WWE Raw results (5/6): Powell’s live review of Gunther vs. Sheamus, Ricochet vs. Ilja Dragunov, Lyra Valkyria vs. Asuka, Iyo Sky vs. Natalya, and more King and Queen of the Ring matches

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,615)
Hartford, Connecticut at XL Center
Aired live May 6, 2024 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with a video package that recapped WWE Backlash France… Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were on commentary, and Samantha Irvin was the ring announcer…

“The Judgment Day” Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh made their entrance. Dom had his left arm in a sling.

The brackets for the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments was shown for the Raw side. Cole said there would be three televised matches for each tournament and two other matches will be held on live events this weekend. Each tournament has 16 wrestlers. None of the Smackdown matches were listed. Cole noted that Drew McIntyre was out of the tournament due to injury.

Damian Priest said the fans love Jey Uso, but it didn’t matter because he’s still the World Heavyweight Champion. Priest was still upset about Balor and McDonagh interfering in his match with Uso. Balor said they’ve been over it a hundred times and they are sorry.

Priest said he lost his cool after the match and apologized to Balor and McDonagh. Priest apologized to them, saying he appreciates McDonagh and labeled Balor as his brother. All four wrestlers had a group hug.

Balor assumed he would get a bye in the first round of the tournament due to Drew McIntyre’s injury. He said it was the first step in The Prince becoming a king.

Raw general manager Adam Pearce interrupted and said that Balor would not get a first-round bye. Priest told the Judgment Day members to clear the ring. He said Balor’s match was up next and his opponent would be Jey Uso, who then made his entrance heading into a commercial break.

An ad for Smackdown said the King and Queen of the Ring qualifying matches would continue… [C]

Powell’s POV: This segment would have made a lot more sense had WWE not announced Jey as the replacement for McIntyre prior to the show. Meanwhile, we’re getting first-round matches on Raw tonight, yet the Smackdown ad said the qualifying matches would continue. Sloppy.

1. Jey Uso vs. Finn Balor in a King of the Ring tournament first-round match. The other Judgment Day members were not a ringside (but the hydration station was). Jey hit Balor with a suicide dive. Balor returned to the ring and rolled out the other side. Jey jumped off the ring steps and was hit by Balor, who then dumped him over the broadcast table. [C]

Jey hit a top rope crossbody block for a near fall. Balor came back with a clothesline. Jay rallied with a superkick, a clothesline, and another superkick. Balor avoided a top rope move and caught Jey with a dropkick. Balor went for the Coup de Grace, but Jey moved. Jey speared Balor for a good near fall.

Drew McIntyre walked through the crowd and climbed over the barricade, which distracted Jey. Balor rolled up Jey for a two count and then put him back down with a sling blade clothesline. Balor set up for a move, but Jey cut him off with a spear and then pinned him.

Jey Uso defeated Finn Balor in 13:35 to advance to the quarterfinals of the King of the Ring tournament.

After the match, McIntyre entered the ring while Jey made his exit. The updated brackets were shown. Jey will face the winner of Ilja Dragunov vs. Ricochet in the next round…

Separate shots aired of Ivy Nile and Zoey Stark warming up for their match…

Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch was shown walking into the building while McAfee hyped that she would be interviewed by Cole… [C]

Powell’s POV: A good tournament opener. It’s too bad that they couldn’t find room for all of the tournament matches on Raw, but it would have been especially tough to do that on the two-hour Smackdown. In other words, I assume the live events will be getting more even more KOTR and QOTR matches this weekend.

Highlights aired of Gunther beating Sheamus to retain the Intercontinental Title at the 2023 Clash at the Castle and then Cole hyped their rematch for later in the show…

Backstage, Drew McIntyre barked at Adam Pearce about having Jey Uso replace him in the KOTR tournament. Pearce said it wasn’t about Uso, it was about McIntyre’s arm and him not being medically cleared. McIntyre hopped in a sports car and drove away while a QR code flashed on the screen.

CM Punk pulled in right behind McIntyre. Pearce told Punk he was late. Punk said he knew and said it had been a weekend. Punk wondered where McIntyre was. “You just missed him, thank God,” Pearce responded. Punk asked Pearce if they could hit his music because he had something to say. Punk walked past Chad Gable barking at the other Alpha Academy members.

CM Punk made his entrance and went out of his way to shake hands with Samantha Irvin before entering the ring. Punk apologized for showing up late. He said he was locked inside of WWE Headquarters until a few short hours ago. He said it dawned on him that Raw was in Hartford so he drove there to be with “you maniacs.”

Punk said he came to pick a fight, but McIntyre left. He said he could stay long enough for McIntyre to come back. He assumed McIntyre was somewhere reading Twitter and encouraged everyone to tweet photos of him to McIntyre.

Punk said he would hold the show hostage. He said he would ask the fans what they wanted to talk about, “but that’s someone else’s deal.” Punk asked if he could tell the fans a story instead.

Punk recalled tearing his tricep during the Royal Rumble match.He said he thought McIntyre ruined his WrestleMania dream. Punk said he had a good cry and a good surgery and then realized that it only delayed his WrestleMania dream.

Punk said he would be called a five tool player in baseball whereas McIntyre is just a tool. Punk looked at his watch and said, “And we’re waiting.” Punk said McIntyre ran his mouth about how he prayed for him to be injured. Punk said McIntyre picked a fight “with the pettiest man on the roster, maybe even on Earth.”

Punk wondered if McIntyre hates him or hates himself. Punk said McIntyre is a choke artist. Punk checked his watch again. Punk said McIntyre prayed for this and now he broke his elbow. Punk said that he would break McIntyre’s face if he shows up and would then break his heart.

Punk looked at his watch and said McIntyre fears him. Punk’s music played. Punk looked into the camera and said he would find McIntyre, even if he makes him go to Glasgow, Scotland. Punk took a seat on the top turnbuckle and looked at his watch…

Ricochet was interviewed by Cathy Kelley in the backstage area and was asked about facing Ilja Dragunov in a KOTR match. Ricochet was interrupted by Braun Strowman, who hugged him and said it was good to be home. Kelley asked Strowman why he got involved in Judgment Day business last week. Strowman said he always stands up for little guys and can’t stand bullies…

Iyo Sky made her entrance with Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane… [C]

Powell’s POV: So much for Punk highjacking the show. By the way, Punk and Cole both spoke about Punk being locked inside WWE Headquarters over the weekend, but no one ever bothered to actually recap the social media bit.

Natalya made her entrance…

2. Iyo Sky (w/Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai) vs. Natalya in a Queen of the Ring first-round match. Cole said it was the first time that Sky and Natalya had ever met in a match. The match spilled over to ringside where Natalya caught Sky with a kick that sent her into the side of the ring. Back in the ring, Natalya covered Sky for a two count.

Cole spoke about how loud it was in Lyon, France for Backlash while also admitting that he had no idea what the fans were singing and chanting. Sky came back and picked up a two count. [C]

[Hour Two] Natalya superplexed Sky and covered her for a near fall. Sky applied an STF that Natalya escaped. Sky rolled up Natalya and then double stomped her. Sky dropkicked a seated Natalya and then got a two count.

Natalya performed a sit-out powerbomb for a good near fall. Natalya avoided a standing double stomp. Kai climbed onto the apron. Natalya went for a Sharpshooter, but Sky twisted and sent Natalya into the ropes. Sky hit a double knee strike and then hit her top rope moonsault finisher for the three count…

Iyo Sky defeated Natalya in 10:20 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

The updated brackets showed that Sky will face the winner of the Shayna Baszler vs. Zelina Vega match, which will be held at a live event.

In the ring, Kai said they took over two years ago and are now putting everyone on notice. Kai said she would stand in for the injured Asuka in her match against Lyra Valkyria. The fans gave her the “What?” treatment. Kai told Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill to enjoy the titles while they can because they will take everything…

Powell’s POV: Natalya noted on social media today that she has looked forward to this match happening since Sky arrived in WWE. It showed, as both wrestlers worked hard and came through with a nice match. The Asuka injury is new news. I was looking forward to her match with Valkyria as much as any first-round match, so that’s unfortunate. More importantly, here’s hoping that it’s a minor injury and Asuka makes a quick recovery.

An Ilja Dragunov workout video aired and then he made his entrance. Ricochet made his entrance. Cole acknowledged Ricochet winning the WWE Speed Championship, but he did not wear the title to the ring (good)…

3. Ilja Dragunov vs. Ricochet in a King of the Ring tournament first-round match. Ricochet caught Draguno with a flying knee strike heading into an early break. [C] Ricochet sent Dragunov to the floor and went for a moonsault that Dragunov avoided. Ricochet landed on his feet and was then suplexed by Dragunov.

Dragunov sent Ricochet back to the ring and then hit him with a top rope missile dropkick for a near fall. Ricochet came back with a huracanrana from the top rope. Dragunov rolled to the floor and was hit by back to back suicide dives. Ricochet followed up with a corkscrew plancha that drew censored “holy shit” chants. [C]

Dragunov performed a top rope senton splash for a near fall. Dragunov hit Ricochet with repeated chops in the corner and then ran the ropes, but Ricochet popped up and kicked him. Ricochet threw a kick at Dragunov and then performed a rolling senton and a springboard moonsault for a two count. A “this is awesome” chant broke out.

Ricochet went up top and then jumped over a charging Dragunov, who then caught him with a knee strike. Ricochet ducked a spinning back fist and hit him with a Poison Rana. Ricochet went for a springboard move and was caught with a shot from Dragunov, who followed with an H-Bomb.

Dragunov went for Torpedo Moscow, but Ricochet caught him with the Recoil for a great near fall. Ricochet went up top and was cut off by Dragunov, who superplexed him. Dragunov, who had a small cut on his forehead, hit another H-Bomb and scored the pin…

Ilja Dragunov defeated Ricochet in roughly 14:00 to advance to the quarterfinals of the King of the Ring tournament.

The updated brackets showed that Dragunov will face Jey Uso in the quarterfinals. In the ring, Dragunov pulled Ricochet up and then offered him a handshake, which Ricochet accepted. They jawed at one another for a moment…

Powell’s POV: A hot back and forth match. Dragunov needed the win in his first match since being called up to the main roster. I’m very curious to see how they handle his match with Jey Uso next week.

Sheamus was interviewed in the backstage area by Jackie Redmond. Sheamus spoke about undergoing medical procedures to get back inside the ring. He said it’s no secret that he doesn’t like Gunther and he thinks Gunther likes him even less. He said King Gunther would be unbearable. He said he had bangers with Gunther at Clash at the Castle and at WrestleMania. Sheamus said he would kick Gunther’s ass and go on to become a two-time King of the Ring… [C]

A brief video aired on WWE’s European tour… Cole hyped tickets for Smackdown and Clash at the Castle for Glasgow, Scotland on June 14-15…

Zoey Stark was seated on the top rope and then Ivy Nile made her entrance…

4. Zoey Stark vs. Ivy Nile in a Queen of the Ring first-round match. Stark dropped down early. Nile put her in a submission hold, which Stark smoothly escaped. Nile held up Stark before following through with a vertical suplex. Stark threw a kick and then a step-up enzuigiri.

Stark ended up on the apron and then clotheslined Nile over the top rope. Stark performed a missile dropkick and covered Nile for a two count. A short time later, Nile performed a top rope bulldog for a near fall.

Stark threw kicks that missed by a mile and it looked like Stark sold the last one anyway, but then came right back and picked up a two count. Stark showed frustration over not getting the pin.

Stark went up top and was cut off by Nile. Stark stuffed a superplex and then slipped underneath Nile and tripped her so that her face landed on the top turnbuckle pad. Stark hit the Z360 and scored the pin…

Zoey Stark beat Ivy Nile in 5:20 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

The updated brackets showed that Nile will face the winner of the Lyra Valkyria vs. Dakota Kai match in the next round…

Powell’s POV: There were some rough moments and they seemed to lose the crowd the longer the match went.

Backstage, R-Truth was with Adam Pearce introduced U Conn men’s basketball coach Dan Hurley. The Miz showed up and shook hands with the coach, then said they could not fight the Huskies basketball team. Truth said the Huskies belong to a small independent known as the NCAA. Miz said he needed to talk with Truth and then they all made their exit.

Bron Breakker showed up and confronted Pearce over not being in the King of the Ring tournament. Pearce invited Breakker to talk about it inside his office…

Chad Gable made his entrance for a match… Cole set up a sponsored preview of Kingdom of The Planet of the Apes… [C]

Powell’s POV: That was one of those rare Truth gags that didn’t click. By the way, we humans have done a shitty job, so I’m all for the apes taking over the planet.

Highlights aired of Gunther beating Sheamus on a past Smackdown after using a shillelagh as a weapon…

Backstage, Finn Balor said he feels like he’s apologizing every week. Damian Priest told him not to worry about losing one match. Dominik Mysterio showed up with Carlito. Priest said it was one year ago to the day that Carlito cost him his moment in Puerto Rico.

Carlito tried to play it off and said it was in the past. Carlito got serious and said he needed their help with the LWO. Priest told Dom to get Carlito out of there. Dom told Carlito they would come around. JD McDonagh asked Priest what he was saying about Braun Strowman…

Bronson Reed made his entrance while highlights aired of Gable attacking Sami Zayn after his match with Reed, who then laid out Gable…

5. Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed. Cole said Gable has been putting Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri through intense training. Reed performed an early Death Valley Driver for a two count. Gable came back with an impressive German suplex for a two count of his own.

Reed headbutted Gable and then hit him with a senton. Reed went up top for his Tsunami finisher, but Gable cut him off and then supelxed him. Sami Zayn ran in and attacked Gable to end the match.

Chad Gable fought Bronson Reed to a no-contest in 2:40.

After the match, Zayn cleared Reed from the ring with a clothesline. Gable put Zayn down with a German suplex. Gable charged Zayn, who performed an exploder suplex. Zayn went for a Helluva Kick on Gable, but Reed caught Zayn and hit him with a uranage slam. Reed executed the same move on Gable and then left the ring.

A camera followed Reed to the back where Adam Pearce was waiting to scold him. Reed said he doesn’t care about Gable or Zayn, he cares about the Intercontinental Title. Reed said it’s business to him and he said if Pearce wants control then he knows what he needs to do…

Powell’s POV: The match was fun while it lasted. The build to what should be a great Triple Threat match continues.

A video package aired on Lyra Valikyria. She said she is ready for the challenge and then questioned whether Raw is ready for her…

Becky Lynch was shown walking through the backstage area while Cole hyped his interview with her… [C]

[Hour Three] A shot aired of the Hartford skyline while McAfee plugged tickets for SummerSlam going on sale this Thursday and the pre-sale starting on Tuesday at 10 am CT with Summer24 as the code…

Gunther delivered a backstage promo about facing Sheamus in the KOTR tournament. Gunther said Sheamus is very concerned with putting on banger after banger. Gunther said he doesn’t care about bangers, he cares about being the greatest of all-time. Gunther said he is the general of the ring and is soon to be King of the Ring…

Michael Cole stood in the ring in front of two chairs and introduced Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch for an interview. Cole noted that Lynch was at the Kentucky Derby and asked her about the wild outfit that she wore (her photo was shown on the big screen). Lynch said she got her hat on Esty and said she likes it. Cole said she pulled it off.

Cole shifted the focus to her potential challengers. Lynch said there’s newness in the air. She said there are a lot of people who want to slap her in the face and she welcomes it. Lynch said she came up to Raw nine years ago. She said she wanted to make a difference and be a groundbreaker and she feels that energy from the recent call-ups.

Lynch spoke about Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, Kiana James, and Lyra Valkyria. Lynch said she would not trust James, but she would trust Valkyria. Cole noted that Lynch and Valkyria are both Irish and battled for the NXT Women’s Championship. Lynch said Valkyria is the most gifted competitor she’s been in the ring with. Cole brought up Zelina Vega and said she’s the first Queen of the Ring. Lynch said she has passion.

Cole brought up Lynch having strep throat when she lost to Rhea Ripley. Lynch cut him off and said she wasn’t using that as an excuse and the better woman won that night. She said the loss will haunt her. She spoke about going through 14 wrestlers to win her championship.

Liv Morgan made her entrance. Morgan took issue with Lynch talking about the Kentucky Derby and the NXT call-ups, yet not mentioning her. Morgan entered the ring and ran through her credentials and boasted that she took out Ripley. Morgan said it blows her mind that she can’t get respect from Lynch.

Morgan asked Lynch about the title match she was promised last week. Lynch said Morgan didn’t let her finish and said she would get her title match at King and Queen of the Ring. Lynch said that while Morgan ran through her accomplishments, but they do not include beating her.

Morgan conceded that she has yet to beat Lynch, but she said things are different now that she has purpose. Morgan said her purpose is getting revenge on Ripley by taking everything she loves.

The Damage CTRL theme played and then Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, and Kairi Sane walked out. Kai had a mic and took issue with Morgan getting a title shot that she didn’t earn. The Damage CTRL trio climbed onto the apron while Kai said they were there to remind everyone who runs Raw.

Lynch and Morgan squared off to fight the Damage CTRL trio, but Morgan rolled to ringside and laughed. The Damage CTRL trio worked over Lynch. Lyra Valkyria ran out and helped clear Sky, Kai, and Sane from the ring… [C]

Powell’s POV: This was a solid segment in terms of Lynch talking about the Raw newcomers, and the new title picture being spotlighted. I like that Morgan is now an all out heel. This was also a creative way to get Valkyria out there without having the crowd sit on their hands during her entrance.

Triple H was featured in a video about WrestleMania 41 going to Las Vegas…

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn was interviewed by Jackie Redmond in the backstage area. Zayn spoke about his issues with Gable and Reed. Zayn said the only way it could end is with a Triple Threat match at King and Queen of the Ring. Zayn said mark his words, he will still be champion coming out of the match…

6. Lyra Valkyria vs. Dakota Kai in a Queen of the Ring first-round match. Forty seconds into the match, Cole set up another brief look at the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes movie that aired in a separate box while the match was shown in a smaller box.

Valkyria went for a suplex, but Kai countered into a pin for a two count. Valkyria caught a charging Kai with a boot and then went to the ropes. Kai recovered and tripped up Valkyria to knock her off the ropes. Kai dropped to the floor and booted Valkyria. Cole noted that it’s Kai’s birthday heading into a break. [C]

Valkyria threw a nice combination of strikes at Kai, who ducked out to ringside. Valkyria hit Kai with a kick through the ropes. Valyria rolled Kai back inside the ring and then hit her with a top rope crossbody block. Valkyria performed a fisherman’s suplex for a two count.

Kai rallied and had Valkyria draped over the middle rope when she stomped her and then covered her for a two count. Kai caught Valkyria with a kick in the corner for another two count. A short time later, Valkyria hit the Night Wing and scored the clean pin…

Lyra Valkyria defeated Dakota Kai in 8:50 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Powell’s POV: A good match. Kai got some offense in and didn’t come off like the pushover of Damage CTRL. Valkyria is very good in the ring, but the big question is whether she can connect as a personality because she never really did in NXT despite the big push she was given.

The updated brackets showed Valkyria will face Zoey Stark in the second round of the tournament. Cole said the Shayna Baszler vs. Zelina Vega and Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio tournament matches will be held at live events this weekend…

Kofi Kingston spoke while seated in a locker room stall about how this was supposed to be Xavier Woods becoming a back-to-back King of the Ring. Kingston said Gunther took that away from Woods and now he’s unsure when Woods will be back.

Kingston said that if Gunther advances, he can’t wait to give him what he deserves. Kingston said he has to get through Rey Mysterio first. Kingston said as much as he respects Rey, he has to put him down unapologetically as if his name were Kendrick Lamar or Drake…

Footage aired of the Yeet song being used during a Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game on Sunday…

Cole hyped the following matches for next week’s Raw: Jey Uso vs. Ilja Dragunov, and Gunther or Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston or Rey Mysterio in KOTR quarterfinal matches, and Lyra Valyria vs. Zoey Stark, and Iyo Sky vs,. the winner of Shayna Baszler vs. Zelina Vega in QOTR matches…

Separate shots aired of Sheamus and Gunther preparing for their match, which Cole said was up next… [C] Mainstream headlines regarding WWE Backlash France were shown… Cole hyped Smackdown tickets for Friday’s show in Wilkes-Barre…

Gunther made his entrance with Ludwig Kaiser. Gunther spoke to Kaiser once they arrived at ringside and then entered the ring. Sheamus made his entrance…

7. Gunther (w/Ludwig Kaiser) vs. Sheamus in a King of the Ring tournament first-round match. Gunther connected with an early big boot. Gunther had Sheamus on the apron when he dropped him with a clothesline. Gunther went to the apron and attempted a piledriver, but Sheamus backdropped him, causing Gunther to fall to the floor. Sheamus jumped off the apron and hit a clothesline. [C]

Sheamus hit Gunther with Ten Beats (plus seven) while the crowd chanted along. Sheamus set up for his finisher, but Gunther sidestepped the Brogue Kick. Sheamus stuffed a suplex attempt and went for another, but this time his leg was caught over the top rope after Gunther moved.

Kaiser wrenched Sheamus’s knee over the top rope and then followed up with a kick. The referee ejected Kaiser from ringside and then checked on Sheamus, who was selling his knee heading into the final break. [C]

Sheamus continued to sell his knee coming out of the break. He eventually used the bad leg to hit a knee strike for a near fall. Sheamus got up and tried to run for the Brogue Kick, but he fell. Gunther powerbombed Sheamus and put him in a half crap. Sheamus reached the bottom rope to break the hold.

Gunther kicked the bad knee before going to the ropes. Sheamus cut him off and performed a Celtic Cross. Sheamus covered Gunther for a two count. Gunther kicked the bad knee and then performed a German suplex. Sheamus fired up and blasted Gunther with a knee strike followed up with another. Sheamus crawled over and made the cover for two count.

[Overrun] Gunther reapplied the half crab. Sheamus reached for the ropes, but Gunther pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Sheamus tapped out.

Gunther defeated Sheamus in 21:05 to advance to the quarterfinals of the King of the Ring tournament.

The show went off the air moments after Gunther was announced as the winner…

Powell’s POV: A strong main event. I love that Sheamus actually tapped out. He was protected via the knee injury, so there was no shame in his character tapping. With the win, Gunther advances in the tournament to face the winner of Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston in a quarterfinal match on next week’s show.

Overall, a good show with the tournament providing stakes for all but one of the matches. I will have a lot more to say about Raw during my weekly same night audio review of Raw for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of Raw by grading the show below.

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  1. So when the hell Punk get out if there then?
    They could’ve said Drew locked him in there somehow since he wasn’t in France either.

  2. Sorry about the grammar.lol
    Quick typing.

  3. French crowds are just way better, Americans need to seriously step their game up.

  4. Asuka has been wrestling injured for a few months now. Wearing a knee brace since before Wrestlemania.
    She was doing house shows during this time, which seems a little bad on WWE’s part, but it seems it’s caught up with her now.
    Come back soon Asuka. We miss you already.

  5. TheGreatestOne May 6, 2024 @ 9:16 pm

    Stark vs Nile was the epitome of two good athletes who can do some moves but have no idea how to work a crowd during a match.

  6. Lyra Valkyria has shown shades of connecting with the crowd, but on the main roster she needs to get a big push through either teaming with Rhea Ripley when she comes back, or joining the new look Judgment Day under Liv Morgan once she finds a way to get into the group, probably using Dom.

    I’m liking the slow heel transition for Liv right now. That move of abandoning Becky was great.

    The Iyo Sky & Natalya match was really good, I think you were right about Natty being motivated to face her, and it came off that way.

    Zoey and Ivy had potential to be better, but I think they need more in-ring reps with each other. Triple H needs to a lot better job of establishing the mid-card girls on the roster a lot better. Ivy was popular with the crowd down in NXT. Give these girls a real storyline that they can chew out of.

    Dakota Kai and Lyra had a really good match too as Dakota is getting to where she was before the injury in the ring.

    I would love to see Damage CTRL keep themselves as a foursome, they look way more intimidating that way than as a trio. If I were them make use of one of those girls on the roster and put Kiana James with them, have them change up her gimmick a bit. Then we can start the storyline of Dakota Kai and Kiana separating themselves from the Kabuki Warriors.

  7. I’m really digging these walks in and out of the back through Gorilla. I also REALLY like how Pierce is playing things like a Kermit in a crazy house. That line about needing a drink was fun!

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