Josh Alexander on teaming with Ethan Page with fun stories from in the ring and out of the ring, a dream tag match for the two of them against an AEW tag team


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Cageside Seats interview with Josh Alexander
Host: Shakiel Mahjouri
Podcast available via
Video available at SHAK Wrestling YouTube Page

Josh Alexander books his Ethan Page reunion: “I think it would begin as a reunion because there’s a bunch of dream matches on the table that I think need to happen for the sake of the wrestling community and what we could do as a tag team. But I think inevitably it ends up in a rivalry because we’re two contrasting individuals. I think when you put those two things together, it creates magic. So I think it’s inevitable. But who knows? Never say never, right?”

His dream tag team match: “FTR. I was an enormous fan of FTR and I think even now I still regard them as the greatest tag team on Earth. If we’re ever going to call ourselves that, I think we need to go head-to-head with them and test ourselves.”

Ethan Page the person: “Ethan is one of the most mature, selfless, funny individuals I’ve ever met in my life. If he loves you, he loves you, and he would give you the shirt off his back any day of the week. He was invaluable in helping me in my career. He was the guy that gave me the confidence I always needed. He was the one telling me that — even though I wasn’t getting the notoriety for stealing the show and all these independent matches — that I did deserve all this praise and I should keep going and I should keep pushing. He was the one that when I wanted to give up, just pushed me to keep going. ‘All Ego’ is is a moniker, but his confidence and his ability to instill that in other people is something that I think is his best trait.”

His favorite Ethan Page road story: “We got booked for Ring of Honor. Our first time ever as a tag team and we drove. You have to drive through [the] Detroit border. Ask any wrestler, the border is an issue already. We ended up driving. I drove to him, which is an hour from where I am, and we switched it to his car to drive to the border and then on to Chicago. When we switched cars, I forgot my passport. I did not realize this until we were three hours away from his house. I was at the border and I went looking for it and I just freaked out. ‘I forgot my passport. We’re screwed. I’m going to have to take a bus back there and I’ll meet you there. I’ll somehow make this work like…’ I had been lost in the moment.. He just looked at me with this extreme confidence and he was like, ‘If this is meant to be, it’s meant to be. What do you have in your wallet?’ It was like my birth certificate, my license. He was like, ‘Give it to me.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ We already have an issue crossing the border as wrestlers. He just takes my license with my birth certificate, rolls up to the border, rolls out the window and gives the guy the things and is like,’ My friend is an idiot. He forgot his passport. The licensing and birth certificate, does that work? And the guys just said, ‘Yeah, sure, whatever.’ And we got through the border. I was never an ‘Everything happens for a reason’ guy until that moment,” he continues. “Just his irrational confidence to do that. I’ll obviously never forget it. It was insane.”

His favorite Ethan Page ring story: “Every time we were in a tag match, I don’t care what match or who we were wrestling with or whatever, if there was an unfortunate thing that was going to happen, it would always happen to him. So whether it was me taking a DDT and him selling on the mat and somehow for me taking the DDT, falling with my heels smoking him in the eye and giving him a black eye. Or some big guy grabbing him and heaving him across the ring and him landing in the term buckles upside down. Things that would never happen to me. All the unfortunate stuff happened to him like a Benny Hill music video.”


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