1/9 WWE in Bossier City results: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship, Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio, Rusev vs. Ryback

WWE Live Event
Bossier City, Louisiana
Report by Dot Net reader Josh Leatherwood

JoJo announced John Cena would not appear and started to talk about refunds. Alberto Del Rio interrupted and cut a promo. Chris Jericho came out and challenged him .

1. Chris Jericho beat Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match. Jericho started off strong. Del Rio ducked out and tried to go through the crowd. Jericho chased him, but the ref made him go back in the ring. Del Rio climbed on the apron and Jericho springboard kicked him off. Jericho hit a crossbody block off the top. Shortly thereafter, Del Rio caught him with the am armbreaker on the rope. Back and forth action after that. Jericho missed the Lionsault. Del Rio hit the Backstabber for a close two. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, but Del Rio got out and locked in a Cross Arm Breaker. Rope break. Del Rio went up top, Jericho crotched him. Del Rio blocked a superplex and left Jericho hanging. Del Rio missed the stomp, and Jericho performed a Codebreaker for the win. The crowd was behind Jericho and booed Del Rio.

2. Titus O’Neil beat Stardust. Sign Guy was in the building and heels ripped up his signs. Lots of Cody chants. Good pop for Titus. Back and forth lockups. Stardust was in control most of the match with Titus hitting random power moves. Titus hit the sit-down powerbomb for the win.

3. R-Truth beat Heath Slater. The crowd sang along with Truth the whole time. There was a small pop for Slater. They had a chant off with the crowd. Great reaction for Truth and hardcore boos for Slater. They had a mini dance off. Kick to the midsection from Slater, but Truth hit his finisher and the match was over after two moves.

4. Kalisto and El Torito defeated Los Matadores. I thought Los Matadores were history. Great pop for Kalisto. El Torito came out to “Bad to the Bone.” Everyone was confused as to why Torito was fighting against the Matadors. Kalisto started out with a matador, who asked for Torito. Torito hit a huracanrana. Los Matadores took over and tossed Torito into the ring from the floor through the second rope. Heavy boos for Los Matadores. Torito hit a vertical suplex on a matador. Very cool spot . Hot tag to Kalisto, who cleaned house. A near fall was broken up by Los Matadores. Torito took out the outside man. Kalisto got the win.

A Connor’s Cure video was shown. I still love that video.

5. Dolph Ziggler beat Tyler Breeze. A huge pop for Dolph. Lots of back and forth to start out. Breeze was chased around the ring. He tried to slide out the other side, pulling the ring skirt into the ring. He threw Dolph into it and Dolph slid down on it and off the ring, which looked really cool. Dolph barely beat the 10 count. Breeze was in control most of the match. Dolph turned it around and got a great near fall after a Fameasser. However, he missed a superkick. Multiple roll up reversals for two counts. Breeze was thrown into ropes and came back into superkick for a close two. Ziggler went up top and was revered by breeze into an Impaler for another great near fall. The crowd was eating it up. Dolph came back with the Zigzag for the win. Dolph is over so huge! How he isn’t pushed harder is just mind-blowing.


6. Brie Bella beat Tamina. Summer Rae was the referee. Tamina controlled the match mostly. Brie hit Brie Mode for a close two. Tamina ended up fighting with Summer, who pushed her into Brie’s finisher, which led to Brie getting the win. The crowd firmly behind Brie and booed Tamina big time.

7. Ryback defeated Rusev (w/Lana). Great pop for Ryback. Lots of boos for Lana and Rusev. Typical match between these two. Power after power and the crowd popped huge for both men. There was a great vertical suplex counterfest. About 10 reversals before Ryback finally hit it. He also performed a Meathook clothesline. Lana distracted and then slapped Ryback. Rusev locked in the Accolade. Ryback broke out and performed Shellshocked for win.

8. Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Dean got the pop of the night easily. Owens was the most over heel. A great back and forth match and the crowd was very into the near falls. Owens hit the Pop Up Powerbomb for a very very close two count. The finish came when Ambrose did his bounce off the ropes into Dirty Deeds.

Overall it was a great show. The building was about 85 percent sold out. I hope we get another televised here soon. Next stop for me, WrestleMania!

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