Noam Dar on the WWE Clash at the Castle crowd, recalls thinking a WWE Hall of Famer was ribbing him when he wrestled in Glasgow

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Inside the Ropes interview with guest Noam Dar
Interview conducted by Kenny McIntosh
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Dar on whether the Scottish crowd at WWE Clash at the Castle can keep up with the French fans from WWE Backlash: “I think absolutely they can keep the energy up as much as Lyon did, if not more, and I think they can also apply the right emotion to the right moments. I feel like the gratitude that the Scottish fans, and Glaswegian fans a bit more specifically, the gratitude that they’re going to have for a show of this calibre is going to lend itself to everybody living in the moment, being completely invested in what’s happening, be educated on what’s happening before they get there and allow that to let loose in the same way that we would do in football games.

“You know, it’s easy to care about the giant shows but what makes fans special is when they have that same enthusiasm and love for the smaller shows. Like you mentioned, I’ve wrestled in so many different shows in Glasgow from in front of twenty people to ten thousand, and they’re always there to have a good time get involved in and appreciate it and also be a little bit mental which is going to give them a heads up over Lyon, I think Lyon are too polite.”

On thinking that a WWE Hall of Famer was ribbing him when he wrestled in Glasgow: “One of the funny things that happened during the day if you remember they gave me pyro, which is the one and only time I’ve had pyro, but at the time WWE was hardly using it. When we were doing rehearsals I was standing on the stage just kind of thinking about what’s happening and Road Dogg was like, ‘Okay, now your music hits and after about 15 seconds stand here brother and then the pyro is gonna go off everybody’s gonna lose their minds!’

“I was like yeah, sure, very funny, just thinking that he was ribbing me and just playing a little joke on me because he is a jokester and we had known each other for quite a long time at that point. I thought he was just hamming me up. So when I came out, that pyro, I didn’t expect it to happen.

“I thought it was just a rib, and that definitely got me out of my socks a bit. But I was like, Oh, this is real, I am a real WWE wrestler now, I have pyro. So the whole day was just very surreal, then once it was done, like I said, to then have the same practices of okay, just finish the show in Scotland okay, now just go home and everything’s the same. But not really, because that changed everything for me.”


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