9/10 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Odyssey Jones and Trey Baxter vs. Joe Gacy and Josh Briggs, and Valentina Feroz vs. Katrina Cortez


By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live (Episode 248)
Taped in Orlando, Florida at Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE PC)
Streamed September 10, 2021 on WWE Network

The broadcast team of Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness welcomed us to the show as Valentina Feroz made her entrance to open the show at the CWC, taking on Katrina Cortez…

1. Valentina Feroz vs. Katrina Cortez. A strong lockup by the two debutants which saw Cortez get hold of a wrist lock only for Feroz to roll her way out and work to a headlock of her own. Feroz forced Cortez to the mat with a pair of takeovers but Cortez rolled her over to try and break free, eventually getting to her feet. Feroz however used a rope run takeover to once more get Cortez to the mat, squeezing the air out of Cortez for a while.

Cortez shot her off the ropes, but Feroz responded with a roll over arm drag and worked another arm lock before returning to the headlock and getting pushed to the ropes by Cortez. Feroz was then whipped to the ropes and hit with a back elbow to get knocked to the mat. Cortez chased her to the apron and hit a soccer ball kick to stun her. Cortez went for a cover but only got a two count, seemingly unusually perplexed as to how a soccer ball kick didn’t end the match.

Cortez then hit a Scoop Backbreaker went for a modified armbar submission before trying for a crucifix pin, only to get a one count. Feroz fought back and hit a series of knees and hip tosses before working to an extremely botched huracanrana. Cortez picked up the fallen Feroz and locked in a deep Boston Crab, but Feroz crawled right out and hit a running DDT for the pinfall victory.

Valentina Feroz defeated Katrina Cortez.

Anish’s Thoughts: Well the crowd were behind her the whole match so I’ll give it to Feroz she really managed to recover for that botch and the rather basic nature of the match with sheer personality so, that was something. I mean, aside from the botch it was a serviceable match, and I laud commentary for giving the competitors’ back stories and trying to engage with this match, it was just hard because it was so thrown together and rather ‘rest-holdy.’ All things considered it could have gone much worse, and the crowd were into it so, well done for that if nothing…

2. Josh Briggs and Joe Gacy vs. Odyssey Jones and Trey Baxter.The two to start were Baxter and Gacy who exchanged quick holds with Baxter initially getting the better of Gacy hitting a Head Scissors whip and a dropkick to force Gacy to tag. Briggs picked Baxter right up as he shot in and tossed him to the mat before doing so again and trying for a Back Suplex. Baxter flipped out and tagged in Jones who warded off Briggs and hit a running tackle followed by a corner cross body block.

Gacy from the apron made the blind tag and momentarily attacked, Jones but Jones hit a clothesline and locked in a Bear Hug to wear Gacy down. Gacy punched his way out and tagged in Briggs to try for a double Suplex, but Jones muscled them off and hit a double clothesline before tagging in Baxter who hit a bit tope onto Gacy on the outside. Briggs however got out of dodge and hit Baxter with a big boot before rolling him back into the ring. Briggs now legal hit Baxter with an elbow for a pair of two counts. Briggs kicked at Baxter and hit some hammer fists before using a suplex to get another two count.

Briggs tagged in Gacy who picked Baxter right up and swatted at him with strikes and stomps. Gacy chopped at Baxter and then used a chin lock before trying for a suplex of his own. Baxter flipped out and tried for a wrist lock but Gacy shucked him off. Baxter was able to dodge Gacy running in at him however and hit a Half-and-Half suplex to make some space for himself. Baxter then crawled to his corner, but Gacy targeted Jones to stop the tag. Gacy then walloped Baxter and hit a few elbows before tagging in Briggs.

Briggs and Gacy then tagged in and out before Briggs whipped Baxter hard into the corner. The two continued to wear down Baxter until eventually Baxter was hit by a double team Sidewalk Slam and Splash into senton combination, leaving Baxter wiped out. Gacy took too much time getting in Jones face however, and this allowed Baxter to duck under a running boot attempt by Gacy before rolling him up and jumping to tag in Jones.

Jones rushed the ring and hit Gacy with a slam before Briggs tagged in and was met with a clothesline and a gutbuster himself. Jones then hit Gacy with a front slam followed by a Splash assisted by the weight of Baxter. Jones then caught Briggs coming in with a Uranage and got the pinfall victory.

Trey Baxter and Odyssey Jones defeated Josh Briggs and Joe Gacy

Anish’s Thoughts: Trey Baxter sold like hell and built up the hot tag to Odyssey Jones like crazy. That was a very effective way to get Jones to look like a beast. Gacy and Briggs were playing the old ‘can they coexist’ storyline and while the answer was surprisingly… yes! It didn’t matter as Odyssey Jones was just way too powerful for them. Great job by all four men to tell a clear story that doesn’t take much away from Gacy and Briggs because of how well Baxter sold and how strong Jones looked. Great finish to the show after a so-so opener! My 205 Live audio reviews are available exclusively for Dot Net Members.


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