Tommy Dreamer says he passed on a WWE contract offer, sticking with House of Hardcore

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Tommy Dreamer on a rumored return to WWE: “Rumors are true. They kind of grouped a bunch of people together and, so far, a lot of those rumors have come out. Yes, WWE has reached out to me. I was actually scheduled to be at the Draft and then, Dreamer’s travel subject to change, they switched it on me. The week before, I was there. They were in Michigan. I was visiting my family in Michigan. On a lovely 23 days on the road, I got to see my family for half­-a-­second in Michigan. They’ve offered me a contract and I really have so many commitments to my own company as well as the charities and to other shows, I can’t sign a contract. And I told them I will do just like I did with the Wyatts, in the sense of I was not under contract when I wrestled that whole time back in WWE. I love WWE, but I just can’t sign a contract right now. My life, and I can’t give up on my own company, so I basically had to say ‘Thank you. If you want me to come in, then I will do the best to my abilities in all that I do, but if not, that’s cool. Hope we can still be friends.’ So that’s where we’re at.”

On why he’s choosing to continue with House of Hardcore: “I don’t know if it’s the right decision. At times, I feel like it’s the closing days of the eighties, when the territories are coming at you, but I don’t think I made an enemy with WWE. It’s just I can’t give up on my dreams. I have a strong following with House of Hardcore. I can’t give up on that… I can’t give up on my commitments and, to me, I think it would be better for everyone to get along.”

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