Vampiro on having heat with Sting, cinematic matches, his forthcoming documentary

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Vampiro on his upcoming documentary, Nail in the Coffin: The Rise and Fall of Vampiro: I saw this as an opportunity for one day when I’m not here anymore, she (my daughter) will have a record of things I won’t be able to tell her. She will be able to see things I did so I could be a better dad for her. That’s how I was looking at it. The other thing that went through my mind was maybe single dads or parents will see this and see how important it is to have communication.

Vampiro on if he had heat with Sting: I’ve been told that he didn’t like me and didn’t really want to work with me. I also saw an interview where he said that. It kind of bothered me because he didn’t say that to my face. I really respect him. I really learned a lot from him. I was so grateful that he took the time to teach me the things he did. For someone of his stature in the United States to give me that opportunity to get a lot of credibility because of his name, of course I respect him and I’m very grateful for that. I personally don’t have anything bad to say about him. I did hear though that he wasn’t too thrilled with me and I am sorry for that. That’s life and that’s ok.

On cinematic matches: I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead” and I’m also a big fan of the way the Jason Bourne movies are edited. Why do I say it like that? If you remember when The Walking Dead started at the end of Season 1 they didn’t even have the budget to pay actors to be extras to be zombies and that is why there is no dead people and it just turned into this phenom that it is going into like Season 10 and it is a worldwide phenomenon that is. I think that style of television, the ultra-violent cliffhanger type thing really set the bar high and I think that we are kind of going that route and the way it is edited with the tightness and the crispness of the production value, going into the office and all of the backstories and everybody has a real character and it is shot and cut like those fight scenes in the Jason Bourne movies and it’s so tight and so crisp and so violent and on point that I think that’s a good way to describe how things are going. It is not your traditional wrestling show at all. Nobody can even compare to the way we did it in Lucha Underground but they definitely will try and copy as you well know but they are not even close.

Other topics include WCW, AAA, CMLL, Lucha Underground, Konnan, Sting, Mexico, and more.

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