NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of the Championship Series premiere featuring Fred Rosser vs. Trevor Murdoch, JTG vs. Mims, Skye Blue vs. Jennacide, and Thom Latimer vs. Marshe Rockett


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 36)
Taped Monday in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed July 27, 2021 on the FITE TV

The show opened with a video package on the Champions Series and this week’s matches. The rules are that a pin or a submission gives the winning team five points, a draw gives both teams two points, and a DQ gives the winning team three points. If there’s a tie in the standings between two teams at the end of the points portion, the team that won their matches in the shortest amount of time will advance…

Powell’s POV: Hey, my NWA Powerrr reviews are back. I skipped doing coverage of the Powerrr Surge edition and last week’s show, which was a draft episode that established the teams for the Champions Series but did not have any matches. Nick Aldis basically took control of his team’s picks and upset Melina on the draft show, Aron Stevens comedically struggled to get a word in with Taryn Terrell when they were making their picks, and the other team captains were essentially on the same page.

The “Into The Fire” theme aired… Joe Galli and Tim Storm checked in from their broadcast desk and set the table for the show…

1. Thom Latimer (Team Kamille/Idol) vs. Marshe Rockett (Team Aron/Taryn). Neither entrance was televised. Some of the teammates of Latimer and Rockett were at ringside. Late in the match, Rockett hoisted up Latimer on his shoulders. Latimer took off his elbow pad and tossed it. The referee picked it up. Meanwhile, Latimer raked Rockett’s eyes with the referee seeing him. Latimer followed up with a Stunner and scored the pin…

Thom Latimer defeated Marshe Rockett to give Team Kamille and Idol five points.

The updated standings were shown… An ad aired for NWA Empowerrr and NWA 73 on August 28-29…

Powell’s POV: A solid match with a finish that put some heat on Latimer and gave Rockett an our for losing but mostly made the referee look like a dope. The Championship Series should lead to some solid matches, but the concept is a mess. As a viewer, why should I care who wins when the teams are captained mostly by combinations of heels and babyfaces and the actual teams also consist of a mix of heel and babyface wrestlers?

2. Skye Blue (Team Nick/Melina) vs. Jennacide (Team Pope/Velvet). The male team members of both wrestlers stood on opposite sides of the ring. Velvet Sky sat in on commentary for the match. Late in the match, Blue performed a cross body block from the top rope for a good near fall. Jennacide caught Blue on the ropes and ended up powerbombing and pinning her…

Jennacide defeated Skye Blue to give Team Pope and Velvet five points.

Powell’s POV:

3. Mims (Team Kamille/Idol) vs. JTG (Team Aron/Taryn). Some of their respective team members were at ringside. Mims went for a Coffin Drop from the top rope, but JTG rolled out of the way. Storm called it a “Nestea Plunge.” Funny. Moments later, JTG performed a running neckbreaker and scored the pin.

JTG beat Mims to give Team Aron and Taryn five points.

Powell’s POV: Yes, sadly, I’m old enough to get Storm’s Nestea Plunge reference. An entertaining match. It continues to be fun to see JTG back in the ring and taking a fresh approach rather than being one of those guys who sticks with an older WWE gimmick.

4. Fred Rosser (Team Nick/Melina) vs. Trevor Murdoch (Team Pope/Velvet). Nick Aldis sat in on commentary. Crimson, Slice Boogie, and Skye Blue came out with Rosser, while Murdoch was accompanied by Jax Dane, Mystery Man, and Jennacide. Late in the match, Murdoch performed a top rope bulldog. Rather than go for the pin, Murdoch put Rosser in a Crossface and got the submission win. “Dammit, Fred!” Aldis yelled on commentary. Storm pointed out that Harley Race finished off a lot of wrestlers with the same move. Aldis threw a fit and stormed off.

Trevor Murdoch defeated Fred Rosser to give Team Pope and Velvet five points.

The updated points graphic showed the Pope and Sky team with 10 points, the Kamille and Idol team and Stevens and Terrell team with five points each, and the Aldis and Melina team with zero points. The narrator touted that next week’s show would feature the conclusion of the first round of the Champions Series. The credits aired to close the show…

Powell’s POV: A good match to close the show with the right guy going over, as Murdoch is challenging Aldis for the NWA Championship at the NWA 73 pay-per-view. I’m still not crazy about the Champions Series concept, but I do like that it seems to be fairly brief given that next week’s show is already the end of round one. On a positive note, I like the narrator and the regal sounding music that they are using for the Championship Series. Plus, while the series itself hasn’t grabbed me, the show featured some good in-ring action. I hope the format will grow on me as they move forward.


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