6/5 WWE in Amarillo, Texas results: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles vs. Sheamus in a four-way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Charlotte vs. Natalya for the WWE Women’s Championship, Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

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WWE Live Event
Amarillo, Texas
Report by Dot Net reader Doug White

Here’s my take on the show from a 40 year fan of all pro wrestling:

15 minutes before the opening bell, they played clips from the HBK vs. Razor Ramon ladder match (won Twitter poll) on the Titantron. National anthem then on-time 1:00 Near sell-out. I was lucky (and smart) enough to get seats next to the rail where the wrestlers came out. I slapped hands with R-Truth, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and Roman Reigns throughout the night. Fantastic seats.

1. R-Truth beat Tyler Breeze in 15:00. Truth was over huge with his rapping and dancing. Very entertaining match. Truth bashed Breeze’s head on the rail I was leaning on just six inches away (did I mention I had great seats?). I could hear a good thud with no hand blocking the head. Truth won via reverse roll up after interference from Fandango and Goldust. R-Truth signed everything someone put in front of him after leaving the ring. Great match to open the show as Truth had the crowd eating outta his hand.

2. Cesaro beat Primo in about 15:00. Caesaro got good cheers while Primo got very mild heat. No one was sure if Primo was a heel but they all loved Cesaro. 13 swings and a sharpshooter for the submission win. An okay match.

3. Jimmy Uso beat Karl Anderson (w/Luke Gallows) in 15:00. Great reaction for Uso (except for me) and decent heat for Anderson (again except for me; I’m a huge Bullet Club fan). Uso works very stiff. Uso with the roll up pinfall win after interference from Gallows and no Jey Uso. Decent match that lasted 15 min.

4. Dolph Ziggler beat Baron Corbin by DQ in 20:00. Huge cheers for Ziggler, mild heat for Corbin. Ziggler won by DQ when Corbin used a chair. Corbin delivered a post match beating on Ziggler, who recovered enough to hit Corbin with a groin kick and Fameasser.

Intermission. It included trivia game with kid in front of me. I yelled the correct answer to him and he won a book. (Did I mention how good my seats were?) Lasted about 20 minutes.

5. Charlotte beat Natalya for the WWE Women’s Championship in 20:00. Cheers for Nattie and mega heat for Charlotte, who by Figure 8 submission. Very good match.

6. Rusev defeated Sin Cara to retain the U.S. Title in 10:00. A pre match beat down by Rusev drew a major crowd response. My favorite was all the USA chants for a match with no Americans in it. Rusev won by submission with the Accolade. Post match bragging by Rusev brought out Titus, who beat down Rusev and raised Sin Cara’s hand. Titus was HUGE live and Rusev was actually smaller than he looks on TV.

7. Roman Reigns beat Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Sheamus in a Fatal 4-Way to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. No real heel heat for anyone. Roman was SUPER over with no boos but AJ and Seth Rollins both got a loud mixed reaction while Sheamus got the “just go away” heat. Roman got the win with a pinfall over Seth. Reigns then gave the entire crowd hand slaps and signed everything in sight to send the crowd home happy. The match was sorta disappointing with lots of brawling with no real signature moves and only about 15 minutes long, but it did send the crowd home happy with a Reigns win.

Amarillo is a more traditional town when it comes to wrestling. The Funks ran shows here for almost 50 years. The crowd cheered the heels and booed the heels. Even if a match didn’t start that way, the wrestlers turned them very quickly. The best match was the women’s match. No bad matches but no really great ones, but they kept it entertaining. If I didn’t have such a fantastic seat and didn’t work the crowd so much cheering all the heels I think I would have been disappointed.

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