6/14 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage for the X Division Championship, Red X attacker revealed, Moose vs. Eli Drake at House of Hardcore for an Impact World Championship title shot, Tessa Blanchard vs. Kiera Hogan in a no-DQ match

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped April 2018 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

Moose was shown walking in an arena in “Philadelphia”. Josh Mathews said Eli Drake vs. Moose for the Slammiversary title shot was happening in Philadelphia (I’m guessing from some random independent promotion). The intro teaser aired which hyped up the advertised matches for this episode. Josh Mathews said that Eli Drake vs. Moose and Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage was a double main event where “everything was on the line”. The Impact intro theme aired…

Grado made his entrance for his upcoming match. The guy who loves doing the Moose dance really loved dancing to Grado’s theme. A picture-in-picture happened that showed clips from last week’s main event “in the woods” with Eddie Edwards using a piece of wood to try to murder Sami Callihan. Eddie Edwards pulled Grado off the top rope and hit him in the back with his kendo stick. Edwards threatened Katarina by putting his stick against her throat and telling her to “get your ass out of this ring”.

John’s Thoughts: So, Eddie Edwards not only hit his wife in the face with a kendo stick, he threatened to hospitalize two innocent women in Ohio one time and now he threatened to beat up Katarina with his kendo stick. Only in Impact Wrestling, I guess.

Eddie Edwards grabbed a microphone and acted “crazy” walking around in the ring. Edwards talked about how everyone saw that he had Sami Callihan beaten and bloody (I’m guessing the Impact Zone has no idea what he’s talking about). Edwards said he was finally about to “kill Sami Callihan and end him once and for all”. Eddie Edwards ranted about how Tommy Dreamer ruined it and how everyone loves him. Edwards threatened to “expose” Tommy Dreamer and for Dreamer to “get your fat ass out here”. Tommy Dreamer casually walked to the ring with his entrance music.

Dreamer told Edwards to calm down and they have a show to do. Eddie threatened to hold the show hostage. Eddie said that Dreamer ruined it. Dreamer said he stopped Eddie from doing the biggest mistake of his life. Eddie said he didn’t just want to beat Sami, he wanted to kill him and Dreamer knows what that is like. Dreamer said he also knows how it feels to see his friends who can’t wrestle any more after the age of 50. Dreamer said he knows what brain damage does from chair shots. Dreamer said this is a different time and era. Eddie asked Dreamer if Dreamer would change anything. Dreamer said they didn’t know about head issues back in the day (CTE). Dreamer said he has friends who can’t wrestle anymore. Dreamer said he once obsessed over a man and he almost lost everything.

Eddie said Dreamer didn’t and it made him the man he is today. Eddie started to cry and ask Dreamer why he won’t allow him to kill Callihan. Dreamer said Eddie has all the talent in the world to be Impact World Champion but he’s obsessing over ending a man. Eddie said he was going to “kill him” so he and Alicia would ride into the sunset. Eddie said he hasn’t talked to his wife in a week because she won’t return his calls. Dreamer said he knows Alicia hasn’t talked to him in a week. Eddie asked Dreamer how he knows that? Eddie tried to smother Dreamer in the corner but Dreamer shoved him to the ground. Dreamer went to help Eddie but Eddie whacked him in the head with the kendo stick. About half of the ten regular Impact fans chanted “why? Eddie? Why?”. Eddie Edwards walked up the ramp feeling guilty saying “I didn’t do it. He made me do it”… [C]

John’s Thoughts: This feud isn’t good, and it wasn’t even funny this week due to them trying to take this seriously. Why was Dreamer bringing up CTE suddenly? Is the story now that Edwards got brain damage from the bat shot which turned him into the world’s worst murderer? I don’t want to make the Chris Benoit allusion, but what are they going for here? Also, Don Callis gets beat up one time and it’s the end of the world. The Red X guy does backstage attacks and they call in detectives and the local police. Edwards is telling the world that he wants to beat up women and catch a man’s murder on tape, yet nobody cares to call the police on this one. Only in TNA? That statement isn’t a joke, it’s a qualifier trying to rationalize some of the dumbass shit this company has done for years. Can we at least call Matt Conway out of retirement or something? At least when Dave Lagana left, Conway did a good job those first three months of 2017 with things like the Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards feud.

Tommy Dreamer and Scott D’Amore were arguing backstage. Dreamer said this it was “f—ing bullshit” how Impact allowed a non-contracted talent to take a god damn cane shot to the head. D’Amore said “we got a plan”. Dreamer asked D’Amore to keep his boy in check. Dreamer said he busted his ass for this place and that’s how he gets treated. Dreamer accused D’Amore for kissing his ass. D’Amore said he wasn’t kissing Dreamer’s ass. Dreamer and D’Amore talked about how they are friends. D’Amore said he’s going to talk to Eddie. Dreamer said he’s done. D’Amore said “but we have a show to do”. Dreamer walked away saying that this was bull shit.

John’s Thoughts: Was that a reenactment of a TNA contract negotiation? Is D’Amore playing the role of Dixie Carter? I’m kidding, folks.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from their green screen commentary room. Josh Mathews asked Don Callis for his favorite in the Eli Drake vs. Moose match. Callis said he likes Moose due to him being athletic. Josh asked for Callis’ thoughts on the Kiera Hogan vs. Tessa Blanchard matchup. Callis said Kiera was a great young wrestler but Tessa is a thrashing machine and buzzsaw. Josh asked Callis for his thoughts on Sydal vs. Cage. Callis said he loved Sydal’s Shooting Star Press. Callis said they call Cage the “Swoleverine” for a reason. Don Callis said he’s predicting 100% that Cage is becoming the new X Division Champion and that Cage will redefine a division…

For some reason, Rebel made her return to the Impact Zone. God help us. Josh Mathews talked about how Rebel was a part of the team called “The Menagerie” (which also included Mike Knox, Rob Terry, and Crazzy Steve). Josh Mathews said they lost their Circus and needed money so they became pro wrestlers. Also returning after disappearing for a while, Taya Valkyrie made her entrance…

1. Rebel vs. Taya Valkyrie. Rebel and Taya had a clunky wristlock exchange. Rebel went for a few unique pin attempts. Taya ended Rebel’s pin rally with a standing double stomp. The camera cut away to Su Yung randomly posing and holding her title belt and kendo stick. Josh Mathews said that Su Yung looked like she was in the rafters. Taya easily dominated Rebel for a sequence. Don Callis taught Josh Mathews how to pronounce the city of “Mississauga”. Rebel hit a slow sunset flip on Taya. Taya smothered Rebel in the corner. Rebel managed to get a few forearms on Taya. Rebel randomly did a leg split for some reason and then hit a running knee on Taya. Rebel did some cheers and did the splits on Taya. Rebel went to the top rope and attempted a moonsault. She landed on her feet (thank God). Taya hit the spear and Road to Valhalla on Rebel for the win.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Rebel via pinfall in 5:40.

Josh Mathews talked about how Rebel was on a roll but decided to celebrate too much during the match. Taya kicked Rebel to the floor outside. Taya then grabbed a mic. Taya said she would like the crowd to give Madison Rayne a round of applause for being in the Impact Zone. The ten regular fans gave Madison a golf clap. Taya said things are different now because this is Taya’s kingdom. Taya said next week she is going to show Madison why she’s not only Lucha Royalty, but also Knockouts Royalty (are they going to feed Taya to Rayne?)… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’ll give Rebel a little credit. She seems to be trying very hard to become a wrestler, but after all these years she’s still really green in the ring. Taya tried to carry Rebel, but you could only do so much with her. With all the talent in the Knockouts, NXT, Women of Honor, Stardom, Rise, and more companies, I feel like Rebel gets outclassed when you compare her side-by-side with some of the women in all those rosters. Maybe she needs more time in wrestling school. Anyway, it’s good to see Taya back but odd that they cooled her off after her huge initial push. Mixed bag with the promo. She’s good at speaking but I think she should come off and more mystic and authoritative. She comes off as a bit bratty (which is closer to her Lucha Underground character).

It was time for the Global Wrestling Network flashback match of the week. This was AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels. I think this was that match back in the day that Dave Meltzer gave five stars to. It was a good match. I watched it a few times before. I don’t have to watch it today so I fast forwarded through three minutes since the match was in progress. AJ Styles won the match to become the new TNA X Division Champion…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Matt Sydal about facing Brian Cage. Sydal said Cage is a big guy. Sydal said “The F’n Machine” is a giant. Sydal said all the strength is just a facade. Sydal said he wanted to show Cage “the true strength”. Sydal talked about how he’s on the right path and how that causes the universe to conspire in your favor. Namaste. Mitchell wished Sydal luck. They cut to Tessa Blanchard walking backstage where she shoved a cup of water in the face of a random guy backstage… [C]

Back to Impact, Sami Callihan and the Crist Brothers cut a hand cam promo. Thank God Jake Crist is alive! Dave Crist looked fine too. Sami Callihan had a messed-up eye. Sami Callihan talked about how Eddie Edwards is losing his mind, his wife, and is about to lose everything. Dave and Jake Crist kept saying the word “Everything”. Sami said he was sending his best friend Jake Crist after “El He-ho De Fantasmo” because they take people out. He said they do things for Ohio, by Ohio, and they are taking over everything…

2. “Cult of Lee” Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley vs. KM and Fallah Bahh. The crowd did “Bahh” chants. Lee tried to shove Bahh to no avail. Konley also failed at moving Bahh. Lee and Konley were shoved around like a couple of enhancement wrestlers. KM helped Bahh by hitting both Lee and Konley with a lariat. Lee and Konley fell in each other’s arms only to be sandwiched between a running KM and Bahh. KM and Bahh then took turns doing Bahh’s signature steamroller move. Konley escaped a Samoan Drop by raking the eyes of Bahh. Bahh was blinded and accidently gave KM a Samoan Drop. Konley took advantage of this by getting Fallah Bahh away and pinning KM.

Cult of Lee defeated Fallah Bahh and KM via pinfall in 3:23.

KM was pissed off after the match. Bahh had a look of guilt on his face. KM snapped and shoved Bahh to the ground after Bahh tried to help him up. KM yelled “you’re always going to be a god damned loser”…

John’s Thoughts: A fun undercard match. Fallah Bahh is the one guy who can get a cheer out of more of the Impact Zone than your usual wrestler. KM’s a good character guy who deserves to be higher on the card. I was a bit disappointed by the end because it seemed like they’re rushing to the payoff of this KM and Bahh storyline when I think they can milk a few more weeks of this fun undercard tag team. As for Lee and Konley, they’re Impact enhancement wrestlers. Even when they win the story isn’t about them.

A video package aired that recapped last week’s Fact of Life segment where Drake called Moose the number one dummy and then left him lying under the Fact of Life podium… [C]

It was time for the weekly LAX Clubhouse cinematic. Everyone, other than Diamante, was all smiles due to LAX being back to winning. Kingston said he got them something better next week, a tag title shot. King then poured shots of Patron for everyone. King wanted a toast but Diamante was still reluctant to buy into King’s BS. Diamante decided to play along. Santana, Ortiz, and King all choked a bit while chugging their tequila. Diamante then called everyone “lightweights” and drank her shot like a badass. Santana, Ortiz, and Diamante left the club house. Suddenly the music change and the tone of the scene changed. King calmly sat in Konnan’s chair and put his feet on the table. King said, “the world is mine”…

John’s Thoughts: Another great cinematic from LAX. Diamante has only been back for two weeks and through her reactions and subtle body language, Impact has done an amazing job adding layers to her character. As I mentioned before, this probably isn’t Impact creative and more so Konnan having creative freedom to exist in a pocket universe. Anyway, they are making it obvious that King is the bad guy somehow behind Konnan’s disappearance. That’s not a bad thing though. The shot of Kingston sitting down pleased at himself being the new Jefe was brilliant and there was a nice touch of putting his head in the middle of the Boxer Julio Caesar Chavez. It reminded me of that scene from Luke Cage where Cottonmouth stood in front of the Biggie Smalls portrait and proud that he was king.

Ugh… Time for some random indie footage….

3. Moose vs. Eli Drake at the House of Hardcore promotion for World Title Shot at Slammiversary. Josh Mathews talked about how Kingston sat in Konnan’s seat and how the power was going to his head. Don Callis said he was more interested in the stripper “Peaches” and wondered what she had on “lock down” according to LAX. Drake and Moose brawled to ringside. Moose whipped Drake around the ringside. Moose did his Moose dance which allowed Drake to get away. Moose regained control and then swung Drake into the ringside barricade. ROUGH CUT!!!

John’s Thoughts: They billed this as a main event and they’re already doing rough cuts of it. Really.

Drake gave Moose a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. Drake hit a few shoulder blocks on Moose in the ring. Moose turned the tables and laid in rapid fire chops on Drake’s chest. Drake came back with a pop-up power slam on Moose. Drake did his catchphrase and hit an elbow drop. ROUGH CUT!!! Drake punched Moose and Moose no-sold it with his Moose dance. Moose gave Drake the double middle fingers. Moose dodged Drake’s BFT. Moose hit a running and hesitation dropkick on Drake in the corner. Moose managed to catch Drake and hit him with the Go To Hell (Sky High) which led to a nearfall. Moose went for the Game changer, but he never hits anyone with that move because it requires he turn his back.

Moose blocked the Gravy Train. Drake hit a Uranage on Moose for a solid nearfall. Drake and Moose traded chops and punches. Moose hit a series of chops on Drake. Drake recovered and hit Moose with the BFT. Moose came back with a desperation lariat to leave both men lying. Drake missed wildly with a lionsault. Drake hit Moose with an Argentine TKO. Eli Drake hit Moose with a superplex for a nearfall. Moose blocked the Gravy Train. Drake blocked the Game Changer. Moose had a rollup attempt. Moose hit the spear on Drake for the win.

Moose defeated Eli Drake via pinfall in 8:45 after edits to become number one contender to the Impact World Championship.

Moose and some of the Philadelphia crowd did the Moose dance heading into the commercial… [C]

John’s Thoughts: The match was fine, but nothing near main event level. I am liking some of the work Eli Drake is doing in the ring. Ever since that really good match against Alberto El Patron last year, Drake has started to show that he is really good between the ropes in addition to on the microphone. Moose hasn’t stood out ever since that short-lived feud with Cody [Rhodes]. I would have been more excited for Drake vs Austin Aries at Slammiversary. Moose is too damaged to come off as a main eventer.

Tessa Blanchard made her entrance first. Kiera Hogan followed with a serious look on her face. Josh Mathews talked about how Kiera was Tessa’s “sacrificial lamb”…

4. Tessa Blanchard vs. Kiera Hogan in a No-DQ match. Kiera pulled Blanchard outside and gave her a series of forearms and slammed her several times on the mat. Kiera took the beatdown to Blanchard in the middle of the ring with rapid fire boots. Kiera hit Blanchard with a hip attack. Josh Mathews noted that Kiera was using her “assets”. Callis responded with a “I see what you did there”. Kiera caught Blanchard with a baseball slide and seated senton into a huracanrana. Tessa caught Kiera with a flapjack on the steel ramp to turn the tide in her favor.

Tessa hit Kiera with a basement lariat and dropkick. Tessa hit Kiera with a series of shortarm lariats followed by a Saito Suplex. Tessa locked Kiera in a body stretch into a Pumphandle Slam which Kiera reversed into a crossbody. Tessa fought out of the corner and put Kiera in position for a series of punches on the second rope. Tessa grabbed a chair because this was No-DQ. Kiera prevented Tessa from hitting her signature flatliner. Tessa rolled into the Hammerlock DDT finisher but Kiera Hogan kicked out. Tessa blamed the referee for a slow count. Tessa stomped a mudhole into Kiera in the corner. The referee pulled Tessa aside, even though this was a no-dq match. Everyone pointed that out to the ref. Tessa shoved the ref down and dared the ref to DQ her.

Kiera threw a chair at Tessa. Josh Mathews wondered if the referee was giving Kiera an unfair advantage. Don Callis said the referee was being incompetent. Kiera dominated Tessa with a series of strikes. Kiera paced around the ring which allowed Tessa to grab the chair. Kiera stomped on the chair and yelled “you’re the bitch” at Tessa. Kiera hit a double handed bulldog on Tessa for a good nearfall. Tessa countered Kiera into a Full Nelson Flatliner on top of the set-up chair to pick up the win.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Kiera Hogan via pinfall in 8:05.

Josh Mathews talked about how powerful that move into the chair was. El Hijo Del Fantasma was shown getting ready around the interview set… [C]

John’s Thoughts: A really good physical brawl between the two women. I continue to praise Impact for doing a good job in building up Kiera Hogan as the plucky babyface. Tessa gave up a lot of offense here to Kiera but if done right the commentators and video packages can spin that story into talking about Kiera’s growth as a wrestler. The only part of this match was the weird referee stuff. Where the hell did that random stuff come from? At points during this episode, I feel like I’m watching Total Nonstop Action.

A Red X video package aired showing the back of someone’s head. The guy had a buzz cut. Clips from the attacks and Sonjay Dutt’s meeting were shown. Petey Williams was presented as the prime suspect. Don Callis talked about how the police and detectives are involved. Antlers were superimposed on the mystery person who may and most likely will not be Petey…

Josh Mathews said the smoking gun was in the hand of Petey Williams when he was standing over Sonjay Dutt. Callis said he never cared about Petey Williams but it was not time to jump to conclusions. Don Callis said we are talking about criminal activity (Wait? Death threats, assault threats, and murder attempts are not criminal activity but pro wrestling sneak attacks are?). Don Callis said to let the law enforcement do their jobs. Don Callis said there is no pattern with the attacks because one week they get someone people like in Joseph Park and then Jimmy Jacobs the next. Callis said a few of the boys did like the Sonjay Dutt attack. Callis said this is frightening. Josh Mathews said they have to look past that and then he advertised Austin Aries vs. Moose at Slammiversary. Don Callis said this is a different Moose than we seen before. Callis talked about how he remembered Moose when he started training with Scott D’Amore…

OVE’s Jake and Dave Crist made their way to the ring with Jake selling the Eddie Edwards tree branch choke. Fantasma came out wearing his AAA Latin American Championship… [C]

4. Jake Crist (w/Dave Crist) vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma. Jake Crist started off the match with a running boot. Jake kept attacking Fantasma while yelling “everything”. Jake hit Fantasma with a suplex. Jake locked in a Dragon Sleeper while yelling “everything”. Jake dominated Fantasma all around the ring. Fantasma flipped out of the corner and hit Jake with a series of Tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Jake used his educated feet to high kick Fantasma after Dave distracted him. After Jake dominated Fantasma for a bit while yelling “everything”, Fantasma did a body scissors rollup and picked up the quick win.

El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Jake Crist via pinfall in 3:23.

Dave Crist blindsided Fantasma and tossed him back in the ring. Fantasma managed to dominate both OVE guys with kicks. Sami Callihan ran in to prevent Fantasma from hitting the Thrill of the Hunt by hitting him with the bat. Sami Callihan threatened to take off Fantasma’s mask. The lights turned off and Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Jr. made his entrance. Pentagon and Sami Callihan had a faceoff doing their hand signs at each other. Sami Callihan retreated with OVE to ringside while Pentagon stood tall in the ring with Fantasma… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Okay. That was disappointing. Jake Crist is an innovative wrestler and Impact viewers are used to Fantasma having good and long singles matches. Are they also giving up on Pentagon Jr. as a main eventer? Doesn’t he deserve a rematch after Austin Aries kicked him in the nuts? I hate to compare apples to apples, but this is on back-to-back days. Lucha Underground dedicated a thirty plus minute match in their season opener to establish Pentagon as a strong world champion while Impact failed to do anything with Pentagon for several months. They also found a way last night to do a better job with Fantasma, Tommy Dreamer, Fenix, and Jessie Godderz too.

Brian Cage made his entrance for his X Division Title shot. Matt Sydal came out wearing his spirit animal mask…

5. Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage for the Impact X Division Championship. Sydal kept pointing at his “third eye” at the beginning of the match. Sydal then made sure to keep his distance from Cage using his agility. Sydal kept against the ropes to maintain a rope break. Sydal tried to jokingly start a “Namaste” chant and three of the ten regular fans obliged. Five of the ten regular fans tried to do Cage’s Terminator clap. The rest of the Impact Zone was silent because it’s the damn Impact Zone.

Cage no sold a few of Sydal’s moves. Sydal managed to get Cage lying on his back after hitting him with a Rolling Sobat. Sydal hit a standing moonsault on Cage. Cage lifted Sydal while he was prone and did bicep curls with the body of Sydal. Cage hit a series of lariats on Sydal. Suddenly, Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs made their entrance for some reason. Sydal took advantage of Cage being distracted by hitting him with a knee and running basement bicycle kick. Sydal locked in a leg triangle on the neck of Cage. Sydal took down Cage with roundhouse kicks and axe kicks.

Cage caught a standing axe kick and did an overhead suplex on him. Cage hit Sydal with his signature deadlift suplex. Sydal escaped a F5 and discus lariat. Cage used his core strength to block a huracanrana and hit Sydal with a buckle bomb. Sydal rolled outside. Cage and Kong had a staredown. Cage press slammed Sydal in the ring. Kong attacked Cage and threw him in the steps. The referee counted to ten to give Sydal the countout win.

Matt Sydal defeated Brian Cage via countout in 6:03 to retain the Impact X Division Championship. 

Cage didn’t know what to make of this while Matt Sydal celebrated being the first person to defeat Cage…

John’s Thoughts: Welcome to TNA, Cage? I’m not mad at the loss. I’m just disappointed that they did nothing with Cage’s win streak. Not only that, but they failed to put heat on anybody. Even the ten fans in the front row didn’t know how to react and they usually try their best to have a little fun. The worst part of this and a lot of this show is classic TNA overbooking all over the place. Maybe that’s why they showed the Styles, Joe, and Daniels match. Is this TNA week because WWE even aired a TNA episode of Something Else to Wrestle With on their network?

After the match Josh Mathews closed out the show. The camera cut to the Red X attacker graphic and to the latest Red X assault. Fallah Bahh was laid out and Petey Williams was standing over him with a red x in his hand. Sonjay Dutt walked in and caught Petey red handed. Petey tried to plead his case about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Suddenly a random police officer walked in and arrested Petey with handcuffs. Petey cried for help and yelled that Sonjay knows his wife and kids and that he would never do something like this. The Officer pulled Petey Williams aside about 20 feet.

The officer was extra aggressive which Petey noticed. Suddenly the Officer took off his hat and uniform to reveal that he is Lucha Underground Dark Match wrestler Kevin Kross (he also wrestled for Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force). Kross now has a goatee. Kross said Peter Williams was under arrest for the crimes he should have committed. Kross laid out Williams with a nightstick and choked him with the stick. Kross turned to the camera man and told him that someone better call the police. Kross left his calling card on Williams and slowly walked away.

John’s Thoughts: Haha, Called it! Go back to my redemption hit list where I thought Kross was Konnan’s attacker and subsequent reviews where I speculated either Kevin Kross or Jeff Cobb being the Red X guy. A lot of people haven’t seen Kevin Kross unless you either go to the Lucha Underground Temple or watch GFW Amped. He never appeared on LU TV and for some reason they relegated him to dark matches. I’ve seen a lot of his dark matches and he’s impressed me a lot with a violent and aggressive style. This is a good signing and I hope they don’t screw this up. The reason I have guarded optimism is how poorly they’ve utilized most of the Lucha Underground roster including Cage on this episode. At least they are using Callihan better than LU.

This was a strange episode to review. On one hand, I felt like some of the in ring was solid. Throughout the show though, there were a lot of illogical segments that reminded me of watching an old episode of Total Nonstop Action Impact. If that’s not a deterrent against the Global Wrestling Network, then I don’t know what to tell you. I’m kidding. Anyway, it’s episodes like this that make me feeling like this company is hopeless. There was one glimmer of hope, that one year 2016 where Impact was the best wrestling show on television. Then Dixie Carter’s final disservice to this planet was taking that glimmer of hope away and cursing this company to oblivion. Well, it’s not that bad. At least Anthem have been smarter business people somewhat. I’ll stay away from Del Rio Jokes now. Maybe my perception is just wrong after seeing most of this roster used in a better light the night before. They’re being used pretty well in MLW too. Jason Powell may have liked this show or maybe we get one of those NSFW audio reviews, but I didn’t think it was that bad. At least we didn’t get ref bumps. Jason Powell will be by later today with a Hit List and member’s exclusive audio review.

The Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell features Kenny Herzog discussing his journalism career, his new Outside Interference podcast, doing a feature story on CM Punk, pro wrestling in the pandemic, WWE talk on Retribution, The Hurt Business, Roman Reigns as a heel, and much more...

Readers Comments (10)

  1. >>… yet nobody cares to call the police on this one>

    SOrta like all the times no one called the police when WWE did SKITS in which wrestlers committed attempted murder? You REALLY need to get someone else to review Impact. Week after week of the little (and big) digs has grown old.

    • But this isn’t WWE. This is Impact Wrestling. If this were WWE, I’d be just as disappointed.

      My question is and they had Don Callis point this out in the subsequent segment. Why call the police and detectives for regular backstage beatdowns while the guy who wants to be a televised serial murder is free to request Impact cameras to film his murdering (especially after they spent an episode saying that Impact doesn’t want anything to do with this feud). Their logic shifts segment to segment.

      • I don’t know maybe because non wrestler’s like production crew members were being attacked?

        • And they never said they wouldn’t show the matches they said they had to have their matches elsewhere and they wouldn’t sanction the matches.

          • But Eddie was attacking production people on-air during the pull aparts. He also attacked civilians in the cinematics where he wasn’t at the Impact Zone. The logic isn’t worth arguing over, but the huge flaw in this feud is that to many logic gaps arise that don’t remain consistent in the same universe. A part of what makes Lucha Underground good with their cinematic universe is they make sure to make all of their rules remain consistent segment-to-segment. In Impact right now (this wasn’t the problem in 2016) their rules and logic change segment-to-segment.

          • Eddie attacked security at house of hardcore, that’s different from a kayfabe unknown attacker attacking any and everybody randomly. But anyway I am enjoying the show and i’m not going to criticise ”different”.

  2. Cage is still unpinned , the same thing was done with EC3’s streak.

    • That’s probably going to be the approach they’re going to take. It does work better for heels like EC3 since it makes it look like they are trying to take credit for a technicality.

      I’m okay with the streak being broken. I just dislike them putting in some effort to build it up only to have it not translate to anything. It didn’t put heat on Kong, because Kong is cold as a character. It doesn’t put heat on Sydal because he had nothing to do with the finish.

      • The heat will come when somebody actually pins Cage. I appreciate the different twists they add to their booking it’s refreshing. Why people want paint by the numbers booking and not want something a little different is beyond me.

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