Venue rumored to serve as a physical WWE Hall of Fame rumored for a different project

HallofFameWWE_dnThe NBA City venue in Orlando, Florida that has been rumored as a possible location for a WWE Hall of Fame is now rumored to become something else entirely. Biz Journals’ Richard Bilbao reports that the site may become a Universal-themed concept. Read more at

Powell’s POV: Brian Fritz, who interviewed Vince McMahon for the Orlando Sentinel at the WrestleMania 33 press conference, told me during Wednesday’s Dot Net Weekly audio show that there was no buzz about a physical Hall of Fame amongst WWE or Orlando city officials on Tuesday. We spoke about the rumored NBA City venue and Brian questioned whether it would be big enough to house a Hall of Fame and restaurant as rumored. Follow Brian’s work at If you would like to hear the 74-minute edition of Dot Net Weekly in which Brian takes us behind the scenes of his interview with Vince McMahon, sign up for Dot Net Membership today via the Dot Net Members’ Signup Page.

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