10/18 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of the Bound For Glory go-home show with Josh Alexander vs. Rhino vs. Rich Swann in a Triple Threat, Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh, Jake Crist vs. Chris Bey, Sabu vs. Rohit Raju in the final qualifier for the X Division Title match at BFG


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped September 5-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Casino

Aired October 18, 2019 on Pursuit (simulcast on Twitch TV)

Impact started off with highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling episode followed by the intro theme…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary…

1. Unbreakable Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh (w/TJ Perkins). Josh Mathews noted that Fallah Bahh has slimmed down and speaks now. Callis noted that this was a battle between two power wrestlers with a different take on power. Bahh managed to land a Body Slam on Elgin but Elgin quickly recovered and landed a boot on Bahh. Bahh no sold the stomps with a few Mutombo “No no no” wags. Bahh used his weight to block a Uranage. Elgin escaped a Samoan Drop. Bahh came back with a shoulder tackle which sent Elgin to the mat.

Bahh gave Elgin a splash in the corner. Elgin dodged Bahh’s second corner splash. Elgin struggled to do it at first, but he summoned his power to give Bahh a T-Bone Suplex. Elgin slammed Bahh’s head in the corner which Bahh no sold with “Bahh’s”. Bahh sold a right hand. Elgin and Bahh then had a Japanese strong style strike exchange. Elgin planted Bahh with a Body Slam. Elgin struggled to Suplex Bahh. Callis said he really recommends that Bahh use sitting down as a strategy to prevent suplexes.

Bahh reversed Elgin’s suplex. Elgin reversed Bahh’s Samoan Drop with a Sunset Flip. Bahh gave Elgin a standing Banzai Drop to block Elgin’s Sunset Flip. Josh wondered if Elgin should use less power and more speed because of his current matchup. Bahh showed Fighting Spirity by taking Elgin’s forearms. Bahh came back with standing double palm strikes. Bahh dodged Elgin’s enzuigiri. Elgin dodged Bahh’s running crossbody. Both men traded an Irish Whip with Bahh landing a running crossbody on Elgin for the two count.

Elgin landed an Enzuigiri and pump Kick on Bahh. Bahh blocked an initial German Suplex from Elgin. Bahh ran which allowed Elgin to use Bahh’s momentum to land a German Suplex. Elgin went for a few stiff strikes on Bahh, but Bahh’s fighting spirit kept him on his feet. Bahh went for a Body Slam but Elgin slipped off the back. Elgin landed a few kicks on Bahh. Elgin planted Bahh with a follow through lariat for a nice two count. Callis said the big question is weather Elgin can Elgin Bomb Bahh. Bahh slammed Elgin for a two count. Bahh went for a Banzai Drop but Elgin quickly recovered. Elgin used Bahh being on the top rope as assistance in order to carry Bahh over for an Elgin Bomb for the win.

Michael Elgin defeated Fallah Bahh via pinfall in 8:24.

John’s Thoughts: Not your usual fast paced spotfest opener, but I really liked the psychology of this match. This type of big man match showed you exactly how to do a power vs power match (as opposed to those boring ass Rhino vs. Elgin matches. Again, Rhino’s fault. Obviously not Elgin). Elgin’s one of the most entertaining in-ring talents in Impact and Bahh’s deceptively one of Impact’s best all arounders. Because of Elgin’s reliability (and Marufuji’s for that matter) is why I’m looking forward to Marufuji vs. Elgin as a potential show stealer. Too bad Impact has done a terrible job with most of the matches on the Bound for Glory card. It’s also a bit disappointing to see Fallah Bahh not in a meaningful position given how he’s one of Impact’s top and underutilized talents.

Elgin and TJ Perkins had a bit of a face-off with Elgin laughing Perkins off before leaving. Elgin walked to the camera man and told Marufuji indirectly “This is just a taste at what’s coming [to you]”. Instead of leaving, Elgin rushed back to the ring and tossed Perkins into the ringpost. Elgin exposed the wooden floor and DDT’d Perkins on the floor. There were a mild amount boos, but a few people going “one more time”. Elgin teased hitting Perkins with a chair and also teased showing mercy when the referees beckoned him to stop. Instead, Elgin wrapped the chair around the neck of Perkins and threw him into the ringpost. Elgin gave Perkins a Buckle and Elgin Bomb in the ring. The crowd cheered this while the commentators tried to sell this as dastardly… [c]

John’s Thought: Uhm. That would have been more impactful if Elgin carried out the attack on Bahh because people don’t really care about TJ Perkins yet, despite Perkins being the TNA Original that people don’t know was a TNA original.

Josh Mathews advertised an Impact Wrestling “Throwback Throwdown” halloween live event…

The Impact Wrestling Flashback Moment of the Week was Bobby Lashley’s debut from TNA Lockdown 2009. Jeff Jarrett was hitting people with guitars (as he usually does) while Bobby Lashley did his wooden facial expressions (the fact that Bobby Lashley became expressive and a good heel promo gives me hope that Daga will one day find some mojo)…

John’s Thoughts: Why are they showing a random clip of the guy who’s having a kayfabe affair with Lana? This is not a WWE PPV weekend?

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from ringside after Josh recapped Elgin’s attack on TJ Perkins. Josh said that at the same time this is airing, you could watch the “Prelude to Glory” wrestling show on Impact Plus and watch the “All Glory” show tomorrow. Josh then hyped upcoming segments…

Chris Bey made his entrance followed by Jake Crist. Jake Crist came out by himself and has a new intro to his entrance music. Instead of the Sami Callihan Cookie Monster bit, Jake now has the words “Golden Draw” appear on the big screen before the OVE theme…

John’s Thoughts: Jake Crist’s rise as X-Division champion has been surprisingly very very good. It’s a bit disappointing that they put that story on hold in order to treat Tessa Blanchard as a powerhouse. That has me fearing it’s as cut an dry as Tessa picking up the X Division Title (to Option C on Sami) on Sunday. I do hope they consider keeping the title on Jake because he’s been making the most of the minutes he’s been given as X Champion and he honestly has the most entertaining character development in the company.

2. Jake Crist vs. Chris Bey in a non-title match. Jake gave Bey a few kicks followed by a few face wash elbows on Bey in the corner. Jake gloated a bit which got him hit by strikes from Bey. Bey hit Jake with a Killshot Kick. Bey hit Jake with a hesitation missile dropkick. Bey hit Jake with a Tope Con Hilo (barely). [c]

Jake dominated Bey back from the break. Callis sold Jake as a Jack of all Trades in terms of ability. Bey tried to go high risk but he dove right into a superkick from Jake, giving Jake a nearfall on Bey. Josh noted that Jake has started to emerge out of the shadow of Sami Callihan after he won the X Division Title. Jake dominated Bey for a sequence with strikes and cravates. Jake locked Bey in a modified Octopus Hold. Jake continued his dominance. The commentators really talked highly of Jake’s wide base covers. Bey managed to get a bit of momentum after a dropkick. Bey hit Jake with a springboard Fameasser for a two count.

Jake caught Bey with his Savate Kick combination for a two count. Jake started to pant out of nervousness a bit after the kicked out pinfall. Bey hit Jake with a slingshot huracanrana followed by a slingshot DDT to get his own two count. Josh noted that Bey is softening up Jake before his title defense on Sunday. Jake planted Bey with a West Coast Pop for a two count. Jake staggered BEy on the top rope. Jake did Sami’s Thumbs Up Thumbs Down bit and hit Bey with a Super RKO for the victory.

Jake Crist defeated Chris Bey in 8:25 of TV Time.

John’s Thoughts: A good showcase for Jake who continues to shine in his role as X Division Champion. I’ve said it earlier, Jake’s rise from cannon fodder to champion has been a pleasant surprise in Impact to say the least. Jake’s fun ascent up the card is one of the reasons why I don’t want to see the title taken off him on Sunday because he has made the most out of what was expected to be a transitional run, keeping the belt warm for Tessa’s presumed Option C plans. Talk about future world champs coming from the X Division, I wouldn’t mind seeing Jake Crist in that spotlight.

They aired another Impact Plus Flashback Match of the Week for some reason. This one was King Cuerno (a.k.a. El Hijo Del Fantasma), Drago, and Aerostar vs. Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier, and DJ Zema Ion (a.k.a. Joaquin Wilde). This was from the Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling show…

Ace Austin and Alisha Edwards was chatting backstage. Alisha Edwards said that Ace shouldn’t be too confident in winning the X Division Championship because he’s facing four different men. Austin said he understands, but when he wins there will be a lot of parties. Austin asked Alisha Edwards to have fun with Austin at these parties. Alisha acted a bit apprehensive. Alisha said “I guess” in terms of agreeing to party with Ace if Acw wins the X Title. Alisha walked away and Austin put on his shades, acting very smug… [c]

Impact cut to a Moose and Ken Shamrock video package. Shamrock talked about living a rough childhood in the streets. He talked about how he got adoped by Bob Shamrock who put his life on track. Shamrock that his dad put him through football and wrestling. Shamrock noted that his dad told him that he’ll get everything he wants in life as long as he stays within the rules. Shamrock talked about how that made him a good husband, father, and athlete, inspiration to become better every day. Shamrock talked about how some random guy named Moose interrupted his friendly Twitter exchanges between him and Brian Cage.

They aired clips of Moose’s recent rampage aired. Moose talked about how there have been MMA guys coming after him the last few years, all wanting to be Moose. Moose talked about how Bobby Lashley, King Mo, and America’s Top Team came after him (A part of me misses lame ass Moose, but new Moose is so much better). Moose said Shamrock is just like those other guys, they want to be Moose. Shamrock said that Moose will see what a real champ looks like when he’s beat up with his legs shaking. They aired clips from Moose invading Shamrock’s gym from a few weeks ago. Moose said he’s baffled that Shamrock’s students believe Moose is afraid of Shamrock, which is why he attacked them. Moose bragged about beating the living hell out of Shamrock’s students. Shamrock said Moose only likes picking on boys because when he confronts a man, Moose trembles.

They cut to clips of various radio and television personalities talking about how their most anticipated match at Bound For Glory is Ken Shamrock vs. Moose. They showed a Moose training montage with some cool hip hop music in the background. Three of the four personalities picked Moose to win. They then showed clips of the NFL Alumni Association event from a few weeks ago. More Moose training was shown as both men stated their claims as to why they are winning the match… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Wooooow! That was damn good. Hands down. No LAX match. No hype Sami Callihan match. No Lucha Underground match. This year’s Bound for Glory is a one match show and who would have thought that that one match would be Moose vs. Ken Shamrock. After watching this great video package, they probably could have done without last week’s Stephan Bonnar segment because it didn’t add much (unless they’re booking towards Bonnar vs. Shamrock in the future which is, eh?). This feud has been well hyped, well produced, well acted, and extremely logical. No crappy undead realm crap, no crappy comedy, no cutesy cinematics. This is a feud that not only Impact needs to try to replicate more often, but shows like Raw, Smackdown, and Dynamite should aim for more of this type of presentation.

They aired another ad for that Impact Throwback show in Canada…

Impact cut to Taya Valkyrie talking to someone off screen. Taya was talking about how “this person” was with Taya since her beginnings in Lance Storm’s wrestling academy (implying that it may be Tenille Dashwood that she’s talking too). Taya then recapped her AAA, Perros Del Mal, and Lucha Underground history and how she became successful in Mexico. Taya then talked about how she became the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history. The camera then panned back to show that Taya was talking to herself in a mirror. Good segment…

3. Josh Alexander (W/All Ego Ethan Page) vs. Rich Swann (w/Willie Mack) vs. Rhino (w/Rob Van Dam). Callis picked Rhino to win tonight and on Sunday due to his history with Rhino and RVD. Swann was tossed aside so Alexander and Rhino can brawl. Alexander put the boots to Rhino. Swann hit Alexander with a huracanrana and dropkick. Alexander kicked out at two. Alexander backdropped Swann and tossed him aside. Rhino hit Alexander with a few strikes and dominated for a sequence. Alexander kicked away Rhino for distrance and then hit Rhino with a missile dropkick.

Alexander went back to stomping on Rhino while also making sure to keep Swann in check at points. Callis said the key to wrestling Rhino is to stay close to him to prevent the Gore from happening. Swann got back into the action by using a roundhouse to stagger Alexander. Alexander and Swann ot to the top rope. Rhino got under them to hit both of them with a Tower of Doom. Rhino ran through Alexander a few times. Alexander came back with a boot and rolling elbow. Swann hit Alexander with a Frankensteiner after staggering him with a kick. Ethan Page jawed with Swann from the apron to distract him. Mack pulled Page off the apron to jaw with him.

Josh Alexander backdropped Rich Swann over the rope and onto Page and Mack. Rhino hit Alexander with a Gore. Page pulled the referee away and the referee wasn’t sure who to give the DQ too because he didn’t see who pulled him. While all the commotion was happening on the outside, Rich Swann hit Alexander with a 450 for the victory.

Rich Swann defeated Josh Alexander and Rhino via pinfall in 6:26.

Josh noted that Page’s earlier interference may have been to try to stir the pot between The North’s four opponents. Mack and Swann were then jawing with RVD and Rhino while Alexander and Page laughed while walking up the ramp…

The show cut to an OVE camcorder promo with Sami Callihan all by himself in a dark room with a laptop computer by his side. Clips of Callihan’s feud with Cage were on the screen. Callihan said it was two years since his Impact debut which was at Bound For Glory. Callihan said that’s where the era of the Death Machine and Draw started. Callihan said he’s finally going to become champion on Sunday. Sami then asked the production people to cut the camcorder video. Sami said he was going to talk more “real” now.

Callihan talked in a less-exaggerated voice and said he always wanted to be a professional wrestler all his life despite his family not believing in him. Callihan said he proved them all wrong by getting signed by a “major television wrestling company” (WWE?). Callihan talked about how [WWE] wanted to change everything about him and tell him to do it their way. Callihan said he quit, but he didn’t fail. Callihan said “they” failed Callihan. Callihan said people never really understood Callihan after all these years. Callihan said he didn’t try to take Eddie’s eye away, disrespect Lucha Libre by taking Pentagon’s mask, Spill his Brother Swann’s blood all over the country, and he didn’t want to ruin Brian and Melissa’s wedding.

Callihan said the more he tries to get accepted, the more he messes things up. Callihan said he tried to play mind games with Cage by handcuffing Cage to the ring ropes. Callihan said Melissa Santos came out and things got out of hand (Melissa getting pile driven). Callihan started sobbing. Callihan cried that all he wanted was to be accepted, one time, as the best. Callihan said he didn’t want toe world to see this Sami Callihan. Callihan’s voice got a bit more gruff again and he told the camera that this is the Sami that “you all” created. Callihan said he’s sorry, you don’t have to cheer him, boo him, or respect him. Callihan said on Sunday when he cripples Cage and takes the championship from him, all will have to acknowledge that Callihan is the best and Impact World Champion. Callihan said if that’s too real for you then “you can go f–k yourself”…

John’s Thoughts: That was a strong and creative promo from Sami Callihan. Him recapping his career did put into perspective as to what a talent WWE allowed to get away. In hindseight, Callihan has shown a lot of range and he showed a lot of range in this promo. Sorta a microcosm. Hell, if you watch his MLW work, you know the guy can play semi-comedy babyface great too. That said, all the greatness in this feud is in Sami’s court. Cage has been nonexistant in the big picture of things for most of this year. Cage proved in his feud with Johnny Impact and even a bit with Michael Elgin that he can be THE face of the company, but the build to BFG has just been so odd, and so not involving him aside from the random interjection of a well-produced wrestling wedding. It’s almost like they’re already building towards Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard with Tessa cashing in her “Option C” that we all assume she’s getting. I dare you Impact Wrestling, surprise me? Make Jake Champion? I don’t know.

4. Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh) vs. Sabu (w/The Super Genie) for a spot in the Bound for Glory X Division Championship Ladder match. As expected, a light EC-Dub chant ensued. Rohit mocked Sabu a bit with taunting. Sabut overpowered Rohit early on. Sabu threw a chair at Raju (no-DQ?). Sabu then opened the chair and used it to hit Raju with Poetry in Motion. Super Genie used the chair to hit Raju with a splash. Genie and Sabu did their respective poses. This allowed Raju to kick the chair into Sabu’s knee. Rohit gave Sabu a basement dropkick for a two count. Rohit hit Sabu with a side Russian Legsweep for a two count.

Sabu hit Rohit with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Sabu locked Rohit in a half Camel Clutch. The Super Genies pulled a few chairs from under the ring. Sabu let go of the hold and set up a table bridge. outside. This took a lot of time and allowed Rohit to recover. Sabu then recovered and tossed a chair into the head of Rohit (protected). Uhm. No DQ? But the ref keeps complaining. Super Genie hit old man Gama in the gut with a chair shot. Sabut put Rohit on the table bridge and then hit him with a legdrop. Both men were knocked out. Gama almost got Rohit up, but the referee already counted to ten.

Rohit Raju vs. Sabu ended in a draw via double countout in 4:27.

Josh said this means that neither man goes to Bound for Glory…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Well. That was weird? For one, did they every establish that this was a no-DQ match? All that chair and Super Genie stuff was very odd and disjointed. Should we just assume all ECW Original’s matches are no-DQ? This was just weird, and it didn’t have to because Sabu is still fairly good in the ring from the non-awkward moments we have seen him in. As a positive, I like Rohit Raju not taking a loss given that Impact is trying (yet again) to take the Desi Hit Squad seriously.

Gabby Loren (host of Afterbuzz TV’s WWE Smackdown Reviews) interviewed Tessa Blanchard on her thoughts challenging for the X Division Championship on Sunday. Tessa said she’s not a stranger to ladder matches and she’s been beaten up by four guys at once before. Tessa talked about how it might be smart to step aside after all she’s gone through with OVE. Tessa said “nah” because of the journey it took her to get to this spot. Tessa said she had a plan, to reach the pinnacle of being a pro wrestler. Tessa said she’s been on this journey since Slammiversary. Tessa said she’s going to be the first woman to be X Division Champion. Tessa said after she knocks off Jake Crist, Sami Callihan is next…

John’s Thoughts: Well delivered promo… They haven’t allowed Tessa to talk much as a babyface, so this is welcome. To me, it does lay things on a little thick to the point where Bound For Glory comes off as meaningless. They’re foreshadowing that Tessa wins, Sami wins, and Tessa cashes in Option C. This is why I want to see Impact subvert my expectations, but sadly I think the “women empowerment” PR thing might be more attractive for Impact bookers.

Josh Mathews ran through the advertised Bound for Glory card…

Entrances for the upcoming battle royal took place. Eddie was the only to get a televised entrance… [c]

Back from the break, most of the ring was filled with random Impact wrestlers, including women and Reno Scum. Josh Mathews noted that the winner of this match gets to enter the Call Your Shot gauntlet at #20 while the runner up of this match will be #1.

5. Battle Royal for the Number-20 spot in the BFG Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match. Brawling ensued. Johnny Swinger swung his Dango around infront of the women. THe women piled up on Swinger and eliminated him quickly. Various bits of brawling ensued. Eliminations occurred. Mahabali Shera was the powerhouse of the match. [c]

Jake Deaner teased saving Kiera Hogan from elimination, but then put her on the floor for the elimination. More random brawling ensued. More eliminations happened. Havok eliminatied Raj Singh and Cody Deaner. Havok and Shera had a staredown. Rosemary pulled Havok to allow the men to fight the men and the last two women to brawl. Rosemary eliminated Havok. Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe were still in the match. That’s good, I guess? Havok eliminated Rosemary after the elimination. Shera, Eddie Edwards, and Reno Scum were the final four.

Rosemary and Havok brawled at ringside. The three heels teamed up on Eddie. Luster accidentily eliminated Tornstowe which allowed Eddie to eliminate Luster. Shera thought he eliminated Eddie, but Eddie held on to the ropes. Shera was tossed over the top rope but he skinned the cat. Eddie tried to use strikes to knock Shera off the apron. Reno Scum ran on the apron to distract Eddie Edwards. This allowed Shera to simply pick up and dump Eddie to ringside. Shera wins. Yay (in the most bored of yay’s).

Mahabali Shera wins the 20 spot in the BFG Call Your Shot match in 8:40 of TV Time.

Gama Singh, Raj Singh, and Rohit Raju ran out to celebrate with Mahabali Shera. Josh Mathews handled the outtro to the show. They then aired what looked like the cold opening to Bound For Glory to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Welp. That was a thing. In all fairness, this wasn’t as boring as those Rhino vs. Michael Elgin matches, but that can be attributed to Rhino setting the bar low there. This was not fun. The best part of this match which was actually fun was Johnny Swinger in the first 30 seconds of the match. To pick a positive, if anyone was going over, it should be Mahabali Shera given the reboot he’s going under. I’m hopeful that there’s a plan behind protecting two of the Desi Hit Squad members tonight. Overall, this was a poor go-home show. As I said, the only match I’m really looking forward to is Moose vs. Shamrock. Marufuji vs. Elgin should be great at least.


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