Dot Net Awards: 2015 Best Babyface

Dot Net readers voted on a variety of 2015 awards throughout the month of January. The following are the results of our poll for Best Babyface. Thanks to everyone who took part in the voting.

(1) Bayley (40 percent)
(2) Dean Ambrose (10 percent)
(3) John Cena (7 percent)
(4) Finn Balor (7 percent)
(5) Brock Lesnar (6 percent)
Others: 30 percent

John Moore’s Thoughts: It’s Bayley, it can only be Bayley. Bayley is the babyface of the year because her pure connection with the crowd. It was said on Breaking Ground, little girls to grown ass men are wearing Bayley headbands and Bayley hugger T-Shirts. Every person who sees Bayley perform can help but connect with her and her passion for wrestling. This tale of the underdog was told well in NXT. She had fight mean girl, after mean girl to get to the top. She was knocked down many times, but every time she was knocked down, she got back up. Bayley is an inspiration and that inspiration is a babyface that’s a role model for children all across the world who go through similar adversities.

Jake Barnett’s Thoughts: Who is the most genuinely likable character is wrestling right now? For me, the answer is Bayley. She legitimately makes people happy and cheerful, and they love to watch her compete and win. It took a lot of hard work for Bayley to strike the right tone with her character, and 2015 was the year that she reaped the benefits of all of it.

Zack Zimmerman’s Thoughts: Bayley. Bayley is a gem. She had time to build a foundation for the past couple of years and watching her blossom into the character and performer she’s become is truly remarkable. Her ability to connect with fans of all demographics is something special and a potential gold mine if marketed properly. Her story hit a wonderful climax this year with her championship chase and huge win, and continues to evolve with each successful defense. Bayley is a delight to watch, a joy to root for, and a people’s champion. No question she was the best babyface of the year.

Will Pruett’s Thoughts: It is a serious challenge to find a quality babyface anywhere on the WWE roster. People like Brock Lesnar, but he doesn’t need them to. John Cena is supposed to be a good guy, but he doesn’t always act like one. Roman Reigns is nothing like a top babyface. This is a serious challenge. I understand why the voting has gone with Bayley, arguably the top star on NXT. Bayley is everything a top babyface should be. She draws her strength from her fans. She continuously does the right thing. She is more than deserving of this award.

Haydn Gleed’s Thoughts: Because of the injury to Daniel Bryan and the mega push to the computer game warrior Roman Reigns that has overshadowed all other babyfaces in the company, I’m afraid I will have to look outside of the main roster of WWE for the winner in this category. Sami Zayn would have been a shoe in for this award had he stayed in NXT and been healthy for most of 2015. I’m having difficulty overlooking Finn Balor as he has put on great matches with all comers and his entrance is super over, but I’m going to be unconventional and go for Dalton Castle. He has come from seemingly nowhere and been the babyface that when I watch him both pre and during the match, not only am I entertained but I connect with his character because he is so believable and clearly all in with the person he’s playing, and for me that’s a rarity in wrestling these days. Therefore despite it being a coin toss between Finn and Dalton, I’m giving my vote to the peacock of wrestling.

Darren Gutteridge’s Thoughts: Bayley. The NXT Women’s Champion just “gets” being a babyface. She has every quality parents would want to teach their children – Bayley is humble, determined, positive, and brave. Everyone, across all demographics, can get behind someone like that.

Jason Powell’s Thoughts: The readers nailed it with Bayley as the winner. No other wrestler brought out such genuine emotion from fans. Grown men cried (I had something in my eye) throughout her brilliant journey to the top of the NXT women’s division. She’s the most lovable character to come along in pro wrestling in years. WWE should be able to print money with her on the main roster. Cena gets my vote for second place. I don’t care how many fans booed him, he plays to his fans well. He also went above and beyond by working some memorable matches via the Open Challenge at a time in his career when he could have coasted on his past success. Daniel Bryan gets my third place vote and I’m sure he would have finished higher if he had been around all year. Rockstar Spud deserved a spot in the top five. Those of you who did not watch TNA missed out on a tremendous underdog character and some of the best mic work of the year.


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