6/24 Beyond Wrestling “Go With The Flow” in Melrose results: Zim’s in-person report on Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee, Progress Wrestling announcement, Shayna Baszler vs. Penelope Ford, John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs. Chris Dickinson and Jaka

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Beyond Wrestling “Go With The Flow”
Melrose, Massachusetts at Melrose Memorial Hall
Report by Dot Net staffer Zack Zimmerman

1. “Gentlemen’s Club” Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy beat “American Destroyers” Donovan Dijak and Mikey Webb. Funny schtick. Gentlemen’s Club won after Cassidy blinded Dijak with OJ, and Chuck hit a snap piledriver on Webb.

2. Joey Janela beat Chuck O’Neil. Janela rolled up O’Neil for the win. It was not good.

3. Shayna Baszler defeated Penelope Ford. That was great. Baszler picked apart her knee with some awesome stuff and tapped her with a grapevine ankle lock.

4. Massage NV beat Da Hit Squad by DQ. Hit Squad was disqualified for shoving the referee. They subsequently destroyed NV with Rikishi Drivers and the ref fled.

5. Wheeler YUTA over Maxwell Jacob Friedman. YUTA went over with a cross-legged tombstone. Both guys came across pretty well.

6. EYFBO beat The Carnies. It was fun.

It was officially announced that there will be a double header between Beyond Wrestling and the UK’s Progress Wrestling in the Boston area on Sunday, August 13.

7. Tabarnak de Team beat Ryan Galeone and Rex Lawless. TDT won. The match was alright. Dan Barry came out in a suit to talk down Galeone and Lawless down for not being better. They joined him to be better.

8. Ace Romero beat JT Dunn. Romero won with a lariat. It didn’t last long.

9. A.R. Fox over Brandon Watts. There was some referee silliness and a cross-armed brainbuster.

10. “Doom Patrol” Chris Dickinson and Jaka over “The Beaver Boys” John Silver and Alex Reynolds. Fun, physical match with a few awkward spots.

11. Matt Riddle defeated Keith Lee. Riddle rolled Lee up with a handful of trunks for the win. It was fun while it lasted and until the finish. There needs to be a rematch and there will be one on Sunday at the Evolve show in Queens.



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