Randy Orton says he went AWOL because he lacked the courage to die for his country, calls the U.S. Presidential race a clown show, discusses Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem

orton1Heated Conversations with guest Randy Orton
Host: Booker T
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Report by @TheOrtonGirl

Orton on going AWOL: “I didn’t have the courage to die for my country. You could see from them [Marines] the courage to die for this country, that they would be willing to risk everything for this country, for our freedom, that’s why you should stand for the pledge, that’s why you should stand for the anthem.”

Orton on responses to his tweets: “I tweeted some stuff, and I saw the responses. I went through them. I laughed at a few of them, but that’s their stance man, that’s their stance.”

Randy Orton on Colin Kaepernick: “I respect what he’s kneeling for. I think what he’s kneeling for is right. I don’t respect the way he’s doing it. The kneeling, I just, I don’t think it’s right at all. I’m against the kneeling.”

Randy Orton on the recent issues in Charlotte: “With the protests, their down there for the right reasons. There are people down there who really are down there to protest for the issue. But with that, it gives people the excuse to go down there for the wrong reasons.”

Randy Orton on America today: “With all the news accounts and everything I follow on social media I see a lot of stuff. Sometimes, I’ll be reading through this stuff and have to put my phone away seeing what’s going on. It’s scary man, it really is scary and with all the protesting, the fires, everything that is going on I still believe this is the greatest country on earth. This is the greatest place to live.”

Orton on being a father (grandfather): “I look at this generation and see everything that’s going on and thinking about the future. I worry about my kids, my grandkids in the future and I worry about what my grandkids may go through. With all the kneeling, stomping, pissing on the f—ing (censored) flag. I worry.”

Orton on today’s media: “I pay attention to what’s going on everywhere, like I follow new sites and things like that. But when you look at the media today, even if you look at all of it, trying to find what’s true. You hear what Trump is saying is from his heart and if it’s real. What Hillary is saying is from her heart and if it’s real. It’s hard to decipher everything going on, what to even believe about anything.”

Orton on the Presidential election: “I mean, this is a clown show. This election man, it’s hard. You get what they are saying what they will give you but you don’t know. You don’t know what you’re doing to get and it’s scary.”

Orton on slavery: “Speaking about it can be hard. It’s hard for me as a white male to talk to people about that issue. It’s hard knowing that had happened and it’s scary, it really is. These days, people can judge you for anything you say, you have to be careful talking about that. I don’t know where these people are coming from, people can get on you about that. So you just have to be careful man.”


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