Batista told Titus O’Neil to ask for his release from WWE

Former WWE Champion Dave Bautista was asked on Twitter to contact WWE and protest the suspension of Titus O’Neil. “I did something better,” Batista wrote. “I called @TitusONeilWWE and told him to ask to be released.” Follow Batista online at

Powell’s POV: The 90-day suspension certainly seems extreme given that it is three times the length of a Wellness Policy violation. In fact, 72 percent of the voters in our poll today say that he should not have been punished whatsoever if he was being playful when he grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm at the end of Daniel Bryan’s segment. 21 percent have voted that Titus should have been punished, yet the punishment he received was too severe. Only a combined six percent feel that the punishment was appropriate or not severe enough. Jake Barnett and I discussed the situation along with CM Punk’s back surgery and more in today’s Daily All Access Podcast.

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  1. To those saying he shouldn’t be punished, you do it. Go up to the CEO of your company, grab their arm, and yank them around and see what happens. You’d probably be fired.

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