Dot Net TNA News: Two wrestler theme songs pulled from Impact due to apparent licensing issues


The Pop TV airing of TNA Impact Wrestling did not include the usual entrance theme music for two wrestlers. The themes used for Mike Bennett and DJZ were both pulled from the show. Both songs were written by Dale Oliver, according to multiple online listings.

Powell’s POV: TNA did not replace either song with different music, they simply did not air theme songs for either wrestler. Rumors circulated late this afternoon that Pop may not air the show due to music licensing issues, which led to speculation that there was an issue with music written by Billy Corgan. However, Corgan’s TNA theme song aired as usual, so there do not appear to be issues with TNA having rights to music that he has written for or supplied to the company. Oliver has written music for TNA since 2002. The Bennett and DJZ themes are both newer songs, so it would appear as though the issues are with Oliver’s 2016 themes.

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