WWE Smackdown onsite report: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler dark main event notes, notes on the crowd reactions to AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Jinder Mahal

Dot Net reader Ben Shearin attended the WWE Smackdown event in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday and sent the following report.

-The show was really entertaining for the most part.

-Charlotte was over HUGE inside the arena. I don’t know how it carried over on TV. Naomi got a decent pop.

-Jinder Mahal winning was a huge shock to everyone. So, I’m not sure if the heat he got was boring heat…or the fans actually hated him. But most of the crowd was super behind Sami Zayn. I was personally rooting for Luke Harper. The Randy Orton appearance popped the crowd, but the appearance of Bray Wyatt on the screen didn’t pack nearly the punch of seeing him live.

-American Alpha is always super over here whether it be NXT or WWE. Primo and Epico had no heat when they entered during commercial. And the finish was definitely as bad live as I’m sure it looked on TV.

-Not getting to see Tye Dillinger live was definitely disappointing. There were “ten” chants throughout the night.

-Kevin Owens was treated like a hero when he came out to destroy the local jobber. It’s great how he’s able to get most crowds to turn on him.

-Before the main event, they announced that after 205 Live, we would get Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura. Good plan to get the people to stay.

-AJ Styles is the man! He was over HUGE. Baron Corbin entered to crickets and only really got heat when he played to the crowd. No one in the arena was mad about the finish.

-Having never watched 205 Live, I didn’t know what was happening outside of TJ Perkins and Austin Aries.

-Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler had a decent match in the dark main event. At one point, Ziggler jumped on the announce table and told us to “shut up, marks”. Funny. Nakamura went over with the Kinshasa. A great night of action.

-Hopefully we can get more TV events. This is the first one we’ve had here in seven years due to the stupid boxing/wrestling commission that used to be in control.

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