Gutteridge’s WWE NXT Hit List: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson, Asuka vs. Eva Marie, and the Hype Bros vs. Blake and Murphy

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Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson: Swagsuke doing Swagsuke things, at the expense of The Drifter. I’m down. It wasn’t as enjoyable as Shinsuke’s first NXT TV match against Tye Dillinger, but it was still fun. I wonder who his first feud will be against, especially given the situation on top with Samoa Joe now holding the NXT title.

The Revival vs. Jeff Parker and Chad Lee: A minor Hit, but this was a nice reset for the Revival after losing the NXT Tag Titles. They looked super aggressive and mean in their squash match, and Dawson’s post match promo was simple but effective.

Carmella vs. Aliyah: Don’t mistake this for anything other than a minuscule Hit, but considering I said aloud “This is going to be ugly” when Aliyah came down, this wasn’t terrible! Nothing noteworthy really, just a bit of a shocker for not sucking.

NXT TV Misses

Overall Show: A minor Miss. There were more positive matches than not, but once again this felt like a wheel spinning show post Takeover: Dallas, as opposed to anything substantial. Business better pick up next week with the return to Full Sail.

Asuka vs. Eva Marie: How was this anything other than a 30-second squash by Asuka? I can’t believe anyone thought that Marie getting extended time on offense was a good idea. Even the post match interaction between Asuka and Nia Jax was awkward. The very definition of a Miss.

Hype Bros vs. Blake and Murphy: Don’t worry Hype Bros fan (singular), it seems the team is still together! This was such a nothing tag match, with two teams who very much feel like outliers to the NXT “Tag Team revolution”.

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