to it, plus everybody’s on their feet. It’s just a great environment really just to be in.

Anish: And just for some people who maybe do not know, you were brought into Lucha Underground by Famous B right?

Sammy Guevara: That’s right!

Anish: So what are the characters, who are the people that people should look out for when they’re watching Lucha Underground?

Sammy Guevara: Well, let’s see. I’m just gonna say Sammy Guevara, that’s who you gotta look out for, who you’ve gotta watch. If you’re watching an episode that I’m on, that’s an episode worth watching! Know what I’m saying?

Anish: Definitely, I’ve been to the tapings where Sammy Guevara’s wrestling, and it was pretty damn amazing.

Sammy Guevara: That’s right, that’s right.

Anish: I think that was the time you were debuting in Lucha Underground, and maybe people didn’t know who you were when you came in, but by the time you left everyone was chanting “Sammy! Sammy! Sammy!”

Sammy Guevara: That’s right, you know that’s when I go to a lot of places. When I come out it’s maybe there’s not a huge reaction for me. I know I’m gonna turn everyone around, ‘cause I know how good I am in that ring. I’m not trying to sound cocky or anything, but I feel like that’s what you gotta do.

Anish: Yeah, that’s true, I feel like that’s what it is at Lucha Underground. People come in not knowing what to expect, and then they get hooked. That’s why people binge watch it on Netflix, that’s what happens.

Sammy Guevara: Mmmhmm.

Anish: So in a few hours, you’re going to be in that ring. Where do you see Lucha Underground in a few years? Maybe ten years from now?

Sammy Guevara: In a few years? It just keeps growing man, I mean you just see how many eyes have gone from Season 1, all the way to where we are at Season 4. So, it can only go up from here, and now they’ve got Sammy Guevara, it’s gonna go even higher!

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