4/27 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: LAX vs. Decay in a street fight for the Impact Tag Titles, Moose vs. Davey Richards for the Impact Grand Championship, NFL players appear, Christina Von Eerie vs. Ava Storie for the GFW Women’s Championship, Matt Sydal debuts

By John Moore

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped April 21, 2017 at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL

After the TNA version of “Then, Now, and Forever”, they cut to a video package showing clips from the TNA career of Low Ki/Senshi. It ultimately led to the Agent 47 Hitman version of Low Ki we saw last week, the one that won the X Division Championship. Ki cut an overlaying promo saying he’s been “making an Impact” since June 19, 2002, without fail. Ki said this marks the fifth time he stepped into the ring for the X Division Championship and came out as champ. Low Ki said he was putting everyone on notice. They then cut to clips of EC3 interjecting himself in the James Storm vs. Lashley match which led to the Lashley win. Lashley called himself the best in the business and asked for real competition. The rest of the clips showed LAX, Rosemary, and JB punching Josh Mathews…

After the opening Owl montage, Jeremy Borash checked in on commentary alongside D’Angelo Dinero. No Josh Mathews yet, but there was a large empty seat next to Dinero. JB hyped the debut of Veterans of War on this episode as well as LAX vs. Decay in a “Street Fight” for the Impact Tag Team Championship. Borash also hyped Moose vs. Davey Richards for the Impact Grand Championship…

No more than three minutes into the show. Josh Mathews made his entrance complete with a video wall that showed Facebook Angry emojis and Twitter. Josh Mathews came out with a lawyer as expected from last week’s punching angle. Josh said this company will not tolerate “Bully announcers” (I’m assuming this is a JBL jab somehow). Josh called JB lame and a loser with a limp dick. Josh then bragged about spending the week on some hot news and he was going to have office stooge Rafael Morffi, deliver the news. Rafi said he was representing Impact’s HR department. Mathews took the prepared letter out of eagerness and exclaimed that Jeremy Borash was suspended and pulled from the broadcast team effective immediately. Josh Mathews did this in a cartoony way.

Jeremy Borash told Scott D’Amore and the management guys that he’s never missed a show in 15 years. Josh Mathews had the guys rush JB off the broadcast table. D’Angelo Dinero whispered something into JB’s ear as Borash shook his hands and agreed to walk off. JB walked off through the barricade and crowd. Mathews continued to lay it on thick. Josh Mathews joined the commentary table with Pope as Trevor Lee made his entrance. Interesting enough, it sounds like Josh changed tones a bit, hopefully due to post production. Coming out next was Matt Sydal!

John’s Thoughts: I know they’re going for heat, but I honestly think it’s a risk opening the show with what would seem to be channel-changing heat. I’ll reiterate that at least Michael Cole had irony, creativity, and uniqueness on his side as the heel manager. Josh just comes off as a poor man’s copycat Cole. What also sucks is this is the commentators and authority figures are being positioned as the main event storyline on a professional wrestling show. I’ll move away from this for now and see where it goes. That aside, they use the amazing Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) and not hype that up!?! Not only that, they tuck him away inside of the homogenous pit known as the TNA X Division?

1. Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms) vs. Matt Stydal. Trevor Lee took control of the match right when the bell rang. Sydal hit a clumsy enziguri to escape the corner. Sydal maintained the advantage with kick combinations. Trevor Lee distracted the referee so Shane Helms can trip Sydal off the apron and hit him with a cheap shot. Trevor Lee picked up the scraps by hitting his follow-through kickoff kick on Sydal. Sydal kicked out at two. Lee slowed things down in the corner. Sydal gained a bit of breathing room with a low kick to the shin of Lee. Lee maintained the upper hand with a low shoulder tackle on Sydal to send him into the ropes. Sydal kicked out of the succeeding pin attempt.

Sydal popped up to nail Lee with a jumping rolling sobat kick. Sydal played to the crowd to allow Lee to roll up Sydal to no avail followed by a Superman Punch. Sydal escaped a suplex and hit a standing moonsault on Lee. Shane Helms distracted the referee. Sydal managed to outsmart the two heels by sidestepping an incoming Trevor Lee, which sent Helms to the floor. Sydal set up Lee on the ground with a tiger knee which allowed him to hit Air Bourne on Lee for the Victory.

Matt Sydal defeated Trevor Lee via pinfall in 4:48.

Matt Sydal celebrated his win as Josh Mathews recapped replays of the Shooting Star Press. Josh hyped Moose vs. Davey Richards as coming up next… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I may have jumped the gun with my homogenous X division talk, but I’ll leave that in my prior POV just to show my natural reaction to the [not-]TNA X Division. This was a good match though and it would be awesome if we saw more singles matches from the X-Division wrestlers. They can fill out a solid five minutes and are in dire need of building individual identities. One thing seemed odd though is the story of that match, as it seemed like this was the match that Andrew Everett was booked to be in and Impact just played mad libs with the script by inputting the former WWE guy into the match to play the role of Andrew Everett. Impact was on the verge of something special with the Everett vs. Lee feud, but the powers in charge seem to want to position legacy stars over the young promising talent. I also feel a bit bad for Lee, who just can’t catch a break even though he’s an extremely talented pro wrestler. I also feel bad for Everett, who honestly was catching on.

Karen Jarrett was texting backstage as she was approached by Sienna. Sienna brought up wanting to meet the GFW Women’s champion. Jarrett said the GFW women’s champion was wrestling next and that Sienna should take a seat to watch because she’s going to face the GFW Women’s champion next…

Ethan Carter III made his entrance to a fairly indifferent reaction. EC3 walked around the ring with a stoic demeanor as he set a chair in the middle of the ring for a promo. He said he had a message for the new regime that wants to “Ughhhhh, Make Impact Great”.

John’s Thoughts: Is EC3 reading my mind?

EC3 said for three years he has carried this company on his back. EC3 said he didn’t earn respect, he demands respect. EC3 said he has a message for Bruce Prichard who told him to look in the mirror and find the real EC3. EC3 said in the mirror he saw a literal Demi-God. EC3 said he saw a man who ran roughshod in this company and was undefeated for an eon. EC3 said he has a message for any new talent coming to take EC3’s spot. EC3 said he will not be pushed aside. EC3 said he will defeat, humiliate, eviscerate, and send them back to the glory hole from which they came.

EC3 said he has a message for the fans both supporters and fans that liked EC3 better as a bad guy. EC3 said they can kiss his privileged, perfectly round, and bleached “aaaaaaaaaaaassssss”. He said he has a message for himself and that he will become World Heavyweight Champion at Slammiversary. EC3 said he was the best guy everywhere. He said James Storm was upset, but Storm harkens to a past that EC3 has destroyed. EC3 said Storm was like a ghost or one of the “names” that built this place to be great. EC3 said Storm was nothing but an overrated piece of crap like the other names. James Storm then made his entrance.

EC3 took a kneeling position on both knees on the outside which Storm pointed out with a double entendre. Storm said he doesn’t blame EC3 at all. Storm said EC3 was jealous. Storm said instead of those other names, Storm is still here in Impact Wrestling. Storm talked about being out of the title picture for a long time because he chose to in order to give punks like EC3 a chance to make a name for themselves in Impact. Storm said it was funny that he’s not mad at EC3 because he can beat EC3’s ass anytime. EC3 mockingly laughed and said “no”. Storm said cowboys don’t dance, they boogie and drink a lot of beer. Storm said Cowboys only dance when with a pretty woman and when drunk. Storm said he wasn’t drunk and EC3 was not pretty. Storm said EC3 was pretty much fuggly. This sparked a fuggly chant.

Storm said he’ll act like he’s drunk so he can dance with Ethan and it looks like EC3’s family isn’t around to protect Ethan anymore. Ethan said sorry about your damn luck because he wasn’t entering the ring. Storm then provoked EC3 by calling him an EC-Bitch. The two wrestlers brawled evenly in the ring. EC3 managed to escape the ring to dodged a last call superkick. EC3 grabbed “Stevie”, the production crew lady, as a human shield. EC3 then kicked Storm in the balls. EC3 took Storm in the ring to nail him with the One Percenter. EC3 struck a lounging pose in the ring as he grabbed a microphone. EC3 said he was sorry, but you should remember that he’s a Carter and this company needs him. EC3’s music played as he made his way out… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That was a very strong promo segment between James Storm and EC3 with EC3 truly harkening back to his roots. Carter’s going back to his old promo style. It may be backfiring a bit in that his shots against people like Bruce Prichard make him a babyface to most people; but luckily Storm is a master at the babyface promo and can pull the right strings of the crowd to give heat to Ethan Carter III. Storm compared this to a dance, and I agree. This is a dance between two very skilled artists on the microphone.

KM was sitting in what actually looks like a real restaurant. A waiter gave KM his bill. KM berated the waiter for assuming he liked the meal after KM said it was good. KM then went into a very animated and over the top rant about the waiter calling him a liar. The Waiter no sold him to the best of his ability. KM called the waiter stupid and the waiter said he didn’t call KM a liar. KM told the waiter to make like a tree and get the hell out of here. KM said what was wrong about this country in that no one can do their damn job.

A Christina Von Eerie vignette aired which was the one that Impact posted on YouTube a few days ago. It talked about her being from the Scum city of Reno. She talked about being the GFW Women’s champion and how she defends the title to any country she can go to. Christina said her goal is to unify the title with Rosemary’s Knockouts championship. Christina said she was the patron saint of filth. She said she doesn’t even care if Gail Kim gets in the way, she wants to beat the ass of a hall of famer…

John’s Thoughts: That KM segment was so random and pointless that I got a chuckle out of it. Plus, we know that KM has better taste in restaurants than Laurel Van Ness based on the fact that he ate at a place that actually looked like a real restaurant. Past that, the Christina Von Eerie video package was simple and well done. I’m already looking forward to her. Christina Von Eerie has been in TNA before and was engaged at one time to Jessie Neal. Since then she’s been the third member of Reno Scum.

Ava Storie made her way to the ring first. Josh Mathews used this to go back into abrasive mode. Rockstar Spud announced that the upcoming match was for the Global Force Women’s championship. Christina yelled “Oi” on her way to the ring. Josh Mathews mocked the “Oi” ing. Von Eerie tried to lead the crowd in an “Oi” chant, to no avail.

2. Christina Von Eerie vs. Ava Storie for the GFW Women’s Championship. Ava tried to not start the match quickly but Christina just told her to come on. After a snapmare, Christina gave Ava some Oi Roundhouse Kicks. Christina rammed Ava into the corners while yelling “Oi” a lot. Oi my Goodness!

Christina let out yet another “Oi” as she ran at Eva with a running boot to the corner. Christina went for an Oi fireman carry, but Ava escaped. Ava yelled at the ref and hit the worst mounted punches I’ve ever seen. It was down there with Shane McMahon and Brandi Rhodes. Christina managed to escape but ran into a sidewalk slam from Ava. Christina managed to turn the tide with a snapmare and roundhouse kicks. Ava came back with a whip but Von Eerie kept the upper hand. Von Eerie hit Ava with some “Oi” headbutts which a small part of the crowd did actually cheer along this time. Christina Von Eerie led more “Oi” chants and hit Ava with a pretty good looking straitjacket lungblower finisher to pick up the victory.

Christina Von Eerie defeated Ava Storie via pinfall in 2:57 to retain the GFW Women’s Championship.

As Christina celebrated her win, Hornswoggle made his way down to the ringside area to mess up Rockstar Spud’s hair. They then cut to a Low Ki vignette which is also available on YouTube. Low Ki talked about AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn being pioneers of the X Division. Low Ki talked about entering a new era in the ever changing X Division. Low Ki talked about it being real hard to win the title five times like him. Low Ki talked about how he wants to make people remember him as an eternal champion, not by mistake, not by chance, but by design. Low Ki said as a member of his X Division you better step your game up or step it out… [C]

John’s Thoughts: To get the positive out of the way, at least Christina Von Eerie has a good look and I like her with her hair down more than when she had the mohawk. That said, this was not a good reintroduction for the lady formerly known as Toxxin. Ava Storie looked okay in the battle royal a few weeks ago, but tonight she looked very green and unsure of herself. She also tried to force heel mannerisms when she played white-meat babyface the last few weeks. Also, who would have thought? Von Eerie has beaten her Reno tag partners as to how many times they can yell Oi in a certain timespan. On top of that, what are viewers supposed to think about Global Force Wrestling? To be honest, what the hell is Global Force Wrestling? Let’s move past that for now and I’ll complement the Low Ki video package. Low Ki is a deceptively good promo with a hilariously epic voice. This video should have aired in some form before he won the title to reestablish who Low Ki is and who he was in the Impact Wrestling X Division.

Back from the break, a heel Davey Richards vignette was shown which had dark music and cool production elements. Angelina Love as the evil agitator was featured in this vignette…

McKenzie Mitchell was backstage interviewing Alberto El Patron. Mitchell wondered if El Patron thinks he’s the next in line for the World Title. Alberto said of course he is. He was quickly interrupted by GFW champion, Magnus. He bragged about winning the eight man tag and his GFW championship. Karen Jarrett suddenly appeared out of nowhere! She said she was tired of this and then she booked Alberto El Patron vs. Magnus for the GFW Championship next week. She talked about how the GFW Championship was a world title…

John’s Thoughts: [facepalm…] I’m tired of this too. TNA was the vanity vessel for Dixie Carter. So Impact Wrestling must be the vanity vessel for Karen Jerrett for some strange reason. Ugh.

A Quinn Moose Ojinaka vignette shown which was led off by Monday Night Football music. Moose talked about kicking ass. He also said he did some freaky stuff in the ring. This led to Davey Richards and Moose heading over to the ring for the Grand Championship Match. Moose entered the Impact Zone with legit NFL Players D’Angelo Williams and Gary Barnidge. Williams actually led the league in Rushing during the time he filled in for Le’Veon Bell. I’m not too familiar with Barnidge, but that’s because I had Eric Ebron and Tyler Eifert on my fantasy team… [C]

3. Moose (w/ D’Angelo Williams and Gary Barnidge) vs. Davey Richards (w/ Angelina Love) in a match for the Impact Grand Championship. Josh Mathews said free agent Williams was maybe testing the free agent waters. Richards started off the match early with aggression but Moose quickly took control with his size and power. Moose went for the springboard splash but was kicked off the ropes by Davey. Davey gave Moose a dragon screw on the second rope. That move put a bullseye on Moose’s leg by Richards. Moose made his way to a vertical base with a chop to Moose. Davey gained the advantage again with a chop block after Moose sold the leg injury. Davey kept the injured leg locked in the figure four. Moose grabbed the bottom rope as the round 1 bell rang. As Davey went to his corner to PDA with Angelina Love, Rockstar Spud announced that Davey Richards won the first round via unanimous decision.

Moose continued to sell the leg injury as Davey aggressively put the boots to Moose in the corner. Davey Richards went for the double stomp but Moose recovered and hit Davey with a pop up powerbomb, running senton, and moonsault in succession. Davey kicked out of the pin attempt at two. Both men got up and fired hard with a chop. Davey blocked the discus elbow with a kick. Davey flipped his way into a shortarm. Davey escaped the gamechanger, but Moose kept his patience by hitting Davey with an eventual lariat. Davey kicked out at two. Moose got up while selling his leg injury. Moose and Richards traded fatigued strikes as time winded down. Davey held on to the ropes before the bell rang to end the 2nd rope. Josh and Pope agreed that this round should go to Moose. Josh Mathews pointed out that Scott D’Amore was one of the judges. Moose won round 2 via Split Decision.

Davey staggered Moose with a kick but Moose was able to hit his high vertical dropkick to kick Richards off of the top rope. Davey went high risk again but Moos was able to meet him up top to go for the superplex. Davey fought his way out with quick elbows to the back of Moose’s head. Davey hit Moose with a sunset flip bomb. Davey then followed up with a running punt kick to the chest of Moose. Davey did his wolf howl and hit the double footstomp on Moose. Moose kicked out, but Davey rolled into an ankle lock under his control. Eddie Edwards ran into end the match in disqualification.

Davey Richards defeated Moose via DQ with 0:49 left in round 3 (?). Moose retains the Impact Grand Championship.

The security guys ran in and pulled Eddie Edwards away from the ring. Josh Mathews said it was bedlam. Davey was left alone in the ring with the two NFL Pro Bowlers. Davey pushed Williams in the chest several times. Williams pushed back. Gary Barndidge planted Davey Richards with a body slam… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That match was surprisingly good by Grand Championship standards, and the interference by Edwards totally made sense given the blood rivalry between the Wolves. On one hand you could complain that Moose looked weak, but on the other you could give Impact credit for building up Davey Richards as a powerful heel who was on the verge of picking up the clean yet vicious win. That sequence of events all worked out very well. Now let’s just hope Impact didn’t just bring the NFL guys in to “mark out” over having them on their show, but rather they were utilizing Moose’s network to get them a PR spot on ESPN or Fox Sports at least.

Swoggle stole Rockstar Spud’s notes back in the Impact Zone. Spud ripped the papers apart and tried to run away. Rockstar Spud accidently pulled the pants off of Swoggle. This segment could really use the Toru Yano shrug right now…

4. Kongo Kong (w/KM, Sienna, Laurel Van Ness) vs. Matt Sigmond. Laurel was still drunk and in a wedding dress. Sigmond knew he had no chance so he just ran around the ring until he was distracted by Laurel Van Ness. This allowed Kongo Kong to send Sigmond into the ring. Kong no sold the kicks and worked on Sigmond in the corner. Sigmond hit a jawbreaker on Kong that only made him mad. Kong caught Sigmond midair and hit an impressive twisting side slam. Kongo Kong hit Sigmond with his signature cannonball. Kong set up and nailed Sigmond with his top rope splash.

Kongo Kong defeated Matt Sigmond via pinfall in 2:15.

The odd quartet of characters made their way up the ramp as Kongo Kong let out some roars… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’m still not sold on this odd quartet of KM, Sienna, Laurel, and Kongo as a unit as it just seems like they are keeping Laurel in this bride character only because someone gets a kick out of it. I think Sienna and Kongo Kong could make a good monster heel unit by themselves if given the opportunity. Plus points for also doing the slow build by giving an old-school savage monster Kong old-school squash wins.

Mario Bokara and Fallah Bah came out for their tag team match and they were holding greenish tag belts from another promotion. Their opponents were the Veterans of War, Wilcox and Mayweather. Wilcox was a newcomer while Mayweather was the man known as Crimson at one time.

5. Wilcox and Mayweather vs. Mario Bokara and Fallah Bah. Mayweather started the match off against the smaller guy. Crimson dominated him with a push. Bokara went for a crossbody but was tossed midair. Bokara tagged out and tagged in the sumo sized Fallah Bah. Wilcox tagged in and took some of the sumo strikes form Fallah Bah. Wilcox nosold a running splash and stood tall over the wide Bah. As the crowd chanted “USA” Wilcox managed to lift Fallah Bah into fireman carry and planted him with a Samoan Drop. Wilcox took down both Bokara and Bah with punches. Mayweather tagged in as the VOW hit Bah with the Total Elimination high-low.

Bokara broke up the pin attempt. The distraction allowed Bah to gain the upper hand over Mayweather. Mayweather took a suplex and nosold it. Mayweather popped up Bokara into WIlcox’s spinebuster. The VOW then hit Bokara with a modified Magic Killer to pick up the victory.

The Veterans of War defeated Mario Bokara and Fallah Bah via pinfall in 3:30.

Wilcox and Mayweather celebrated their win as Josh Mathews talked about how hot the Impact tag division was. Mayweather grabbed the mic and introduced himself and Wilcox. He said together they were the Veterans of War. Mayweather said it wasn’t just a name, it was who they were. He talked about serving two tours in Iraq in the US Army. Mayweather said Wilcox was in the Marines with one tour of Afghanistan and another in Iraq.

This drew USA chants from the crowd. He said they didn’t do it because they had to but because they felt it was their duty to serve. Mayweather said they respect everything about the flag and if they had the chance they would do what they did again in a heartbeat. Mayweather said even though they were separated from the military the warrior inside thrives inside them. Mayweather then thanked the US Armed Forces. Mayweather said they were bringing the fight to Impact and were looking forward to challenging for the Tag Team Championships… [C]

Back from the break, Rockstar Spud was given a vicious beatdown by Swoggle. Yes! This actually happened and it was due to Swoggle going all heel on him with a hammer. Boos were audible while Pope and Josh sold shock at the moment…

John’s Thoughts: You would think I would be annoyed at a possible Hornswoggle feud, but I’ll take it if it means we’re getting the return of Rockstar Spud as an in-ring competitor. Spud is legit one of the best promos in pro wrestling and has been underutilized for years since his feud with EC3. Crossing my fingers that they actually do something with him, even if a feud with Swoggle has to spark it.

Eli Drake was pacing back and forth as he contemplated with Tyrus about not appearing on the live Impact last week. Drake ranted about all of the new faces getting title shots for no reason. Drake complained about Alberto El Patron winning the title on day one. Tyrus assumed Drake was jealous. Drake said he wasn’t jealous but more disappointed that they were being ignored. Tyrus shrugged it off as Drake said he was going to do something about being ignored…

All three members of Decay made their way to the ring as McKenzie Mitchell took over as ring announcer (I believe). LAX followed with their cool entrance. Both teams have cool entrances…

5. Crazzy Steve and Abyss (w/Rosemary) vs. Santana and Ortiz (w/Homicide, Konnan, Diamante) in a street fight for the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships. Not long after the entrances, the two teams brawled. Abyss disposed of Santana while Ortiz was working on Steve. Steve fought out of the corner with aggressive strikes and clotheslines. Santana and Abyss brawled on the outside. Ortiz was dominated by Steve. Josh Mathews said Santana was the high flyer while Ortiz was the heavy hitter. Ortiz and Santana double teamed Steve.

They escaped an Abyss double suplex but were taken down by an Abyss double clothesline. Steve brought in a table into the ring as Abyss brought in barbed wired boards in the ring. [C]

Homicide saved his tag partners with a chair to the back of Abyss. Steve managed to get the upper hand over Ortiz. Ortiz whipped Steve into the corner. Ortiz hit Steve and Abyss with garbage can shots. LAX stood tall as they used weapons to keep down Decay. Josh Mathews mentioned how Diamante was out of sight. LAX continued to use their weapons to dominate Decay as Josh Mathews complemented LAX for doing something not many people do to Decay. Abyss saved Steve and Steve jumped over Abyss to take down LAX. Abyss nailed LAX with a double chokeslam.

It was Decay’s turn to dominate LAX with the weapons that were laid out in the ring. Abyss taunted the other LAX members to warn them not to interfere. Pope said it was a bit odd that Rosemary wasn’t getting involved. Josh Mathews compared this to a chess game that Decay was playing and noted that they would have to be very smart with their moves due to LAX having more members in general. Ortiz backdropped Steve to the outside. Abyss tossed a chair into the shoulder of Ortiz; or at least I hope it was not unprotected to the head.

They cut to a replay and Ortiz was shown protecting it with a spin and his shoulder. Rosemary went in the ring and missed the Mist by spitting it into Abyss. Ortiz speared Abyss into the barbed wire. Diamante gave Rosemary a German Suplex. LAX stood tall as Konnan directed traffic. Santana did poetry in motion on Abyss with the help of the barbed wire board on Abyss. Steve hit Ortiz with the Death Valley Driver and had the match won but Konnan pulled the referee away to break up the pin. Homicide went for the Gringo Killer but Steve managed to escape and toss Homicide out. This drew a decent “Steve” chant from the Impact Zone.

Steve put Ortiz prone on the table as he pulled out the thumbtack bag. Steve sprinkled the tacks over Ortiz as he played to the crowd and himself a bit. Homicide held Steve from jumping at Ortiz. Santana and Ortiz isolated Steve and hit their assisted blockbuster finisher to pick up the victory over Crazzy Steve.

LAX defeated Decay via pinfall in 10:51 to retain the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship.

Konnan went into the ring to lay the flags over their fallen opponents. LAX actually received a mild cheer with some boos sprinkled in. Impact actual cut to cameras where they were showing fans angry and booing. LAX celebrated their win as Impact closed.

John’s Thoughts: Usually when Abyss is by himself these Hardcore/Monster’s Ball matches are boring and rudimentary but with Steve and Rosemary involved they’ve been consistently fun. Given how I don’t look forward to Abyss hardcore matches, this match actually surprised me as being pretty good. Josh Mathews also and a good night on commentary as, for the most part, he avoided going into heel Michael Cole mode for all of the important matches, and even served as a babyface play-by-play during the last two matches. It was a bit awkward, but I’d take that over petulant Josh.

I am intrigued a bit as to what Impact was trying to do with the positioning of the LAX match right after the USA Veterans match. My intrigue is not in a positive way as I feel like they might be trying to take a xenophobic approach to things. To give my POV as a mixed ethnic and non-Caucasian American, LAX’s mission statement of fighting through prejudice really appeals to my type of people. Through the booking of this match, LAX cheating, and the positioning of LAX on this card following the VOWs, I feel like they are trying to make LAX the heels against the conservative white portion of their audience. It’s just a hypothesis, I may be totally wrong with this theory, but I have to say that red flags went off in my head after noticing the growing boos over the period of the last 15 minutes.

Overall, there were some really good things on this episode of Impact. There wasn’t anything bad at all. There was a large string of strange events to counterbalance the good. The ultimate odd decision was to turn off viewers by topping off the show with Josh Mathews beckoning them to change the channel even though he had a pretty decent night on commentary compared to his recent rants. I’m also very intrigued to read and hear Jason Powell’s thoughts on Impact tonight as Jason takes over the Impact Wrestling Hit List and member exclusive audio review later today.


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