Linda McMahon’s run as a “GOP mega donor” chronicled

Logo_WWE_dnLinda McMahon’s failed run for U.S. Senate did not cause her to move away from politics. The Center for Responsive Politics ranks Linda and Vince McMahon as 78th among “mega donors.” The Associated Press reports that she recently held a fundraiser at her home for John McCain, and that she contributed $500,000 to a super PAC supporting Chris Christie’s run during the Republican primary.

Although Christie was Linda’s choice to be the Republican candidate, she vowed her support for Donald Trump. “”Once you’re his friend, he is loyal to the end,” she said. “He’s an incredibly loyal, loyal friend.” Read the full story at BigStory.AP.Org.

Powell’s POV: The AP story reports that Linda is supporting a variety of different Republican candidates in various states. It also recalls that the McMahons donated $5 million to Trump’s foundation back in 2007. It was the same year that Trump took part in WrestleMania, yet Linda says she does “not remember how it came about.” Gosh, I hate when I can’t remember why I paid $5 million for something, but it happens to us all so frequently that I’m sure we can all relate.


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