WWE Royal Rumble is reportedly not scheduled for Los Angeles after all


The WWE Royal Rumble event is not scheduled for Los Angeles, California at Staples Center. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com ran a correction on Sunday night indicating that WWE officials had informed him that the show will not take place in L.A. after all.

Powell’s POV: Mike noted that readers passed along an item claiming that the announcement was made at the Los Angles live event on Saturday night. I wasn’t sure where the story started because it spread all over the place by the time I became aware of it, which is why I labeled it “reportedly” when I ran the information here on on Sunday. However, Mike stepped up and was the first person to ran a correction, which is why I’m attributing it to him this time around. Here’s hoping this means the Rumble will not be held on January 22 and will instead run on January 29 when there’s a gap in the NFL schedule between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.

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