10/24 Moore’s Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory live review: Eric Young vs. Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship, Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae for the Knockouts Title, Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Good Brothers vs. The North vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton for the Impact Tag Titles

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2020
Aired live October 24, 2020 on pay-per-view and FITE.TV
Nashville, Tennessee at Skyway Studios

Pre-Show Notes

The hosts of the Bound For Glory Pre-show were D’Lo Brown, Madison Rayne, and John Burton  (the reporter guy from the Slammiversary commercials ). After a bit of discussions, the panel transitioned to a Eric Young vs. Rich Swann video package. The panel then gave their thoughts on the world title match…

A selfie video aired of Bret Hart congratulating Ken Shamrock for being inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame…

After the commercial Break, the panel discussed the Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae match. During the subsequent video package, Deonna noted that she was going to employ a new technique during the match. After the video, Gia Miller asked Deonna if she was ready for her title defense. Deonna said she was born ready and made for nights like this. Deonna said she’s about to cement her history. Deonna said the real question is weather Kylie is ready. Deonna said she can’t blame Kylie for not being around at the moment because there must be a lot of pressure on her. Deonna said she’s going to leave the night as Knockouts Champion…

Mick Foley gave his congrats to Ken Shamrock via selfie…[c]

After the break, Matt Striker and Don Callis checked in from the commentary table. Striker shilled a Impact auction going on…

1. “The Rascalz” Dezmond Xavier and Zach Wentz vs. “The Deaners” Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake. Zach and Jake started off the match. Zach used quick strikes to get both Deaners in the corner. Dez tagged in and the Rascalz hit their opponents with running elbows in the corner. Jake lifted up Dez and tossed him on Zach. Cody went for a suicide dive, but he ran right into Dez’s foot. Zach caught Jake with a running Plancha. Cody held on to the ropes to block a Superplex form Dezmond. Zach and Jake got involved. Jake hit the Rascalz with a Power Bomb. Cody hit Dez with a diving headbutt for a two count.

The Rascalz took down Cody with a kick and punch combination. Cody got the knees up to block the Hot Fire Flame. The Deaners hit Dezmond with a double team side slam finisher for the victory.

The Deaners defeated The Rascalz via pinfall in 3:42.

A video package aired to hype up the Tag Team Title Match at Bound For Glory. This was followed by a Good Brothers Promo…

It was announced that after the break, Dwayne The Rock Johnson will induct Ken Shamrock into the Impact Hall of Fame…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A good, albeit short, tag team match with all four men needing to retool their characters a bit to be taken seriously. Dez, Zach, and Jake are three guys I think have upper level singles potential. Cousin Jake continues to shine as someone who’s miscast as the undercard comedy guy because that guy has talent. What was a bit odd was the Deaners going over. I thought they were treating the Rascalz a bit more seriously, but this puts them back into that parity hole they were stuck in with The Deaners and Reno Scum.

Matt Striker stood on the stage, where he introduced Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who appeared via pre-taped video, to induct Ken Shamrock to the Impact Hall of Fame. Rock talked about how important Ken Shamrock was to his career. Rock talked about Shamrock being the most badass hero who helped Rock become a strong heel. Rock ended his promo by calling Shamrock a friend and brother…

Striker introduced Shamrock as the newest member of the Impact Hall of Fame and presented him with a glass plaque award. Shamrock said a lot of people helped him get to this point. Shamrock thanked Vince McMahon for helping make Shamrock who he is by hiring him to WWE. Shamrock ended his promo by thanking the fans…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A solid Hall of Fame induction. That said with Rock, Hart, Foley, the promo content, and Shamrock thanking Vince, this felt more like a WWE Hall of Fame induction than an Impact Hall of Fame induction. They had time to produce this right? I can almost see Shamrock doing this exact promo and ceremony next year for WrestleMania.

An EC3 vs. Moose hype package aired…

The panel gave their thoughts on the EC3 and Moose match. John Burton then sent things over to the main show which was available via Fite TV…

[End of Pre-Show]

Main Show

The Eric Young Bound For Glory ad aired…

Josh Mathews introduced Bound For Glory. Josh Mathews and Don Callis were the commentary team for the main show…

1. Rohit Raju vs. TJ Perkins vs. Trey Miguel vs. Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack vs. Jordynne Grace for the X Division Championship. Rohit tried to run away, but Perkins threw him back in the ring. Madness ensued. Bey used a handstand to block TJP’s signature headscissors. Trey took Perkins out of the ring with a dropkick. He then hit Bey with a dropkick and reverse 619. Trey hit Rohit with a Scorpion Kick combo. Rohit rolled away. Mack came in the ring and had a lucha exchange with Trey. Mack hit Trey with a flying shoulder block. Grace hit Mack with a series of shoulder blocks.

Grace took down Mack with a flying Shoulder Tackle for a two count. Mack hit Grace with a body slam. Perkins hit Mack with a drop toehold. Perkins then did his unique (but, to me, overly cute) multi-submission on Mack, Trey, Grace, and Bey. Grace escaped and locked Perkins in a headlock. Rohit broke up the move with light strikes. Mack ended up catching Rohit with a popup forearm. Mack took down the rest of his opponents, including a nice Cyclone Kick on Perkins. Rohit got to his feet and took punches from all his opponents.

Mack hit Rohit with his signature Moonsault Combo. Everyone broke up the pin. Grace took down Rohit and TJ with a crossbody suicide dive. Mack took down the three people outside with a Tope Con Hilo. Trey hit TJ with a wrecking ball kick. Bey hit Trey with a drop kick to knock him off of Perkins’s shoulders. Bey ended up hitting everyone other than TJP with a dive off the top rope. Rohit caught a running TJP with a high knee for a two count.

Perkins hit Rohit with La Magistral Crucifix for a two count. Trey fought his way out of Grace’s Kinniku Buster. Bey put Grace in the Tree of Woe. Everyone ended up piling in the corner. Grace took down the group of wrestlers with a deadlift Tower of Doom from the Tree of Woe. Rohit hit Grace with the double stomp. Mack broke up the subsequent pin attempt. Mack hit Rohit with a Stunner. Bey hit Mack with a RKO. Trey hit Bey with a dropkick. TJ hit Trey with a Octopus Hold. TJ then reversed Grace into a kneebar.

Perkins moved on to putting Trey in the hold. Grace broke up the move with a senton. Grace hit Trey with a Grace Driver. Rohit broke up the pin attempt. Rohit tossed Grace from the top rope onto Mack. TJ hit Trey with the Mamba Splash. Rohit hit TJ with a high knee. Rohit pinned Trey for the victory.

Rohit Raju defeated Trey Miguel, TJ Perkins, Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey, and Willie Mack via pinfall in 13:20. 

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in on commentary. The commentary team ran through upcoming matches on the card…

John’s Thoughts: A well worked match, but nothing too different what what we’re used to in Impact/TNA opening X Division spotfests. That said, I like the finishing sequence. I’m glad they’re keeping the belt on Rohit Raju because he’s just scratching the surface on what I think he can do as Champion. Not to mention, he’s doing a solid job as this cocky champion who’s finding fluky, but clever ways to escape with the title.

The commentary team cut to John E Bravo’s pre-wedding party (In a production flub, they caught Josh Mathews sounding frustrated over the production issues with the audio). Jimmy Jacobs ended up cutting the party short, telling anyone who was wrestling in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal to report to the ring. They then cut to Rhino and Heath Slater backstage. Heath was hyped, but Rhino was remorseful for not being able to help the best he can because he’s stuck as #1. Heath ended up hyping up Rhino, saying he appreciates Rhino putting his job on the line and fighting for Heath and his family. Heath then fired up Rhino…

A Call Your Shot hype package aired…

Rhino was the first entrant in the match. The second entrant was Shawn Daivari, who was looking jacked…

2. The Call Your Shot Battle Royal. Rhino took down Daivari with a hip toss. Daivari and Rhino brawled outside and inside of the ring. Larry D was the next entrant. Larry caught Rhino with a uppercut and running splash. Crazzy Steve was out next. Acey Romero was out next. They’re having these entrants come in pretty quick (are there intervals?). The next entrant was Tenille Dashwood. Jessika Havok made her entrance next and tossed Kaleb Konley (who wasn’t in the match) out. Brian Myers was the next entrant, entrant 8.

Crazzy Steve was the first person eliminated. [Horn]Swoggle was out next. Myers used Swoggle as a weapon to eliminate Daivari. Myers then quickly eliminated Swoggle. Tommy Dreamer made his entrance dressed as the late Road Warrior Animal. Dreamer and Swoggle did a Doomsday Device on Myers. Alisha Edwards made her entrance. Don Callis noted that Alisha has the worst mean streak of everyone in the ring. Alisha tried to whack Myers a bit, but she was dumped out of the ring by Myers after Myers no-sold the cane shots.

Myers dumped Tenille Dashwood after taking selfies with her. Taya Valkyrie was out next where she hit both XXXL members with hip attack and corner meteora. Fallah Bahh was out next, still holding on to Hernandez’s wad of cash. Out next was Cowboy James Storm. Storm eliminated Larry D. Out next was Adam F’n Thornstowe. Conveniently, Luster the Legend was out next. Reno Scum double teamed Acey and Rhino. Heath [Slater] was the next one out. Heath and Rhino ended up fending off opponents. Heath eliminated Acey Romero via lariat.

Heath then tossed Brian Myers out. The Hacker Sami Callihan was the next entrant. Sami dragged Storm to the mat and was raking Strom’s eyes. Shawn Hernandez was the final entrant. Bahh was eliminated, diving after Hernandez’s wad of cash, which Hernandez tried to get back. Hernandez ended up leaving the match, for now, to go after Bahh. Rhino eliminated Adam Thornstowe. Luster the Legend was eliminated next. Sami Callihan, James Storm, Rhino, and Heath were the final four.

Josh Mathews pointed out that Heath was limping on an ankle injury. Storm and Callihan teased an alliance, but Callihan quickly went to toss Storm out. Storm tried to skin the cat, but Callihan eliminated Storm. Callihan then tossed out an injured Heath, saying “I don’t care about your Kids!”.

The match then turned into a singles match. Sami Callihan hit Rhino with a Pile Driver. Rhino kicked out at two. The Referee forced Sami Callihan to drop the chair or risk DQ. This distracted Sami enough to walk right into Rhino’s Gore. Rhino picked up the pinfall win.

Rhino defeated Sami Callihan via pinfall in 25:22 to win the Call Your Shot trophy and Heath Slater’s Impact Contract.

The referee presented Rhino with the Call Your Shot Battle Royal trophy (Which was a huge upgrade over Eddie Edwards’s lame trophy from last year)…

Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander and Ethan Page on their thoughts on their match later in the show. Alexander talked about how the North proved that they are champions for over a year and that they’ll rise to the occasion. Alexander said The North are going to show all the new “free agents” who signed with Impact that The North will take back what belongs to them. Ethan Page said the North are about to hurt somebody. Page was fired up in talking about how he misses the title for 94 days and how the North are going to take back the titles from The Machine Guns…

An EC3 vs. Moose hype package aired…

John’s Thoughts: A solid battle royal with enough surprises and storyline to make it a match worth going through. I’m assuming a few are one-offs like Daivari or Swoggle, but James Storm is someone who I wouldn’t mind see get another Impact run. That guy is too damn good on the mic to not be on TV. Rhino winning makes sense, and I still wonder if the end game is Slater turning on Rhino in the end. What I assume is happening in the short term is Rhino and Heath going after the Tag Team Titles. That should be a good run and I really think this is another chance for Rhino to shine, given that he had the best run of his career as the lovable Crackers and Cheese guy.

They cut to “The Undisclosed Location” which had EC3 beating up a random guy. Moose then entered the warehouse area, calling out for EC3. The ring was surrounded by EC3’s “followers” who looked like they came straight from the WWE retribution skits. This location may or may not be a storage room in Skyway Studios…

3. EC3 vs. Moose from an Undisclosed Location (Cinematic Match). After a staredown, EC3 and Moose traded punches. EC3 got the upper hand and put the boots to Moose in the corner. Some royalty free background music played. Moose got a breather after kicking EC3 in the balls. Moose called EC3 a son of a bitch. EC3 started bleeding (I’m assuming via blade) after Moose punched him around. EC3 reversed a chair shot with a double leg takedown followed by some ground and pound. EC3 then pulled back and called Moose in, with a sadistic grin and laugh. Moose gave EC3 a big boot.

EC3 got Moose to the ground after tossing him into a guardrail at ringside. EC3 tossed Moose into the ringpost several times. EC3 stood over a fallen Moose, explaining the history and legacy of the TNA Championship. EC3 said Moose has to live up to the legacy and become a God. EC3 said right now Moose is nothing. A slideshow of EC3 hitting his finisher flashed on the screen. Moose escaped a One-Percenter attempt and hit EC3 with a spear. Moose then hit EC3 several times in the head with the title belt.

Moose pummeled EC3 with punches with a montage of their feud flashing on the screen. Moose held EC3 by the neck and called EC3 a son of a bitch. Moose asked if this was what EC3 wanted. EC3’s “followers” then did the Moose arm pump. Moose hit EC3 with a belt shot to the head. Moose ended up leaving the ring with a serious look. EC3 was carried away by his “followers”.

Moose defeated EC3 (I think?) in 9:49. 

Josh talked about how that match was “dark”. The commentators were not sure what EC3’s goal was in the end. They then cut to The Rock’s pre-taped induction of Ken Shamrock…

John’s Thoughts: That was a thing. It wasn’t horrible, but I’m not sure what we were supposed to get out of it. The cinematic approach and background music, which sounded like club music from a Hollywood strip club, really detracted from the match and was totally unneeded. Cinematics are supposed to enhance or streamline matches, but here it was a bit too contrived. Impact just can’t help themselves in being too cute, or adding background music where background music isn’t needed. An example of cinematic techniques being used to enhance a match is the Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa or Velveteen Dream vs. Adam Cole from several Takeovers where it didn’t come off as “over-produced” which has been the crux of Impact cinematics. Cinematics should be about telling a story, not about how many Adobe After Effects bells and whistles you can throw onto a video file.

An Eddie Edwards vs. Ken Shamrock hype package aired.

4. Eddie Edwards vs. Ken Shamrock (w/Sami Callihan). Eddie Edwards had a TNA logo, and what I think was a Flip Gordon logo on his tights. Shamrock took down Eddie and pummeled Eddie from the rear guard. Eddie reversed the guard and then slammed Shamrock with elbows and forearms. Shamrock forced Eddie to roll to the ropes after going for an ankle lock. Shamrock backed Eddie into the corner with boxer punches. Shamrock pushed Eddie’s Irish Whip back with a right hand punch. Shamrock gave Eddie some Muay Thai strikes at ringside.

Eddie held on to Ken’s shoulders to prevent being suplexed. Eddie hit Ken with a Blue Thunder Bomb to give himself a moment of respite. Eddie worked on Shamrock’s two ankles with Dragon Screws. Eddie dumped Shamrock to ringside. Eddie took down Sami and Ken with a suicide dive. Josh Mathews pointed out Eddie Edwards’s bruises which he got from Shamrock. Edwards hit Shamrock with a shotgun Missile Dropkick for a two count. Eddie softened up Ken with Muay Thai knees. Eddie hit Ken with a Tiger Driver. Shamrock escaped the pin with a Juji Gatame. Shamrock broke the hold when his shoulders hit the mat.

Eddie took down Shamrock with a running elbow. Eddie dragged Shamrock to the top rope. Eddie hit Ken with the Backpack Stunner. Shamrock pounced on Eddie with a sleeper when Eddie sat down for a breather. Eddie escaped and gave Shamrock a series of headbutts. Eddie hit Ken with a Boston Knee Party. Eddie locked Shamrock in a Single Leg Crab. Callis yelled that Eddie should have gone for the pin. Sami Callihan then got on the apron and the lights went out.

The light came on. Sami was in the ring with a bat. Eddie revealed he had a kendo stick. Eddie forced Sami out of the ring with Kendo Stick shots. Ken took advantage of a distracted Eddie with a Belly to Belly. Ken Shamrock won after making Eddie tap out to the ankle lock.

Ken Shamrock defeated Eddie Edwards via submission in 12:32. 

Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock posed over the fallen Eddie Edwards…

Eric Young was shown pacing around backstage. They also showed Rich Swann backstage, now clean shaven…

A hype video aired for the upcoming Tag Title four way…

John’s Thoughts: A really good singles match with a horrible finish. I’ll talk about the good first. In terms of content, this was my favorite match of the night so far. I thought this match brought out a different side of Eddie Edwards, who we usually see lead these matches into his Pro Wrestling Noah style of match. This was more of Ken’s pseudo-MMA style match which Ken does really well and has done well since returning to Impact. Shamrock has consistently put on good matches since his return and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the world title picture down the road. Now, I have no problem with Shamrock winning. The dude just went into the Impact Hall of Fame. But this lame-ass hacker stuff has to go. All they’re doing here is proving WWE right in scrapping Sami Callihan’s hacker gimmick before his NXT Debut. Sami was so damn good before this. Now he’s just lame.

During the entrance of the Machine Guns, The North attacked Alex Shelley. Josh Alexander hit Alex Shelley with a nasty looking double underhook driver. The referees and Scott D’Amore ran out to check on Shelley. The staff dragged Shelley to the back. Sabin decided to wrestle the match by himself…

5. Chris Sabin vs. “The North” Ethan Page and Josh Alexander vs. “The Good Brothers” Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton for the Impact Tag Team Championship. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton isolated Chris Sabin in their corner. Josh Mathews noted that it might be smart for Sabin to tag in someone else, or else he’ll be double teamed the entire match. Alexander ended up forcing Fulton out by tagging himself in. The North then traded quick tags to isolate Chris Sabin from the other three corners. Fulton tagged himself in after Alexander pulled a Kurt Angle and crashed on a Moonsault attempt.

Fulton and Austin hit Sabin with nice tandem strikes to give Ace a two count. Ace and Fulton hit Sabin with a leg drop and splash. Page broke up Fulton’s pin attempt. Fulton went back to working on Sabin. Chris Sabin got a window of opportunity after hitting Fulton with a DDT. Sabin tagged in Karl Anderson who took won Austin with power moves and a spinebuster. Gallows tagged in and hit Austin with a side slam for a two count. Gallows took down The North after the North tagged in. Sabin tagged himself off of Gallows. Sabin hit Alexander in with a Tornado DDT. Anderson tagged out Alexander.

Sabin dumped Gallows to ringside. Anderson reversed Sabin’s crossbody into a rollup for a two count. Sabin and Anderson had a strong style punch exchange. Sabin hit Anderson with a back kick. Ace tagged out Anderson. Sbin kicked Ace to the mat. Sabin took out Josh Alexander with a running senton. Sabin hit Austin with a dropkick. Sabin hit Ace with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Ace recovered and dragged Sabin to the top rope. Sabin punched off Ace. Page and Alexander tagged out Ace. Alexander was the legal man when The North hit Sabin with a double team power bomb. Alexander kicked out at two. Sabin escaped a slam and tagged in Anderson. Gallows took down Page with a big boot. Ace took down Gallows with a Beautiful Disaster Kick.

Fulton and Ace put the boots to Anderson. The north ended up punching Fulton back and forth when Ace on the shoulders. They dumped Ace and Fulton outside. Anderson caught Alexander with a diving neckbreaker. Alexander escaped a Magic Killer. Alexander escaped a Gun Stun and Anderson rolled up Alexander for a two count. Ethan Page hit Anderson in the head with the tag team belt to give Alexander the pinfall win.

The North defeated The Good Brothers, Fulton and Austin, and Chris Sabin via pinfall in 14:26 to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions. 

They cut over to  John E Bravo, Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, and Jessika Havok backstage. Havok and Rosemary left, presumably to revive James Mitchell. Taya wondered to John if Rosemary would be a fan of the unicorn decorations and sparkles that John E had planned for the wedding. John E blew off Taya’s concerns…

A hype package aired for Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae…

John’s Thoughts: As expected given the talents involved, that was a fun tag team match. I’m not sure why they wrote Alex Shelley out of the match and hope he’s doing okay. Him being written out of the match ended up leading to the fun story of Chris Sabin fighting from behind. Sabin did a solid job selling for a majority of the match. If the Guns are sticking around in Impact for a while after this, I wouldn’t mind seeing this match lead to a series of singles feuds between these four teams which can lead to some entertaining stories and matches. Maybe thrown in Heath and Rhino to enhance things a bit.

Madison Rayne joined Don Callis and Josh Mathews at the commentary table for the next match…

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee made their entrance first. Kylie Rae ended up not coming out during her entrance. Deonna Purrazzo then challenged any man or woman backstage to an impromptu match. Su Yung ended up making her entrance in her demon-mode. The camera showed Deonna breathing heavy during Su’s entrance…

John’s Thoughts: Well… I’m glad they didn’t go with a man challenging for the women’s title. Cool to see Su Yung back. It’s so astonishing seeing Su Yung’s actress being able to look like two different characters which are polar opposites. Kudos to her great acting ability along with that badass facepaint. In more of an odd direction, I wonder why they had to write Kylie Rae out of this match?

6. Deonna Purrazzo (w/Kimber Lee) vs. Su Yung for the Impact Knockouts Championship. Su had the upper hand over Deonna with corner strikes. Purrazzo and Yung traded strikes on the apron. Su Yung hit Deonna with an impressive twisting sidewalk slam from the apron to the floor. Su and Deonna traded jackknife pin attempts. Su cornered Deonna and went for a corner move, but Deonna fended off Su with a firearm. Su hit Deonna with her signature Frankensteiner for a two count. Deonna ended up recovering and working on Su with methodical offense.

Su cornered Deonna with an Irish Whip, but Deonna came right back with a big boot. Deonna tied up Su’s arms on the bottom rope and then dropkicked Su to ringside. Rayne noted that the move was the Paradise Lock. Callis joked that Josh Mathews doesn’t do his best at calling moves. Su Yung countered a Suplex into a Spike DDT. Su hit Deonna with a palm strike combo and elbow. Su then hit Deonna with a Thesz Press. Su hit Deonna with a Bulldog. Su put Deonna on a chair and hit Su with a cannonball from the apron to a seated Deonna.

Su hit Deonna with a Pedigree for a two count. Su pulled out her bloody glove from her bra. Josh reminded Madison that Madison had that down her throat. Callis sold that the glove was smelly. Deonna and Su ended up putting on the brakes before running into the referee. Deonna then accidentally hit the referee with a big boot. REF BUMP!!! Su Yung ended up hitting Deonna with a Victory Roll Slam for the visual pinfall, but the ref was bumped. Kimber Lee hit Su Yung with a chair to the back. Su recovered and caught Deonna, who went for a dive onto Su’s arm and chair.

Su caught Deonna with a mandible claw and catching Lee with a mist. Su escaped the Fujiwara Armbar by putting the glove down Deonna’s throat. Su’s mouth was bleeding at this point. Su “popped” her shoulder into place. Su hit Deonna with a nice stunner. Su hit Deonna with a Panic Switch for a three count.

Su Yung defeated Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall in 15:05 to become the new Impact Knockouts Champion. 

John’s Thoughts: A really good women’s title match and strong return for the Su Yung character. While it is questionable as to why they took the title away from Deonna after her first PPV title defense, but the match was good enough to deter those questions. The key here is how they present Su Yung moving forward. Su Yung has the potential to be one of the hottest wrestlers in Impact. What I’m afraid of is Impact creative sabotaging her awesome character work with bulls*it Undead Realm “magic” and cinematics. Please don’t ruin Su Yung again Impact. Let this extremely talented wrestler shine through her own ability and merits, and not use her as a conduit to exhibit production techniques that don’t push any needles.

Josh Mathews announced the Knockouts Tag Team Titles returning in 2021 at the Impact Hard To Kill PPV…

John’s Thoughts: Took them long enough, and of course the introduction of the titles had less of an effect than it would have going into Slammiversary. At least all these tag teams will have something to fight over now!

Rich Swann made his entrance first. He was in his colorful gear, but he acted intense. Eric Young made his entrance wearing his pre-match hoodie and hockey mask. Dave Penzer handled the formal in-ring introductions for the World Title match (I would have Penzer do this for all the title matches to elevate the prestige of those titles. It’s a simple technique to elevate prestige of a title)…

John’s Thoughts: So far, Josh Mathews has made it to the main event without losing his voice. Let’s see if he can survive this main event with a clear voice. I joke about this because in all seriousness, it’s usually tradition that Josh Mathews loses his voice by the end of Impact PPVs.

7. “The World Class Maniac” Eric Young vs. Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship.  The commentators noted that Rich Swann may have gained 25 lbs over his rehab, which he did to transition to the heavyweight division. Swann dominated Young early on with a huracanrana. EY tried to get a heel hook on Swann at ringside, but Swann shoved EY into the ringpost. Young backtracked to the ramp to get a breather after Swann kicked off the match with momentum on his side. Young reentered the ring and slammed Swann to the mat. Swann caused EY to crash at ringside with a leg whip. Rich caught EY with a flip dive at ringside.

Swann went for a handspring move, but ended up crumpling due to hitting himself on the head. EY got a shot in on Swann. Swann beat the ten count. The commentators got into a somber tone when talking about Swann’s neck now being a target of EY in addition to Swann’s injured leg. EY hit Swann with a super back suplex for a two count. Yong worked on Swann with offense that targeted Swann’s neck. EY turned Swann inside-out 450 degrees with a backdrop for a two count. Swann used punches to fight out of a side headlock, but he was slammed to the mat to give Young a two count.

Young yelled “GO AWAY!” to Swann. Young hit Swann with a neckbreaker for a two count. EY went back to striking and stretching Swann’s neck. Swann tried to escape the corner, but he jumped right into a neck-spike Death Valley Driver for a two count for Young. Young went back to methodical offense on Swann’s neck. Don Callis noted that softening up Swann’s neck softens up Rich Swann for EY’s neck-based finisher, the Pile Driver. After taking a few punches, Swann no sold EY’s punches and then rallied back against Young. Swann hit EY with a desperation Superplex. Swann and Young staggered as they got to their feet.

Swann hit Young with a kick combination. Swann hit Young with a roundhouse and Frankensteiner. Swann hit Young with a Frog Splash for the nearfall. Swann went for another superplex, but Young bit the forehead of Swann to knock Swann to the mat. Young hit Swann with an elbow drop. Young reversed Swann’s kickout into a crossface. Swann got to the ropes quickly for the break. Young and Swann traded punches with Swann having momentum. Young countered a Lethal Injection and hit Swann with a back suplex for the two count.

Young used a single leg takedown to twist Swann into a heel hook submission. Rich managed to get to the bottom rope. Young made sure to break the hold at 4 seconds. Swann used a victory roll to counter a Pile Driver for a two count on Young. Rich hit Young with a side kick to set up and nail Young with a Rolling Thunder Phoenix Splash. Young recovered and tripped Swann into the tree of woe. Young wrenched on Swann’s ankle.

Rich escaped the corner and hit Young with a cutter. Rich hit Eric with a Lethal Injection. Rich Swann hit Eric Young with the Phoenix Splash for the victory.

Rich Swann defeated Eric Young via pinfall in 21:31 to become the new Impact World Champion.

The babyface locker room joined Rich Swann in the ring. Bound for Glory closed with Swann celebrating on the shoulders of a few of the wrestlers…

John’s Thoughts: This match had high expectations and it met those high expectations. Rich Swann is one of the most reliable on that end but there should also be some credit to Eric Young for putting on strong performances since he returned to the company. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get more feuds from Young as champion before he dropped the title to Rich, but I’ll hold judgement on this decision until seeing where they go forward with Rich Swann. Maybe they have some fun things in store for Rich down the road. Maybe they even put the title back on Young soon as Young seeks revenge.

The show started off pretty average, but the last set of matches were all really strong. I would have to say, we’ve seen stronger PPVs from Impact in the past, but this show is happening during the COVID era of wrestling and it does lose a bit of atmosphere due to the lack of crowd. As pretty-good as this show was, It’s still tough to recommend on a full price, especially with the diminished atmosphere.  Once you can get the replay for an affordable price, I will recommend the 2nd half of the show totally for a good mix of a variety of matches. I’ll have more thoughts for the Dot Net members in my audio review of the show.





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