10/7 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of Noam Dar vs. Wolfgang to become No.1 Contender the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship, Mark Andrews vs. Sam Gradwell, Jinny vs. Emilia McKenzie

By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed October 7, 2021 on WWE Network and Peacock

NXT UK started with a hype package for the Heritage Cup No.1 Contender tournament final between Wolfgang and Noam Dar…  Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness were the announce team… Jinny made her entrance flanked by Joseph Conners. Emilia McKenzie entered the BT Sports Studio…

1. Jinny (w/Joseph Conners) vs. Emilia McKenzie. Jinny put McKenzie in a wrist lock but she reversed it and took the “Fashionista” to the mat. The two traded holds and grappled on the mat for a few minutes. McKenzie gained momentum with an arm drag, dropkick and snap neck breaker. As McKenzie went for a German suplex, Jinny ran between the two ropes, forcing McKenzie to hit the top rope.

Jinny worked the shoulder of McKenzie and then put her opponent into the Iron Octopus hold. McKenzie refused to tap so Jinny took her down with a single-leg takedown and put the single-leg Boston crab on. McKenzie got to the rope as Conners trash-talked her from the outside. McKenzie hit a cutter to get back into proceedings. McKenzie hit a high-angle belly-to-back suplex but only kept Jinny down for a two.

Conners got on the apron which forced Satomura to come to the ringside and take him out. McKenzie got another close two count from a facebuster. McKenzie missed the spear and hit the turnbuckle. Jinny hit the ripcord Liger kick for the win.

Jinny defeated Emilia McKenzie in 07:34.

After the bell, Jinny cut a promo on Satomura claiming that now she had beaten her protege it was her destiny to challenge “The Final Boss” for the NXT UK Women’s Championship…  

Gibbons’ Opinion: In recent weeks, a number of women have tried to go through McKenzie to get to Satomura. McKenzie has recorded a run of three straight wins as a result. Jinny was always going to be her biggest challenge and proved too tough to overcome. Jinny is well within her right to demand a title shot having beaten the self-imposed gatekeeper to Satomura. I imagine we will get that match in a few weeks in front of fans at the BT Sports Studio. Jinny has added a lot of offense in the ring recently to go with her superb character. One day, she will hold the NXT UK Women’s gold but I’m not sure it’ll come in this match with Satomura.

Blair Davenport demanded to know when Sid Scala would reinstate her. Scala said that she would return to action against Stevie Turner next week but that she would have to follow the rules…

Mark Andrews made his entrance without the rest of Subculture. Gradwell also made his way to the ring…

2. Mark Andrews vs. Sam Gradwell. Gradwell attempted to use his strength advantage but Andrews used his speed to evade him and control the early moments of the match. Gradwell caught Andrews on the outside and slammed him into the entranceway.

Gradwell sent him in the ring and worked the back and neck. Gradwell forced his knuckles into the ribs and face of Andrews. Gradwell sent Andrews over the top rope but he landed on his feet and went to the top turnbuckle. Gradwell pulled him off the turnbuckle and hit a double under hook suplex.

Gradwell remained in control with a face lock. Andrews hit a DDT from the top rope. He followed this up with a succession of strikes and hit the stomp on the back. Andrews dove at Gradwell but he caught him in a fireman’s carry. As Gradwell went for the slam, Andrews reversed it into a Stundog Millionaire. Gradwell rolled to the outside so Andrews hit a moonsault to the outside. Andrews sent Gradwell inside and went for the springboard but Gradwell caught him and hit the Fireman’s Carry Slam for the win.

Sam Gradwell defeated Mark Andrews in 8:48.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a big win for Gradwell and exactly what he needed. Winning with the Fireman’s Carry Slam reflected some brains to go with Gradwell’s brawn. He knew Andrews would look for the aerial assault and that this would be a way to catch him and take him out.

Backstage, Flash Morgan Webster slapped Sha Samuels and ran away… We got a final hype for Ilja Dragunov’s first NXT UK Championship defense against A-Kid, which is set to take place next week as fans return to NXT UK tapings…

Noam Dar made his entrance with the recently slapped Sha Samuels. Wolfgang came into the BT Sports Studio with the rest of Gallus…

3. Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels) vs. Wolfgang (w/Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey) in a No.1 Contender match for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. 

Round One: Dar kept his distance from Wolfgang and landed a few soft kicks. Wolfgang sent Dar into the ropes but he came back and hit him with a harder kick. Dar put Wolfgang in a front face lock but the Gallus boy lifted him and took him to the top rope. Dar taunted Wolfgang as he continued to avoid him. Dar targeted the shoulder of Wolfgang. Wolfgang lifted Dar for a powerbomb but the time ran out and referee Chris Sharpe had to stop him from hitting the move.

Round Two: Wolfgang took Dar to the corner and unleashed a flurry of strikes. Wolfgang hit the double ax handle from the top rope but Samuels distracted him on the apron. Jordan Devlin came out to ringside and attacked the Coffey brothers. Dar used the distraction to roll up Wolfgang with a handful of tights to get the fall and go 1-0 up.

Round Three: Wolfgang speared Dar and beat him in four seconds to win the round and draw level at 1-1.

Round Four: Wolfgang went for another spear but Dar ducked out the ring. Wolfgang came and got Dar and sent him back into the ring. Dar kicked him as he came back in to gain control. Dar controlled most of the round with an onslaught of kicks. With seconds left Dar missed a kick on the outside and hit the ring post. Wolfgang went for a spear and hit the barricade. The round ended with Wolfgang on the outside.

Round Five: Dar came flying out of the traps and kicked the living daylights out of Wolfgang. Dar launched himself at Wolfgang in the corner but Wolfgang caught him and slammed him to the canvas. The “Supernova” kicked out at two. Wolfgang went for a strike but Dar caught the arm. He transitioned into the Champagne Super Knee Bar. Wolfgang eventually managed to stand up and hit Dar to escape the move. Dar went for the Nova Roller but Wolfgang hit a spear. The referee counted to two and was about to slam the mat for three but the time ran out.

Round Six: Dar again came out strong with strikes but Wolfgang no sold and took him down with a right hand. Wolfgang went for a kick but Dar moved and wrapped his knee around the ropes. Dar hit a top rope dropkick to the knee. Dar kicked Wolfgang but the big man kicked out at one. Dar hit a Nova Roller but Wolfgang refused to stay down. Dar hit a second Nova Roller for the win.

Noam Dar defeated Wolfgang 2 rounds to 1 in 12:48 to become the No.1 Contender to the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship.

Gibbons’ Opinion: I loved this match. Dar’s energy was fantastic throughout, even when he was avoiding Wolfgang. I haven’t seen a Heritage Rules match that made such good use of the clock running out at the end of each round. After weeks of a tournament of this kind of match, it’s a real credit that the final can still feel fresh. Dar vs. Bate will be an excellent contest. It is incredible to think Dar made his WWE debut on Raw in 2016. He has since wrestled on Raw, 205 Live, Main Event, NXT and NXT UK yet never held a title. This feels like it could be his time.



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