Gutteridge’s WWE NXT Hit List: Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Title from Osaka, Rich Swann and No Way José vs. Sanity, and Ember Moon vs. Kimber Lee

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NXT Hits

Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Title: While certainly the weakest of their series of matches so far, no Joe vs. Nakamura match is ever going to be bad (I may have now jinxed us all ahead of next week’s cage match). Therefore, the match earns a Hit, but giving Nakamura a title win in his native Japan doesn’t redeem the decision to have him drop the title in the first place. He should have remained undefeated in NXT, but at least the loss has been avenged in record time and we can now correct course.

Rich Swann and No Way José vs. Sanity: I liked the soft reset of Sanity. Big Damo would not have been my first choice from the UK scene to sign to an NXT contract, but he is at least a proven commodity over here. Sawyer Fulton was doing fine, and I’m not sure what he has done to get bumped from the group, but no doubt this is an upgrade. Combine that with another sneaky win for Young, and a good match to begin with, and this is an easy Hit.

Tag team opening: I did want to hear a little from DIY upon their return to Full Sail as new NXT Tag Team champions, but this is a minor gripe compared to the positives this segment produced. Paul Ellering made very accurate points about the tear the Authors of Pain have been on even prior to winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The Revival were also great in the pest heel role. With Sanity waiting in the wings too, DIY are being placed at the top of a dangerous division, which is always a good thing for babyface tag teams.

Percy Watson: Percy Watson always had a likable charisma (and great athleticism), so while I’m sure he’d still rather be in the ring, I’m happy to see him as part of the commentary team. Given time, he could be a great swap for the increasingly busy Corey Graves. If however his inclusion means there is no place for the incoming Steve Corino, I’d be more down on the idea, as he has been the best color commentator around for a few years now. But Phillips, Watson and Corino as a three could work just fine.

NXT Misses

Ember Moon vs. Kimber Lee: My exposure to Kimber Lee isn’t massive, but I’ve seen enough to be annoyed that this didn’t get to go longer. Were both under NXT contracts and given equal standing, I think they could have a great match. This one however, for whatever reason, was a little rough in parts. Not enough to jeopardize Lee’s chances of signing (something I am hopeful for in the near future), but enough to warrant a Miss. Moon REALLY needs to start having serious feuds if she ever hopes to be elevated.

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