Kurt Angle says he’s not retired yet but still does not know if he will wrestle for WWE, labels Vince McMahon a father figure

Kurt Angle spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. “I thought it would occur at some point in my life, I just didn’t know this early,” Angle said. “I haven’t thought about retiring yet. You typically get the call when you step down, but I was really honored. Whether I wrestle or not in WWE, which we haven’t talked about, it puts the exclamation point on my career. I had a shorter career in WWE, about six-and-a-half years, which shows what kind of impact I made there. It made me feel pretty good about what I was able to accomplish in that short period of time.”

Angle also offered high praise for Vince McMahon. “Vince was my father figure,” Angle said. “He really took care of me. Even when I was having the painkiller problem, he was trying to get me to rehab. He just treated me like a son. He treated me very well. My body just couldn’t hold up to that vigorous schedule; as much as I wanted to stay, I just couldn’t. With my painkiller issue, that was another issue where I felt like a liability to the company. They didn’t know the amount I was taking.” Read the full interview at SportingNews.com.

Powell’s POV: Angle has been consistent in stating that they have not talked about him returning to the ring yet. If Angle can pass their medical testing procedures, then I would be surprised if he doesn’t return to a WWE ring at some point. Angle also spoke about how he “ruined his reputation” with substance abuse issues before cleaning up his act, Vince’s vision for the Angle character, and more on their recent reunion.

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