Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca Jr., and Prince Puma vs. Cage, Johnny Mundo, and Taya, Killshot vs. Argenis, wrestler looks like a watermelon and wears a toy dragon


By John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca Jr, and Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage: This was an extremely fun match that brought us back to what makes Lucha Underground great, and that’s just pure fun action. Some teams promote themselves based on star power and Rey brings all of the star power, Puma provides the guaranteed perfection in the ring, while Azteca provides potential and athleticism. That trio raises the bar even before they step in the ring. Mundo, Cage, and Taya are gym specimens with Mundo and Cage having mad agility. Put all of that together and the action never stops. What made this main event refreshing was three weeks in a row of mundane Matanza main events. The hope was real when concerning the Trios Tournament that brought great matches last year. So far so good, and when the Crew can deliver a great trios match it’s almost guaranteed that this great in ring action will continue with Rey’s team leading the charge. Even the Disciples of Death who lose all of the time will put on a good match.

El Texano Jr. vs Daga: This is a minor Hit solely based on in-ring quality for an undercard match. You can point to the crowd reaction with this match and the one preceding and know that this is the one that caught the crowd’s attention. Daga started with the Lucha and showed some of his technical prowess later on in the match. Texano showed us what made him a good wrestler and we forget that sometimes since Blue Demon and Chavo Guerrero aren’t great opponents to spotlight your talents against (namely Blue Demon, that thing was dreadful!). I feel a bit bad for Daga since he mostly loses in Mexico and continues to lose here. Think Justin Gabriel who continues to lose as “The Darewolf”. It was also odd that even though he loses a lot (based on a lot of AAA matches that I watched in the past few years), they called him a “sensation”.

Lucha Underground Misses

Killshot vs. Argenis: There was a lot of strange here in this match. The first thing that was strange was the sudden character shift in Killshot. The “new” Killshot looks great, but the old Killshot was so lame that it hurts new Killshot. The crowd sold this and it could be assumed it was due all of the loses he has accumulated. This match also had some of the strangest announcing that I’ve seen in a while with Striker and Vamp laying it on thick with the military thing. It was getting to comical levels that distracted from the match. Striker also goes from saying that he doesn’t understand the character shift on the onset to saying that he talked to Killshot about the military later on. This was a decent enhancement match, but overall odd with all of the intangibles.

Dragon Azteca Jr’s Gear: When I first saw this guy wrestle, I thought he looked like some kind of tropical fruit. Dot Net Staffer Will Pruett put it best when he said that Dragon Azteca Jr looked like a human watermelon. The attire reached new levels of hilarious when he came out wearing some kind of children’s dragon toy on his head. This costume was made more disappointing due to the badass dragon, Drago, having such a badass dragon costume. Maybe the problem is that Lucha Underground has two dragons now. Let’s also note that I’ve seen him at later tapings and the cartoon dragon pelt isn’t going away any time soon!


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