04/04 Powell’s WWE Raw Live TV Review: The night after WrestleMania 32

Logo_Raw_dnBy Jason Powell

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WWE Raw on the USA Network
Aired live from Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center

[Q1] Raw opened with a WrestleMania video that concluded with Roman Reigns holding up the title… The Raw opening video aired… Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton were on commentary. “A WrestleMania hangover?” Cole asked. “No way.” They addressed the live crowd by saying they are some of the most passionate fans in the WWE Universe. Saxton said they are exercising their freedom of expression. JBL said most of all the fans are having fun…

Vince McMahon made made his entrance and delivered a promo on the stage. Once his music stopped, the live crowd continued singing “No Chance in Hell.” Vince said that’s exactly the chances his son had against Undertaker. “How about that WrestleMania?” Vince said. There were some boos. Vince said he took care of the lockbox this morning. He said no one has anything on him and they never will again.

Vince spoke about his grandsons appearing with Shane. He said there was one moment where he actually felt something for Shane. He said it was when Shane was at the top of the cage and he didn’t want him to jump. Vince said he gained some respect for just how much Shane wanted it, but it also reenforced just how foolish he is. Vince heard a chant and asked what they were saying. The crowd was chanting “Better Than Roman.” Vince said it was a crazy crowd and it always is. He said they do and say “nutty things.” Vince told them it’s one that they will never, ever forget. Vince’s music played, but it was cut off.

Shane McMahon’s music played and he walked gingerly onto the stage. There was a “Shane-O-Mac” chant. Vince questioned what Shane was doing and said he assumed he would be in a hospital bed. The crowd chanted “Thank you, Shane.” Shane, who had a big bruise on the side of his face, thanked the crowd.

Vince said he had a couple things to say. First, he’s the only man in the family and they do things face to face. Shane shook Vince’s hand and said he won. Shane thanked the fans and said what they gave him is something he will never forget. The fans chanted “You’ve still got it.” Vince told the fans not to enable him that way and said Shane got the hell beat out of him because of the fans. Shane said he just wanted to say thank you and goodbye. Shane’s music played while the fans motioned and yelled “no.” Vince stopped him and said “nobody upstages me.”

Vince said he always wondered how nonsensical it would be if Shane ran Raw. The fans chanted “Let him run it.” Vince responded by saying, “Alright, let’s see what the hell you’ve got, come on, go.” The fans roared. Shane smiled as he looked to the crowd, which changed “Yes!” Shane pumped his fist and then pounded his chest before limping backstage…

The broadcast team spoke about Shane taking control for the night. JBL praised Vince as the greatest father. New Day interrupted the broadcast team with their entrance for the tag title match. Xavier Woods played the trombone while holding a giant piece of BootyO’s from their entrance at WrestleMania. The fans cheated on Bayley by chanting, “Hey, we want some New Day.”

[Q2] New Day spoke about their night at WrestleMania. They were happy they hung out with Shawn Michaels. Xavier Woods said that after reviewing the tape, it was his fault that he took a Stunner from Steve Austin. He said it was lit. Big E said the piece of cereal was the last. Woods said they would face League of Booty and walk out “still your” and then the crowd filled in the tag champs part. They led the fans in a “New Day Rocks” chant heading into the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: A good opening segment as far as catering to the fans. I believe that’s the first time we’ve heard the lockbox mentioned since the night Shane returned. The logic for Shane taking control is silly. Plus, the idea that whatever Shane would have had planned could still take place is flawed if you think about it. Guess what? It doesn’t matter to the live crowd and probably to most viewers.

League of Nations made their entrance, and then broadcast members from other countries were shown calling the show at ringside…

1. Big E and Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Sheamus and King Barrett (w/Rusev, Alberto Del Rio) for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Sheamus wore red trunks and kneepads with black boots. Kofi jumped out to a fast start on Sheamus, but Sheamus ended up shoving him off the top rope thanks to a distraction from his sidekicks. Barrett mocked Big E by swiveling his hips just as he would. Kingston was down at ringside in front of Rusev and Del Rio heading into the break. [C]

[Q3] In the end, Kingston and E hit their Big Ending combo finisher on Barrett and got the win. Cole noted that it’s 225 days and counting for New Day as champions.

New Day defeated Sheamus and King Barrett to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship in 8:45.

Afterward, Sheamus yelled to turn “that crap off” in reference to New Day’s music. Sheamus said they are a group of the greatest athletes from around the world. He said they should be destroying everybody in WWE. He said there’s something wrong. The live crowd chanted Enzo Amore’s “How You Doin’?” at Sheamus, who let it play out. Sheamus said you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Rusev and Del Rio grabbed Barrett, and then Sheamus gave him a Brogue Kick. They all kicked him to ringside. The fans sang the “goodbye” song.

The Wyatt Family video flashed and then they were in the ring fighting with the remaining League of Nations members. The crowd amused themselves while the Wyatts destroyed League of Nations. Wyatt eventually performed Sister Abigail on Sheamus. The fans chanted, “Thank you, Wyatts” as they struck their pose and Wyatt yelled, “Follow the buzzards”… [C]

Powell’s POV: Being kicked out of League of Nations is like being cut by the Cleveland Browns. Are the Wyatts going to run roughshod tonight or was this a step toward them becoming babyfaces? It sure didn’t seem like the beginning of a feud given that it was such a lopsided attack without a real out for League of Nations getting their asses kicked.

A WrestleMania recap aired with still shots from the event… Backstage, Renee Young caught up with Vince McMahon, who was about to leave in his limo. She asked if he was leaving because he’s confident in Shane running Raw. Vince laughed and said he’s leaving because it will be a disaster and he doesn’t want to witness the ship going down. Vince said it’s only temporary, then yelled out to his driver Pedro…

Powell’s POV: So that’s what happened to Pedro Morales.

The broadcast team spoke briefly to emphasize that Shane being in control was only temporary…

In the ring, Summer Rae said things would have gone differently if she was in control of her team at WrestleMania. She said at least she didn’t end up face down like Sasha Banks, whom she accused of wasting a Mania moment. Sasha made her entrance for a match. Sasha took the mic, said she’s still the boss, and slapped Summer…

2. Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae. Cole said the official presentation of the new women’s championship will take place later tonight. Sasha won quickly with the Bank Statement…

Sasha Banks beat Summer Rae in 1:45.

Cole said that if you haven’t been watching NXT on Wednesday nights on WWE Network, then you’ve been missing out on Apollo Crews. He said Apollo’s debut is up next. Backstage, Shane bumped fists with Crews…

Powell’s POV: So does that mean Shane is giving us the gift of Crews or was Crews going to wrestle anyways? Will there be a signature Shane moment or is he booking matches?

[Q4] 3. Apollo Crews vs. Tyler Breeze. Crews flipped over Breeze from the apron and then turned around and ate a nice superkick from Breeze, who got a two count. Breeze yelled, “It’s about me.” Crews caught him with a kick, performed a gorilla press, and then performed a nice standing moonsault. Crews finished him off with a spin-out powerbomb. JBL said Crews has mega-star written all over him…

Apollo Crews beat Tyler Breeze in 1:45.

A video package recapped Roman Reigns and Charlotte appearing on NBC’s “Today” earlier today… Cole hyped the official presentation of the women’s championship to Charlotte. Saxton said viewers will hear from Roman Reigns after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: A nice debut for Crews, and Breeze did a really nice job of shining him up. The live crowd wasn’t as hot for Crews as I assumed they would be, but they were responsive to his big moves. We’ve already seen Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch was pinned last night. Will Bayley crash Charlotte’s party? Are they really going to have Reigns speak in front of the night after WrestleMania crowd? Good. It beats the hell out of the fear booking they went with heading into WrestleMania.

[Q5] Roman Reigns made his entrance and was booed loudly. Roman smirked as he headed to the ring. Cole said it was a “very passionate crowd.” JBL said these fans cheer guys who are normally booed and boo people who are normally cheered.

Powell’s POV: Oh, is that what they do, JBL? Bullshit. They cheer the people they like whether they are babyfaces or heels.

Reigns entered the ring and said: “Aww, come on. I’m not a bad guy. I’m not a good guy. I’m the guy.” Roman laughed at his own line. Roman said that’s why he beat Triple H’s ass at the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Reigns said he told Shane McMahon that he was going to the ring and if anybody wants it, bring their asses out right now. Reigns placed the title over the top rope.

Chris Jericho’s music played and he walked out to a pretty flat reaction wearing a leather jacket, a scarf, and tight pants. Jericho said Reigns says he’s the guy, but Jericho said he’s just a guy. Jericho said he’s seen him come and go. The fans chanted something. Jericho told the fans they’re not going to highjack the show on his watch.

Jericho boasted that he buried AJ Styles on the biggest WrestleMania ever. Jericho demanded that Reigns put him at the head of the line for a title shot and asked if he understood what he was saying to him. AJ Styles music played and he made his entrance to an initial pop that faded quickly. Kevin Owens made his entrance to a huge pop. Owens limped to the ring as Cole spoke about the ladder match. Owens pointed at the title belt.

Sami Zayn made his entrance and the fans sang along with his entrance theme. Sami pointed at the title belt. Reigns gave him the brushoff. Sami and Owens fought. Jericho and Styles fought. Zayn got the better of Owens and then performed a dive to ringside. Styles ended up at ringside and Jericho was jawing at him. When Jericho turned around, Reigns speared him. The crowd booed loudly…

The broadcast team spoke at ringside, then recapped Vince putting Shane in charge… Saxton hyped The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz in a tables match for later in the show… [C]

Powell’s POV: This crowd would have went absolutely insane for AJ Styles a couple months ago. They still dig him, but their tame reaction for him really illustrates how much steam he’s lost since his hot Royal Rumble debut. Meanwhile, did Shane book the tables match that was announced prior to Raw? Shane’s Raw seems just like his father’s Raw so far.

[Q6] More still shots from WrestleMania aired…

Backstage, Reigns was walking with the title when Shane McMahon approached him and congratulated him on becoming champion. Shane booked the obvious four-way match to determine the number one contender. Reigns was cool with it…

Baron Corbin made his entrance and stood next to The Dre trophy and struck the same pose. The announcers narrated still shots of the battle royal. Corbin said for those of you that don’t know him, he doesn’t care. He said he’s caused a path of devastation and broken dreams to get “here” and then said his arrival signals the end of days for anyone who gets in his way…

4. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got some offense, but then Corbin caught him with a punch that knocked him off the apron heading into the break. [C] Ziggler had a run of offense, but Corbin cut him off with the Deep Six side slam for a two count. A short time later at ringside, Corbin gave Ziggler a big boot that knocked him over the barricade. Corbin went after Ziggler and both men were counted out.

After the match, Corbin barked at the official that “This is on you.” Corbin took Ziggler back to ringside. Ziggler threw some punches at him, then Corbin performed the End of Days on the floor. Corbin looked down and smiled at Ziggler before heading to the back…

Baron Corbin fought Dolph Ziggler to a double count-out in 8:05.

The broadcast team hyped details on what happened in the Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose match at WrestleMania…

Powell’s POV: WWE sent the wrong message by cutting to commercial during Corbin’s first Raw match. He’s a big man heel and they kill any sense of danger by going to break. It tells viewers that he’s not that unpredictable or must see. I’m also not big on Corbin having a competitive match with Ziggler, who loses as many matches as he wins. I blame Shane!!! At least End of Days on the floor looked good.

[Q7] Zack Ryder made his entrance to a solid reaction and the broadcast team team recapped his ladder match win. JBL said Cinderella has an ugly beard. The fans chanted, “You deserve it.” Ryder said last night was the greatest night of his life. He said all of his wildest dreams came true and he finally had his WrestleMania moment.

Ryder showed a picture on the big screen of Razor Ramon letting a young Ryder hold his Intercontinental Title. Ryder showed another picture of Razor holding his IC Title last night. Ryder thanked his father for taking him to MSG and always encouraging him. The Miz made his entrance in a glorious gold jacket and said Ryder ruined his WrestleMania moment. “Sucks to be you, bro,” Ryder told him.

Miz said it doesn’t suck to be him. Miz said that if Ryder wants to prove he deserves to be mentioned with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, and The Miz, then he’ll defend the title. Ryder started to talk, but Miz cut him off and said he would send him back to his goofy old man and asked if he was all hype. “Woo woo woo, let’s do this,” Ryder said…

5. Zack Ryder vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Title. There was a “Let’s Go Ryder, woo woo woo” chant. Ryder caught Miz at ringside with a kick through the ropes heading into a break. [C]

[Q8] Miz avoided the Rough Ryder. Ryder rolled him up for a two count. Miz went for a suplex. Ryder countered into a neckbreaker for two. Miz caught Ryder going to the top rope. They fought on the ropes with Ryder knocking Miz down and then performing a top rope elbow. Miz broke a pin by putting his foot on the rope.

A short time later, Ryder went for the Broski Boot, but Miz rolled to the floor. Ryder followed and ended up being dropped on the barricade in front of his father. Miz and Zack’s Goofy Dad bickered. Zack’s dad called Miz a has-been and eventually pushed him over. Ryder took control of the match. Maryse showed up and slapped Zack’s goofy dad. In the ring, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale to win the IC Title for the fifth time. Miz and Maryse kissed in the ring afterward…

The Miz defeated Zack Ryder to win the Intercontinental Title.

Powell’s POV: Please let this lead to Ryder and his Goofy Dad vs. Miz and his Awesome Dad.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Kevin Owens, who asked if it was fair that he lost the title in a match with six other men and ladders. Owens said he didn’t lose the title, Zayn robbed him of it. Owens said he’s on to bigger and better things. Owens said he’s going to take the WWE Championship. He said Sami may have cost him the IC Title, but he’s not costing him the WWE Title. He said the road to KOMania II begins tonight.

Backstage, Shane McMahon shook hands with Charlotte and Ric Flair. The broadcast team said the formal presentation is up next… More WrestleMania still shots aired…

Powell’s POV: Shane’s character hasn’t made much of a splash. Does he get credit for having Bayley crash Charlotte’s party?

Cole hyped The Vaudevillains for Thursday’s Smackdown as footage of the duo aired…

[Q9] Lita stood in the ring with the rest of the Divas, er, female wrestlers (Paige, Tamina, Naomi, Lana, Summer Rae, Natalya, Eva Marie, Emma, Alicia Fox, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks). Lita said she didn’t have many role models to look up to, but that’s not the case at all today. The new title belt was on the podium. “We’re going to formally do this,” Lita said before introducing the women’s championship title and then Charlotte as the women’s champion. Cole narrated still shots of the women’s title match at WrestleMania.

Charlotte and Ric Flair made their entrance and Charlotte held up the title belt in the ring. The fans chanted, “Hey, we want some Bayley.” Charlotte smiled and nodded at them. She said the moment is about gratitude and the superstars in the ring. She said it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the fans because they believed in the women. The fans were singing. Charlotte smiled again and asked about the lyrics. Charlotte held the title up and said it’s the future. The crowd stopped being self indulgent and chanted “women’s wrestling.”

Charlotte went back to her promo by saying she wouldn’t have gone down in history if it wasn’t for her father. She told Flair that her daughter is finally immortalized. Charlotte said the energy of the fans who attended WrestleMania fueled her victory. They cut to a shot of an angry Lynch, who has a shiner. Charlotte gloated about how she’s been in WWE for less than a year yet is the women’s champion.

Charlotte told Sasha and Becky that “we did it.” She added, “Well, I did it, but we did it.” They were the first to leave and then the rest of the women left. Charlotte told them to show some respect for their women’s champion and said, “Unity, unity.” Funny. Natalya grabbed a mic and said that Charlotte needs to learn a thing or two about humility. Charlotte condescendingly asked if she is going to teach her a lesson. Natalya spoke briefly about her family. Charlotte said her title means her family will always be better. Natalya put Charlotte in the Sharpshooter, but Flair pulled her daughter to the floor…

Backstage, Young interviewed AJ Styles about how he’s handling his loss at WrestleMania. Styles said it’s a new beginning and Shane McMahon brings change by running Raw. Styles said he didn’t come to WWE to lose one match at WrestleMania and then fade away. He said he came to be the champion and tonight begins the era of phenomenal…

Cole hyped the tables match for after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: Sure enough, Cole credited Shane with the tables match even though it was announced prior to Raw. Charlotte is a strong top heel, but the segment was a little clunky. I like that the other women walked off and didn’t just stand there and take it like Sasha and Becky did during the WrestleMania build. I am also anxious to see Bayley on the main roster, but not so anxious that I can’t wait until they can get it right.

[Q10] A video aired with tropical music and scenery. Primo and Epico spoke about how Puerto Rico is always beautiful “unlike where you live.” They called it the shining star of the Caribbean”…

6. The Uso Brothers vs. The Dudleys in a tables match. The Dudleys dominated early and performed the Whassup spot. Bubba started to tell D-Von to get the table, then stopped and said, “screw you” to the fans. They both went to ringside to get the table. The Usos dove dove onto them at ringside heading into the break.

There was a loud Nakamura chant coming out of the break. They Dudleys tried to suplex one of the Usos through a table, but the other brother moved the table. Later, the Usos hit simultaneous superkicks on the Dudleys that knocked them to ringside. They ran the barricade Jeff Hardy style and clotheslined both Dudleys. Back inside the ring, the Usos put the Dudleys on tables and went for top rope splashes, but both Dudleys moved and the Usos crashed through the tables to lose the match…

The Dudleys beat The Usos in a tables match in 8:45.

Backstage, Young interviewed Zayn, who said they call him the underdog from the underground. He said he spent 14 years underground before he ever got to WWE. He said a lot of people never thought he’d make it to WWE let alone getting a shot at the title. He said he thought last night was big, but tonight is even bigger because it could dictate the course of his career. He said he needs to win to prove that he belongs in the main event.

[Q11] Owens showed up and attacked Zayn and ended up powerbombing him through a table. Zayn held his left arm heading into the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: I liked the Zayn promo and the Owens attack, but this show is going downhill. At this point, I hope that they are lulling us to sleep because they have a big angle planned for the end of the night. Remember how flat the show was when The Nexus debuted out of nowhere? Maybe there’s a reason that they made a point of showing Vince McMahon leaving for the night.

The broadcast team recapped the Owens and Zayn angle. JBL said it looks like it will be a Triple Threat because he doesn’t think Owens can make it…

The Dudleys were still at ringside jawing with fans when Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady’s entrance routine played. Cole said they have been called the most popular tag team in NXT history. Enzo and Cass walked past the Dudleys and headed to the ring for their entrance routine, which the Dudleys watched from the ramp. The crowd chanted “How you doin’?” Enzo said he’s Smack Talker Skywalker and he’s got a mic saber for haters.

Enzo looked at the Dudleys and said it looks like they have a couple of haters. He said hate aint’ nothing but love disguised by jealousy. He said he’d be jealous too because they are ugly as hell. Enzo said he has the gift of gab and the gift of jab, and he said he would put D-Von’s lazy eye “right back to work.” Enzo told Bubba to fall back like his hairline. The crowd sang Enzo’s name.

Cass said it seemed like The Dudleys didn’t like what Enzo was saying. He told them to come to the ring and do something about it. The Dudleys headed to the ring, climbed on the apron, and then blew them off. Cass said there’s only one word to describe them. The crowd chanted along with the SAWFT chant. Cole said they are an acquired taste. Saxton did the SAWFT line per Cole’s request…

Powell’s POV: If they want Enzo and Cass to fail miserably, then keep having Byron impersonate them. They definitely picked the right crowd for the Enzo and Cass debut. Only time will tell whether the masses will get behind their fun act. JBL took the words right out of Vince’s mouth when he said, “Look at the size of Cass.”

The broadcast team narrated still shots of Cena’s return at WrestleMania… A graphic hyped the main event and had a question mark listed in place of Zayn… [C]

[Q12] Still shots aired from WrestleMania as that hideous song played for hopefully the last time ever on Raw… The Miz vs. Ryder for the Intercontinental Title was announced for Smackdown… Dr. Phil was announced as the special guest host of next week’ show…

Powell’s POV: Maryse was shown with Miz in the graphic, so perhaps she’s back as a regular part of her husband’s act.

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Saxton said someone will take Sami’s spot. Once Jericho, Styles, and Owens were in the ring, it was announced that Zayn was not medically cleared. However, Shane McMahon had booked a replacement. Cesaro’s music played and the crowd popped big. Cesaro walked out wearing a suit. He tore away the pants and was down to his ring gear quickly…

7. Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles in a four-way to determine the No. 1 contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cole and Saxton praised Shane for the Cesaro move and said he’s done a “pretty good job tonight.” JBL reminded them it was temporary. Owens and Jericho ended up at ringside early. Cesaro performed a spinning backbreaker on Styles, who kicked out of a pin heading into the break. [C]

[Overrun] They set up a big tower of doom spot on the ropes with Cesaro at the bottom and Styles taking the big bump from the top. Owens hit a couple of cannonballs, but Styles cut him off with a kick. Cesaro threw Styles into the air and hit him with an uppercut on the way down. Later, Styles performed the springboard 450 onto Jericho, who was then pulled to ringside by Cesaro to break up the pin.

Cesaro hit a bunch of running uppercuts on each opponent in three different corners. Jericho kicked him to break up the grand finale. However, Cesaro came back at Jericho with the Cesaro Swing. He got to ten rotations before Owens broke it up with a kick. Owens caught Styles on the rope and powerbomed him, but Jericho broke up the pin attempt. Jericho followed up with a Codebreaker on Owens and covered him, but Cesaro broke it up.

At 14:30, Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho on Cesaro, who powered out and then countered into the Sharpshooter. Styles springboarded his way into the ring and took a forearm shot at Cesaro to break it up. Owens went after Styles, who sent him to ringside with a Pele kick. Jericho caught Styles with a Codebreaker and covered him, but Styles kicked out at two. The fans chanted “this is awesome.” Jericho told them to shut up, which was truly awesome. A short time later, Styles hit the Styles Clash on Jericho for the win. Styles celebrated while Cole and company hyped Reigns vs. Styles and then closed the show…

AJ Styles beat Chris Jericho, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens in a four-way in 16:40 to become No. 1 contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Powell’s POV: A very good match to close the show. There’s only so excited I can get about a four-way to determine which wrestler gets to lose to Roman first. That said, I am looking forward to seeing what type of match Reigns and Styles can have. Let the fan speculation begin regarding something involving Styles and his old running matches from the Bullet Club, who surprisingly did not debut this weekend while so many others did.

Overall, the show was filled with wrestlers debuting from NXT and it played to a hot crowd, yet there were still gaps where it felt like they lost a lot of momentum before the hot main event. I like the wrestlers they called up, but I can’t help but feel like the best the NXT has to offer didn’t get the call. I’ll talk more about that later tonight in Dot Net Members’ audio. Thanks for watching along with me.


Readers Comments (10)

  1. Tonight would be different from last night…you have grow men chanting YES! YES! YES!…so I expect the majority boos

  2. Seems that if people want change in WWE it’s going to require forcing it with our wallets. I encourage everyone who’s pissed about the current direction by not watching RAW or watching it on internet livestreams if you must. Not buying tickets to events and not getting the network. Again livestream if you have to. Obviously, just voicing our opinions is accomplishing nothing. Got hurt their bottom line.

  3. What I wouldn’t give for someone to shut JBL up!

  4. This is why I don’t watch Raw and Smackdown. It’s usually this bad, and tonight is showing that.

  5. Ok, the constant what is Shane doing digs are getting more annoying than JBLs commentary Powell!

  6. What’s wrong with JBL said, you cheer new day, seth rollins, brock lesner as heels turning them babyface. Cheer kevin owen having the general audience confused about sami zayn feud. Cheered the Wyatt family…but boo cena, reigns and i heard the even booed the US champion Mexican wrestler before raw went on the air. Yeah you like them, but when you get called on it…dont be surprised

    • JBL spends far too much time trying to insult Byron with insults that aren’t even funny, over talks Cole and then screams into the mic. He comes across as a childish has-been with all of his references to matches he’s been in followed by weak insults. Having to listen to him for 3 hours is painful.

  7. Cancelling my WWE network subscription tonight. Wrestlemania was bad, Raw wasn’t any better, and they don’t seem to care about ratings, so directly removing money from their bank and leaving it in mine seems like the only way to get the point across.

  8. CactusJackRules April 4, 2016 @ 11:18 pm

    Bored to hell and back with this so called wrasslin product. VKM is a legend in his own mind yet has slowly let his ego get in the way of common sense. Anyone over with the crowd is buried, yet the two moves guy is champ. Cesaro, KO, Brock, Bray and countless others who would carry the title in better matches and programs all have to stay in the background behind the no charisma current chump, and not to forget super Cena waiting to return and bore us even more. But hey for just $9.99 we can all follow along, or do what I do … follow the PPV’s on PW Dot Net, and DVR Raw and Smackdown to fast forward through the mindless 90% of weekly drivel.

  9. Fernando Rocha April 5, 2016 @ 7:28 am

    I really love how “fans” pay money for the network, buy tickets to the show, buy merchandise, and somehow still bitch about “the current direction” the WWE is going. It seems like no matter what direction the writers try to go, the “fans” will boo it. And why? So they can “hijack the show”. They should get “fans” to write a few shows. And see what happens when that “direction” gets booed.

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