Jim Ross comments on Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar, and Seth Rollins coming out of WWE SummerSlam

imagesWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on Finn Balor: “Unfortunate news regarding the shoulder injury, I heard labrum, to the first WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor that will require surgery and him missing approximately six months of ring time. The only way to productively and positively get through this period of physical therapy for both the talent and the company is to devise a plan to keep the fans engaged in Finn’s rehab and his “journey back.” This will build a level of anticipation that can be a major asset to Balor’s return. Plus, Balor and WWE both know what they have with each other so the self doubt whether Balor can be a main eventer or not seemingly has been addressed on the parts of both the talent and the company.”

Powell’s POV: Ross also makes a prediction on Balor’s return, so be sure to check his full blog for all the details via the top of the page. I guess my only concern is that it’s well known that Vince McMahon has been leery of booking smaller wrestlers in top spots due to injury concerns as a result of the style that many of them work. It obviously wasn’t enough to sway Vince on Sunday, and I just hope that this injury doesn’t change that.

Ross on Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins: “Two things that I am not buying into and that is 1. That Brock Lesnar went into business for himself (No Way!) nor does he need to be “fired.” Both those thoughts are insane. Equally insane is the internet ramblings that Seth Rollins is “dangerous” in the ring because X number of wrestlers have been injured during matches with him. I don’t agree with these accusations but I do encourage Rollins and virtually all of today’s main players in the business to slow down a half a gear and while doing so it will likely reduce the chance of injuries somewhat but note that nothing will ever remove the issue of injuries from the equation. Plus, that reduced half step always gives the talents more opportunity to perfect the required subtleties of being a great in ring performer I.E. facial expressions, body English, and SELLING, in general.”

Powell’s POV: Clearly, Lesnar did not go into business for himself and the idea was for the elbow to the head to intentionally open a cut on Orton’s head. I don’t think they wanted the cut to be as nasty as it was, but I doubt Lesnar wanted that either. Meanwhile, I don’t believe Rollins is dangerous in the ring by any means. However, WWE should consider abandoning the powerbomb into the barricade spot. Some will argue that the Buckle Bomb spot is just as dangerous because Sting was injured while taking the move. I haven’t spoken with another wrestlers to get a feel for the Buckle Bomb, but I would argue that Sting’s age and the wear and tear he took during his career likely played a part. The powerbomb into the barricade just strikes me as being riskier, but I do want to speak with guys who have taken both moves to get a professional perspective.

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