Reby Hardy sounds off on Jeff Jarrett again

Reby Hardy responded to Jeff Jarrett stating that there is no agreement between Anthem and her family regarding the Broken Universe intellectual property ownership. “We had agreement terms as of LAST WEEK,” Reby wrote on Twitter. “Included non-disparagement clause to the tune of 5k every time I tweet something about TNA, but according to @RealJeffJarrett, there is nothing? OKAY!” She also asked her followers whether they were up for another round of “F— That Owl” t-shirts in reference to the Anthem mascot.

Powell’s POV: Meanwhile, Shane Helms took issue with Jeff Jarrett claiming he, Al Snow, and Pat Kenney were fired for financial reasons. While I’m not sure what Shane is specifically referring to, I have said repeatedly that Jeff’s explanation that the company had too many agents doesn’t make sense. The fact is that those three agents were holdovers from the previous regime and Jarrett ended up brining in his own people to replace them. There’s nothing wrong with simply stating that he felt more comfortable with hiring his own people for those roles, but he continues to label it as a financial decision, which feels disingenuous.

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  1. Wasn’t Simon Diamond a Jeff Jarrett hire in the first place going all the way back to their days in the Nashville Asylum? I believe he was! I’m surprised to see him get fired.

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