Charlotte on whether big spots were cut from her WWE Hell in a Cell match, points out a comical WrestleMania moment

Logo_WWE_dnCharlotte Flair spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and was asked about her father’s claim that she and Sasha Banks had big spots cut from their Hell in a Cell match. “If you’re referencing my dad (laughs), my dad likes to glorify things,” Charlotte said. “No, I thought Sasha and I killed it. I thought for the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell — I don’t regret anything. We were nervous about how to … because we had never been inside the cage or knew if we could climb up it or anything or what our parameters were going to be before the match, what they would allow us to do.”

Charlotte also spoke about her WrestleMania 32 entrance and pointed out a comical moment. “There’s a spot where I’m walking down the aisle and Becky (Lynch) thought for sure the camera would be on me but the camera was on her and she was smiling like ‘oh, this is so lovely’ when she was really supposed to be hating me,” she recalled. “It’s hilarious to watch Mania back and see her. She’s like ‘dang it, why was the camera on me?'” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: There’s certainly been a lot of talk that there were some big spots trimmed from the match. She may be shooting straight, but I could definitely see her wanting to avoid discussing that for political reasons. Meanwhile, I’m guessing that WWE may notice some extra views for WrestleMania 32 today as fans go back to look for Lynch’s reaction. Charlotte also spoke about being able to “shut off” once she flies home from Raw, improving, Survivor Series, and more on her WrestleMania 32 entrance.

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