1/8 TNA One Night Only “Rivals” spoilers: Zim’s in-person report on the pay-per-view taping (spoilers)

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TNA One Night Only “Rivals” PPV taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net staffer Zack Zimmerman

1. DJZ beat Trevor Lee. Z won a bump-free match with a rolling DDT.

2. Braxton Sutter over Rockstar Spud. Sutter won with a bicycle kick. There was minimal effort from the wrestlers in the first two matches.

3. James Storm beat Mahabali Shera. Storm won with the Last Call superkick. Shera had no fire and doesn’t seem to know how to get over.

4. Aron Rex beat Jessie Godderz.

5. Abyss and Crazzy Steve beat Bram and Kingston. Abyss pinned Kingston after a Blackhole Slam.

6. Angelina Love beat Madison Rayne. Love looked unreal considering she recently had a child. She won by pulling the tights.

7. Broken Matt Hardy beat Drew Galloway. Galloway put on a lot of muscle during his time away. They worked hard by the standards of this show. Hardy won with a Twist of Fate.

8. Moose beat Mike Bennett. Moose wore a shirt and pinned Bennett.

9. Lashley defeated Jeff Hardy. Lashley won with a spear. Hardy bumped like a madman considering the scope and standard of the show.



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