D-Von Dudley on his current role in WWE, entering the WWE Hall of Fame, the Dudley Boys getting heat in an old school manner

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On current WWE role: “I’m with NXT right now. I’m a coach, behind the scenes. I’m also a producer. I help put the matches together and things like that and I’m actually like, there’s three titles and I always forget. So coach, producer, and, um, I’ll think of the third one later but, um, you know, I’m just having fun, you know, working with the younger talent and, and helping them, to carry on the legacy of pro wrestling. And it’s great. You got myself, Terry Taylor, uh, Fit Finlay, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley. Um, and a lot of the other guys that had moved up from talent to producers, they’re backstage. So, and Shawn Michaels, of course, and Matt Bloom. And, you know, we’re just having a good time and helping these kids get to where they gotta be.”

On the WWE Hall of Fame: Was I surprised that we were going into the hall of fame? No, I knew eventually that would come, but I just didn’t think it would be so early. If you asked me, I would’ve thought we’d, even to this day, we’d still be waiting to get in. I was in India at a live event and I was in my hotel room. We just got done with the live event show and I got to my room. As soon as I walked in the room, I went to go to the bathroom, my phone rang. It was (Mark) Carrano, and I was like, oh shit, am I getting fired? I was like, what’s going on now? And then. He says, Hey brother, he’s like, you busy. I was like, no, what’s up Mark. And he was like, well, I got some good news for you. I was like, what? You firing me and giving me a huge severance pay? He goes, you could only be so lucky. I said, yeah, you’re right. What is it? He said, we’re gonna put you in the hall. We wanna put you and Bubba in the hall of fame. And I just remember putting the phone down and just, you know, thanking God and like, you know, finally. You know, a dream come true, everything, you know, not bad for a little small black kid from Brooklyn growing up in the projects when, you know, that would’ve been unheard of.”

On the Dudley Boys getting heat: “Well, it’s kind of like taking real life. You know, you go into a club, you act like a dick or a jerk, and you know, everybody in the club wants to see you get your ass kicked. Well, that’s what we did. You know, we basically went in, in, we were those guys in the club that walked in and took the needle off the record and turned around and it’s us, and like, okay, what are you gonna do? You know, what are you gonna do about it? And it just started. That’s how we just started riots. We just started them, you know, but you know, us on the mic talking, jumping in people’s faces, daring them to jump the railing, and when some of ’em did, they got their ass whooped. And as time went on a few shows down the line, it was known that the Dudleys didn’t play, it created controversy, you know, and it made people talk. And at that particular point in time, no one had ever done that before. You know, you, the old days of having real heels. Like Freddie Blassie and all of them back in the day, when you read his book and tell you how he had acid thrown on him, because he was hated by the fans, they didn’t do that. You know, during that time before Bubba and I, they didn’t have those type of heels anymore, you know, but Bubba and I brought it to life again.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, ECW, Paul Heyman, Dudley Boys, Bubba Ray Dudley, WWF, WWE Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, his current role in WWE, NXT, TNA, and more.



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