Josh Alexander on winning the Impact World Championship, working with Christian Cage, son Jet joining him for his ring entrance, working with Eric Young and Moose

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Winning Impact World Championship: “To me, it was like nothing I ever thought possible, to wrestle Christian Cage, regardless of it being in the main event of the biggest show in Impact Wrestling on pay per view, uh, just be able to wrestle Christian Cage was an honor, something I never thought possible. Like I said, to have the title ripped away and all that other stuff, uh, you know, it, it made it that much sweeter when I finally did win the championship at Rebellion because I won that championship initially from Christian Cage at Bound For Glory, fans recognized me as somebody that was very good in the ring.

“Like my whole thing for fanfare up until that point was that I always deliver no matter who I’m in the ring with. And that’s something that I could take a great amount of pride in, but you know, that whole seven-month run from Bound For Glory to Rebellion was where fans really got to know me, where I really got to talk and show my personality a little bit more. So, you know, it added another layer to me. So now that I’ve won the championship, they just had that much more familiarity with me with the fans and stuff like that. So there’s more of a connection. So it’s better.”

Having his son Jet come out with him: “At the time, Jet, you know, was three years old, he’s four now, but, uh, you know, completely obsessed with wrestling since he could walk and pay attention to the television set. And I’m both my sons heroes, as many dads are to their, their children. But, I get to be Jet’s superhero, which is insane. And to be able to share that moment, like, most fathers get to get their sons like a photo with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. I got to, you know, walk out with my son on pay-per-view and give him a memory that he’s never gonna forget.

“My son always wears a singlet. He, he wants to be ready in case a match breaks out at any time. Even when we go to the grocery store, he’ll have it on under his clothes like Superman and, uh, you know, we were at that show and because there’s wrestlers there, he’s walking around the back in his singlet, you know, wrestling around with some of the wrestlers and just enjoying himself, cuz he looks up to everybody. He’s an enormous fan. Like I said, my music hit and at home he always kind of puts on his tablet and sticks it like the Titan Tron and does my entrance. And we caught him doing it a bunch of times, and my music hit and he looked at me and I, I looked at the entrance way and, you know, if you want, go ahead. And he didn’t think twice, man, he went out, hit that entrance and uh, you know, he soaked it all in loved all the, uh, admiration from the fans at that local promotion called Destiny Wrestling in Toronto. So Scott D’Amore saw footage from that and he’s the one that suggested it and I’m very thankful for that.”

On his feud with Eric Young: “Eric is such a good wrestler. Like he’s gonna, he should go down in the history books as one of the greatest in Impact Wrestling, right beside AJ Styles, as far as I’m concerned. And, we went out there and, when I was talking about it, I just kind of wanted to write a love letter of my fandom of Impact Wrestling, which is why I sprinkled in the best moonsault ever, and, you know, he hit The Stroke, and we did, we did a few other things. We just wanna kind of tip our caps at the first 20 years and to be able to be the person that was main eventing on that show to kind of, you know, tip our caps at the history of this company and what it meant to us, you know, it, it means a great deal. I’m a huge fan of Eric Young. He started where I started and he got signed right as I started wrestling. So all I heard about was the legend of Eric Young and how amazing he was on the independent circuit, where I was.”

On feuding with Moose: “I I think it’s inevitably gonna happen. Uh, you know, the, the, the issue with like myself and Moose is, we’re both staples of this company, so we’re gonna cross paths no matter, no matter what as we go on in this company. And it’s always gonna be special, it’s always gonna be different. It’s always gonna be good because we have such good chemistry together.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, Impact Wrestling, winning the Impact World Championship, the Derby City Rumble, his son walking out with him, feuding with Moose, Slammiversary, Eric Young, and more.



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