Powell’s Impact Wrestling Hit List: Josh Alexander vs. Charlie Haas, Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin for the original ROH Title, Tasha Steelz vs. Chelea Green, Doc Gallows and Joe Doering vs. Heath and Rhino, W Morrissey vs. Zicky Dice and VSK, Tennille Dashwood and Madison Rayne vs. Havok

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling Hits

Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin for the original ROH Championship: The early rope breaks had me nervous that this was going to be a rushed version of an ROH Pure Rules style match. But they actually received a decent amount of time and this turned out to be a strong match. Speaking of time, Impact could add to the presentation of the Pure Rules matches by listing the time just as ROH did. For that matter, it would be nice to see the Impact production team use the graphics that ROH used for the Pure Rules matches that make it easy to follow the rope breaks and help the matches stand out as unique.

Josh Alexander vs. Charlie Haas: It was nice to see Haas back in the ring again after a long layoff. There was no real mystery regarding the outcome of the match, and yet it gave Alexander another spotlight win as he works his way toward his eventual rematch with Moose for the Impact World Championship. The post match attack by the newly named Honor No More faction was solid. By the way, why does Impact seem to be the only company that recognizes what a great talker Maria Kanellis is?

Tasha Steelz vs. Chelsea Green: A good match and just the boost that Steelz needed coming out of her Ultimate X match win. Steelz has spent most of her time working in the tag division with Kiera Hogan and Savannah Evans. The Ultimate X win was a great start, but beating an established name in Green and then fighting with Knockouts Champion Mickie James afterward firmly established Steelz as a real player in the singles division.

W Morrissey vs. Zicky Dice and VSK: Another dominant win for Morrissey as he approaches his Impact World Championship match with Moose at the Turning Point event. It will be interesting to see if Morrissey starts to embrace the fans or if they will keep this a heel vs. heel match.

Tennille Dashwood and Madison Rayne vs. Havok: It warmed my heart to see Rosemary sell having her shoulder run into the ring post as a major injury. I’m not sure why wrestlers being run into steel posts became throwaway moments, but I digress. The win gave Dashwood and Rayne a win while they wait for their postponed Knockouts Tag Title match, and the shift to this becoming a handicap match also protected the Rosemary and Havok team.

Impact Wrestling Misses

Doc Gallows and Joe Doering vs. Heath and Rhino: The match was fine, but everyone involved has cooled off considerably from their Impact peaks. The men’s tag team division feels ice cold.


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