Dixie Carter could reportedly lose control of TNA

Logo_TNA_dn_600TNA president Dixie Carter could lose majority control of TNA if she is unable to make a payment to Aroluxe, a Tennessee based marketing and production company, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com. TNA has been in business with Aroluxe since January, and the report indicates that if a payment is not made by TNA to the company by a Tuesday or Wednesday deadline, the company could take majority control of Impact.

Powell’s POV: What a mess. Dixie Carter has been talking with various potential investors, presumably with the goal of maintaining control of the company. Of course, the big question is why anyone would be willing to invest in a company controlled by her given all of the problems they currently have. It’s always possible that Carter could sell the company and use some of the money to make the payment to Aroluxe. It’s also worth noting that Dave Meltzer has a story at F4WOnline.com that has details on Aroluxe. At this point, neither Carter nor TNA have issued any comment on the matter. You can learn more about Aroluxe and see former pro wrestlers Ron and Don Harris featured on the “Aro Team” at Aroluxe.com/.

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