Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Baron Corbin shines in ripping on the cruiserweights, American Alpha wonder about their lost title shots, Bryan talks about management failing to make current wrestlers out to be stars, Ellsworth signs his Smackdown contract

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired November 22, 2016 on WWE Network

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan were super excited for James Ellsworth’s win. Bryan said that even though there was a little help from Dean Ambrose, Ellsworth got AJ Styles caught up in the ropes with is own superkick and thus picking up the win himself. Renee wanted Bryan’s thoughts on Ellsworth’s future. Bryan said the fans get behind Ellsworth as an underdog. Bryan brought up how Ellsworth now has a future World Championship match. Bryan wasn’t sure when this was going to happen due to Shane leaving the building.

-Bryan wanted to talk about Survivor Series and Renee brought up how the men won while the Women and Tag Teams didn’t. Daniel Bryan said he was disappointed a bit. Bryan said everyone worked really hard. He said his job was to get everyone on the same page. Bryan said even though the men won there was a failure in regards to the Ambrose and Styles situation. Bryan said that made him feel bad for putting Shane McMahon in that situation in harms way where he had to get hurt in front of his wife and children. Bryan said this made him emotional probably because Brie was pregnant.

-Renee wanted to know if Bryan had speculations about the attacker of Nikki Bella. Bryan said he didn’t want to say it on air so Renee asked if they can talk privately about it. Bryan jokingly whispered to Renee that he thinks that Goldberg attacked Nikki Bella.

-Renee used the Goldberg joke to talk about the main event. Bryan reiterated that he gave a lot of crap to Raw for overvaluing Attitude Era stars. Bryan said that match had a special aura and watching it was pretty cool. Bryan said that match made him emotional in a good way mostly due to Goldberg and his son. Bryan said people don’t know how good of a human being Goldberg is. Bryan brought up Goldberg’s community service work giving out toys in Christmas. Bryan said he is failing in management for not getting current superstars to “Goldberg” levels. Bryan said people should see Styles or Ambrose as a WrestleMania main eventer and it’s not the fault of the talent but the fault of management.

John’s Thoughts: Since we know Bryan’s apt to take both direct and indirect shots at WWE’s booking, I feel that that was a not-so-indirect shot at WWE not making current stars more credible than Attitude Era relics.

-Renee Young talked about Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt being the last two. Bryan said he thought Orton did his plan of infiltrating the Wyatt Family to pull one over on Bray. Bryan brought up how Orton took one for the team by taking a spear. He said Orton, Wyatt, and Harper on the same page was terrifying.

-American Alpha were the first guests. Jason Jordan said he felt a bit banged up but the win helps. Bryan admired Jordan’s pecs. Young brought up how American Alpha won their number one contendership only to have Orton and Wyatt pop up as roadblocks. Jordan brought up how that didn’t make sense since the rules said that they were supposed to be number one contenders. Bryan hinted to Jordan that he is actually not the one making the calls. Chad Gable talked about earning a shot before and how the Usos stole it from them. Gable said the Wyatts were supposed to be in the match. Gable talked about Orton having to eat possibly five spears from Jason Jordan. Jordan brought up how Gable has his back as well more than Orton for Bray. Bryan talked about American Alpha wrestling on the European Tour and how it impressed him so much. Renee wished them luck and ended that interview segment.

-Renee called Baron Corbin a wild man and spoke about how Smackdown didn’t get the cruiserweight division. Bryan said there was this selfish mentality going on. Bryan talked about the solipsism theory where the mind of the self is the only real thing in the universe. Bryan said he thought the cruiserweights are being underutilized on Raw. He said American Alpha on Smackdown were underutilized. He said people didn’t know Rich Swann’s story. Bryan went into a bit of Swann’s story where he lived by himself in an apartment as a teenager. Bryan said pro wrestling brought Swann out of the drug culture. Bryan said he got to know these stories by being a part of the Cruiserweight Classic. Bryan said people watch the shows to see stars and they should make these crusiserweights as stars.

John’s Thoughts: I know Bryan’s just saying the things that we are all thinking, but I do wonder what would happen if Bryan were on the creative team.

-Baron Corbin was the next guest. Bryan said he’s going to be calm so he doesn’t break the lights, tables, and TV’s. Corbin said Bryan tried to punish him by putting him in a match against Kane. Corbin brought up how Kalisto ran in on his business and Bryan didn’t punish Kalisto. Bryan said that it was only fair based off of the things Corbin did to Kalisto. Bryan said Corbin also cost Smackdown the cruiserweight division. Corbin said he was doing them a favor and why would Bryan want those kids on the show doing their flips and tricks. Corbin said they want to be superstars like Goldberg, Brock, or Baron Corbin. Bryan said he watched TV and wanted to be Dean Malenko because Malenko did things that Hulk Hogan couldn’t do.

-Corbin said the strong survive and when you put a little kid in the ring with him they are done. Bryan said that’s the point of the division to keep them apart. Corbin said they would take time away from his show, Smackdown Live. Bryan said Corbin’s issue might be that Corbin can’t handle Kalisto. Bryan said that Kalisto beat Corbin up tonight. Bryan said he was booking it tonight. Kalisto vs. Corbin in a Chairs Match. Baron Corbin said he was going to get paid to beat Kalisto with a chair over and over and over. Corbin said Bryan could call his mom and dad and his little boy is coming home for good which is Bryan’s fault.

John’s Thoughts: Baron Corbin reminds me of Bobby Lashley, and that’s not a bad thing!

-Bryan said he talked to Kalisto about his issues before the show and that he wanted to put Kalisto in a match against Corbin. Bryan said Kalisto wanted it to be a chairs match. Bryan said Kalisto had fire and Corbin took away his shot of being WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Bryan said Kalisto looked up to wrestlers like Rey Mysterio. Bryan said Corbin thinks its just flips, but there are people like Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak. Bryan said he is legit worried about putting Kalisto in the match because Corbin is dangerous. Bryan said because of his own latin wife, he knows Kalisto has a latin temper.

-James Ellsworth walked on set selling rib pain. Bryan wondered if Ellsworth was wearing a corset brace. Ellsworth said he just randomly found it in the trainers room. Bryan said that Ellsworth should sign the contract right now. Ellsworth said it was a five year old boy’s dream come true. Renee said this was such a success story with Ellsworth as a hero of Survivor Series. Ellsworth said with Survivor Series as his first PPV he had to do something to help the team. When he saw Braun’s foot, he had to take the opportunity.

-Bryan said there are so many selfish people around but Ellsworth was a team player. Bryan said he was thrilled about Ellsworth but wanted to know the status of his ribs. Ellsworth said they were sore but not broken. Ellsworth said there might be bruising and cracking. Renee said that Ellsworth will appear on ESPN [actually ESPNews] with Ambrose.

-Ellsworth said he wanted to put it all on the line and if he was going to put his contract on the line he wants a title match. Ellsworth recalled Steve Austin saying if you want to get into WWE and you don’t want to be champion, you shouldn’t be in the WWE in the first place. Bryan led an Ellsworth chant in his usual way with Renee, but Ellsworth couldn’t join due to the rib pain.

John’s Thoughts: I don’t see the purpose of a pre-show. The post show blows that thing out of the water. The pre show honestly just blows. You would hope that Vince McMahon would be watching and get that Bryan is pointing out some of the flaws in WWE’s product that we are all thinking about, like not making current WWE wrestlers out to be stars or even simple things like how last week he mentioned that New Day keeps losing non-title matches. Another benefit of this show is that it gives the wrestlers a platform to define themselves. Corbin is making himself out to be one amazing heel. Not just that but a genuine heel. Essentially, Corbin is taking what WWE should have given to Roman Reigns, and Corbin’s running with it. He’s a good promo now and a badass who people dislike. If only the cruiserweights could be given this outlet, which Daniel Bryan did mention.

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