4/22 NXT Level Up results: O’Connor’s review of Dante Chen vs. Bodhi Hayward, Fallon Henley vs. Thea Hail, and Edris Enofe and Malik Blade vs. Quincy Elliott and Damaris Griffin

By John O’Connor, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@thereal_JOC

NXT: Level Up (Episode 10)
Taped April 19, 2022 in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Streamed April 22, 2022 on Peacock/WWE Network

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade made their way to the ring as the broadcast team of Sudu Shah and Matt Camp (filling in for Nigel McGuinness) welcomed us to the show…

1. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade vs. Quincy Elliott and Damaris Griffin. Elliott gained the advantage on Blade early before Blade tagged out to Enofe. Elliott tagged in Griffin as Enofe and Blade worked over Griffin with double team moves. Griffin responded with a spinebuster on Enofe for a near fall and continued to take control in his ‘Level Up’ debut before tagging in Elliott, who hit the Pounce on Enofe.

Enofe avoided a sit down splash from Elliott and tagged in Blade who fired up on both Elliott and Griffin. Elliott attempted to regain control and made the tag to Griffin but Griffin fell to a knee strike from Enofe and a top rope splash from Blade which gave Enofe and Blade the victory.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade defeated Quincy Elliott and Damaris Griffin via pinfall in 6:35.

The commentary team hyped Fallon Henley vs. Thea Hail for after the break…[c]

John’s Ramblings: A basic tag team match to start the show this week with the right team picking up the win. Quincy Elliott’s ring attire still looks minor league and looks out of place under the bright TV lights of the WWE Performance Center.

2. Fallon Henley vs. Thea Hail. An arm drag from Henley gave her the advantage in the early going before Hail responded with a head scissors takedown. Henley missed a reverse elbow but took down Hail with a hair pull snapmare. Hail would counter with a roll up for a near fall as the crowd started dueling chants for both women while Hail worked on the back of Henley. Henley escaped and traded punches with Hail, hit a dropkick, a forearm and a modified shining wizard on Hail for the three count.

Fallon Henley defeated Thea Hail via pinfall in 4:17.

The commentary team hyped the main event…[c]

John’s Ramblings: The crowd are apparently invested in both women and the dueling chants mid match were quite the surprise. The match built nicely with Hail in control for longer periods before Henley picked up the victory.

3. Dante Chen vs. Bodhi Hayward (w/Andre Chase). Hayward took Chen to the mat early with a side headlock before Chen countered to bring the contest to a stalemate. An attempted hip-toss from Hayward was countered by Chen, who grabbed a headlock of his own followed up with a neckbreaker to take control. Hayward escaped a sleeper hold and powerslam Chen to the mat followed up by leg sweeps, a shoulder block and a big splash for a two count. Chase shouted encouragement from ringside as Hayward avoided the kick from Chen and hit a spinebuster for the win.

Bodhi Hayward defeated Dante Chen via pinfall in 5:55.

John’s Ramblings: The announcers played up throughout the match of Hayward wanting to avenge his loss to Chen from an earlier episode of ‘Level Up’ (Episode 5) which he has done so. Rubber match anyone?

Nothing on the show was must see and was a slightly middle of the road edition this week, but it was nice seeing a lively crowd who look to slowly be investing in the characters that are being presented each week.


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