Alberto El Patron claims a family situation caused him to no-show the Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Alberto El Patron offered his explanation for no-showing the Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event in New Orleans during an interview with Steve Muehlhausen of Sporting News. “I had a family situation that I needed to attend (to),” El Patron said. “As you know, my family, my kids are my priority. The situation was involving them and that’s why I decided to take care of business and take care of my family situation. And that’s all that happened. And that comes to what I was just saying to you. I know people wanted to know absolutely everything. This only concerns my family: my parents, my sister, myself and my kids. And that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

El Patron was asked how he is doing after everything that happened last weekend. “I’m fine. Of course, it’s difficult because it’s never good to go that way. Our relationship wasn’t pretty good or completely good. And this was just something that ended up breaking it. I’m fine, I guess. I’m going to do what I was planning on doing, as everybody knows I planning on leaving the pro wrestling business in the next year. I have said it several times over and over. And it’s because of some of these things where everybody thinks they can get their nose into your business. Is it right to know absolutely everything about you? It’s not. I’m just going to continue to do that and doing my stuff here, in Mexico like exactly how I was doing it and sometime next year and say goodbye to the pro wrestling business.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Can’t this guy ever admit fault? He always has an excuse for his antics, and sometimes he even has multiple excuses because he can’t seem to keep his own cover stories straight. Impact learned the hard way when it comes to Alberto. It’s an addition by subtraction for the company as far as I’m concerned. If El Patron needs help then I certainly hope that he seeks it, but Impact isn’t the first company he’s burned and at the rate he’s going it probably won’t be the last.



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  1. The family he dumped for Paige?

  2. Oh, he’s leaving the biz. I see. But… wasnt he on his knees under vinces desk trying to get his job back a few weeks ago?

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